Friday, November 21, 2008


Workers wage MoU scrapped, strike continues

MUMBAI: It has been a day of yo-yoing between the various TV worker associations and the Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees Association (FWICE), which is their parent body on the wage agreement that the latter signed on their behalf with the producers bodies yesterday. All of the crafts voiced their grievances, saying they were not happy with the settlement through the day by raising a protest outside the FWICE offices.

Giving into the pressure, the FWICE said it would not honour the memorandum of understanding it signed with the producers bodies yesterday. "We are scrapping the MoU signed by us yesterday," said FWICE secretary Dinesh Chaturvedi, addressing the press a short while ago. "We are doing this seeing the reaction of the workers towards it."

Additionally, indications are that the standoff could spill over and hit the film sector too, with production executives there

too asking for wage revisions.

Stay tuned for further developments

This is not an old article, it's from 20 November 5:30 pm



jeenujain said...

hello saregamapa..........

jeenujain said...

i request all the JUDGES to judge honestly and then comment pls....bcoz, wht you are doing is unfair with Talented Contestant...
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