Saturday, November 29, 2008

Strikes Off But ...... & Special Topic

Strikes off but yet to telecast new episodes. May be we have to wait another week for that.

Special Topic:

What Do You Think:

Who will be this season's SRGMP champ?

Who will be the next eliminated contestant?


Antar said...

Champ Will Be: Yashita & Yashita

Next Eliminated Contestant: Vaishali

Hemant Trivedi said...

As of now, chances of Zaheer to be in
finals are sealed . It will be next to impossible for him to get the votes now.

Finals will be between Yashita, Debojeet and Pratibha. Yashita , ultimately will be crowned.


Bismans said...

Final will be between pratibha.vaishali and Zaheer and yashita will eliminate this week or next week.

Hemant Trivedi said...

vaishali is already eliminated as per some reports.
Zaheer will be voted out now due to the reasons all of you know.

Asma will be eliminated . From male side, Debo will be voted in to be in final three.

Antar said...

Bismans, Hemant Da & Others,

Mark my words, the final will be between Yashita, Pratibha & Zaheer. Why the reasons are:

Vaishali - She already eliminated (Not so sure but many sources confirmed the same)

Asma - Already left Zee SRGMP and joined as an anchor for a musical show of Zee Arabia (Not so sure about this news also but I got this info from

Debojeet & Soumen - I don't wanna explain why but they will not reach to the finale for sure.

Zaheer - Zaheer is the only one representing Pakistan (If Asma's news is true than not only Pakistan but also representing rest of the world. Zee is not that stupid to loose huge numbers of international responses. Despite he is a very versatile one this is one of a reason he will be in the finale but he will not win.

Pratibha - As this year almost all the channels already decided to crown the girls so definitely there will be two girls in the finale and Pratibha is one of them. Despite she is a very talented one she will also not gonna win because someone is better than her out there who knows how to win.

Yashita - The one & only who will definitely reach to the finale & will win without a doubt with a great margin.

Thats I believe.


Hemant Trivedi said...

Antar da,

My reading was far more accurate.

Today, sports ties are broken and other ties of cultural exchanges also have been revoked with Pakistan.

So Tata Bye Bye must have been said to Zaheer...(poor guy).

So Zaheer goes out now.
Finals between Yashita, Debojeet, Pratibha.


viveik said...

debojeet.the one and 3 will be yashita,pratibha and debojeet.Champion will be debojeet.he has got an unique voice quality,my personal favourite was kaushik deshpandey and mittika,but after their elimination i think debo is the best among the remaining contestants.i will be very happy if anybody between debo or pratibha wins this title.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hemant Trivedi said...

Dear Anonymous,

While we appreciate your posting about Terrorists and their wrong doings, we cannot allow un substantiated reports. Such reports do not do good to anyone.

I have no other recourse but to remove the posts. This is a music related place and let us keep it that way.


Giridhar said...

Dear Friends,

Mark my words, the final will be between Debojeet & Pratibha .

Vote for the Best Singer.
Dont give importance to beauty.



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