Wednesday, December 24, 2008





Hemant Trivedi said...

This was to happen.

There can't be two sword in a scabbard.Two performers from Kolkata would divide votes.
Soumen is way better . So he survived.

This means comic appeal of Asma is more than Debojeet.
We are in for more of silly camel toes ooops sorry Camel Jokes of Asma.


jatin said...

Nahin, yeh nahin ho sakta. Debojeet is a good singer.

But probably I think this time the producers want a non-bengal guy to win. I may be wrong, but this is my guess.


Probably the saregama producers read this blog in which u guys were repeatedly saying that Debojeet is the pre-decided winner.
Thats why they decided to surprise the viewers.
But still i will maintain though my friend Antar will strongly disagree that Debojeet was the best singer along with Vaishali.

Antar said...

Hemant Da,

Jaab Aasma eliminated hua taab dil bahut khush ho gaya tha. Lekin jaab Debojeet eliminated hua dill garden garden sa ho gaya. "Aarz Kiya Hein, Out Ho Gaya Hein".


No doubt this year SRGMP team decided to crown a female contestant. But completely disagree with you that Debojeet was best with Vaishali. Yashita & Pratibha are still alive. And to me they are the bests.

Antar said...


It's confirmed that SRGMP is going to launch an another Wild Card entry.This time they will only select the eliminated contestants who were within top 10. Don't know what to say. Need your opinions on that.

jatin said...

This means Debojeet still has a chance to bounce back through wild-card contest.
But generally it has been seen people who re-enter through wild-card generally dont win be it Toshi, Vipul or Raja.

By the way Toshi has sung a song for Raaz 2- "Tu aaja mere mahi". He has sung it quite well. It has been picturised on serial kisser Emraan Hashmi.
Antar, please correct me if i am wrong, i am saying this just on basis of the voice.

shambo said...

@ Jatin,
This time i agree with you dude that Debojeet's elimination isn't fair not after his performance last week but i would be unhappy with any other singer's elimination also......I hope they declare the finale next week as there'll be one singer competing from each "Gharana"..

sexygal said...


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Antar said...


"Serial Kisser" - lololololololol

No bro, you are right. I also liked that song. But tell you frankly, to me one of the most hatred actor is Emraan Hashmi.


So far I heard, they are trying to bring back Zaheer or Shujat (Any one of them) for sure through Wild Card Entry.I also don't like to see another Wild Card Entry.


Welcome to our blog and thanks for that valuable information sharing with us. Hope to get more from you and your views on SRGMP 2009.


Neelakshi said...

What the heck!1 Another wildcard that too at tgis stage!! An dthat too from top 10,not top 14!1 Means singers like niana,mitika,Kaushik are already being dismissed from giving a second chance as they are the ones who wud have given comp to the top ones anyway.
Now I know their strategy. they will bring back Debo after eliminating him. They are follwoing gajji's footsteps. Whne will these show realize we are not fools? That's the only point. Ridiculous.

Siddhartha said...

Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh! See, I was 100% right. I predicted Debojit will be eliminated and that happened. I am proud of my astrological power. Next guess is Vaishali. But again, I doubt that Zee will remove Himesh. So, its Vaishali vs. Pratibha 50-50.


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