Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai under terrorist attack !!

Our heartfelt prayers go to people who died in a cowardly terrorist attack in Mumbai tonight.

We pray God that he should show correct path to strayed people.

God grant us peace !!


Antar said...

@Hemant Da,

It's really very shocking. So far 111 people died. May God bless those souls who passed away and also bless learning of humanisms to each & every one of us.


Amen to that! I am just dumbfound for what's going on in India and other parts of the world these days. Hope each and every individual responsible for this Coward Attacks are caught along with its root organizations and dealt with accordingly. My prayers is total eradication of any and all kinds of terrorism in the whole wild world. As is life is too short and there is no room for Hatred, Vengeance, Jealousness.. We all know India is getting to be a regular target for attacks and this is obviously our of pure Jealousness.. agar godha nahi tho jealousness kyun? Ordinary folks dying for no reason.. it does not make any sense.

May GOD give enough Strength to the Officers, Policemen and other authorities family who died in the line of duty, they must be struck with such a lot of grief, hope they Muster enough courage and strength and hope India as a Nation support this families in every way possible... they simply deserve nothing better than the BEST in LIFE moving forward.

Neelakshi said...

A very sad and shameful day in Indian history. A complete lapse of intelligence and security to protect innocent people. Now that the army is called in,they have bravely fought to evacuate people who were holed up because of terrorists.
Mumbai is still burning, and this is a most unfortunate 2 days ever. Many foreigners have also bene killed. I hope those who were resposnible are adequately punished and the root causes are discussed. May god save the innocent whos family mebera have to deal with grief.

jatin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hemant Trivedi said...


I am sorry but I had to remove your comments because they were not appropriate.

I would suggest and trequest you to post properly after a lot of thought about this subject.

This is not a political blog .


Anonymous said...

60 hours of hostage torture done by Pak Terrorists:
by RabbiJacob on Dec 03, 2008 06:52 PM Permalink | Hide replies


1. Gouging the eyes
2. Cutting fingers
3. Pulling the nails of children
4. Rape of women and then shooting their privates
5. Tying all the hostages
6. Orals and pissing on the hostages, especially women, including kids
7. Peeling the skin of hostages, especially nipples of women
8. Indiscriminate firing at odd places
9. Pulling the hair of hostages
10. Burning of hostages through grenades.

This is not fiction. These are first hand reports from doctors who attended those hostages to confirm death. Most hostages had body parts missing like the ones mentioned above. The doctors have never seen anything more horrific like this before.

Anonymous said...

Mr.anonymous It is very easy to say anything about anyone.

Better come with a solid report, don't behave like a jerk!


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