Friday, December 12, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 41, December 12th, 2008

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Antar said...

Here is the Laboratory Experiment Results (Written Update) of today's episode (12.12.08):

Combined performances of the Past (2005 - 2007) & present contestants.

1. Debojeet (SRGMP C 2005) & Vaishali

Song: Dhoom Tana

Singers: Abhijeet & Shreya Ghosal

Judges Comments:

All judges: History. You both sang like playback singers.

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

A wonderful performance by both of them. To Me: History

2. Harpreet (SRGMP C 2007) & Pratiba

Song: Pardesi Girl

Singers: Shankar & Vishal

Judges Comments:

Shankar & Aadesh: Super Hit

Pritam: Didn't give her any mark

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

I didn't enjoy the performance. Another average performance by Pratibha, to me. They both sang in lower scale.
To Me: Hit

3. Sumedha (SRGMP C 2007) & Soumen

Song: Tu Hi To Mera Dost Hein

Singers: A.R. Rahman & Shreya

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

An excellent performance. I never had any doubt on the sweetness of Sumedha's voice neither that time nor now. Her voice is as sweet as like her. I enjoyed her performance more than Soumen's.

To me: History (Only for Sumedha)

4. Aneek (SRGMP C 2007) & Yashita

Song: Rock On

Singers: Farhan Akhter

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

An excellent rocking performance. Yashita & Aneek both rocked the whole stage. Yashita again proved, she is a versatile and a true rocker.

To Me: Universal

5. Raja (SRGMP C 2007) & Asma (Didn't match at all)

Song: Tujhey Ackha Beach Ghumadu

Judges Comments:

Aadesh & Shankar: Hit
Pritam: Super Hit

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

Another Greek tragedy. Nothing to say more about this performance. Better you decide.

To me: Disaster

6. Mauli (SRGMP C 2007) & Debojeet

Song: Billo Raani

Singers: Anand Raaz & Richa Sharma

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Aadesh gave him history only for Debo's honesty when he admitted of 90% satisfaction on his own performance. What a reason to give History!!!!!

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

A very good one. Debo was a bit nervous during the performance. No doubt this boy is going to place in Guinness Book of World Records as one of the most over hyped contestant in musical history.

To Me: Super Hit

7. Zaheer Abbas couldn't perform as he was in Pakistan. He greeted all the mentors, contestants and Aditya over phone.

Sangeet Chakra: Pratibha

Eliminated Contestant: Zaheer

His last words were, "I am really sorry if I had committed any mistake"

Neelakshi said...

Zaheer didn't deserve to go. he was one of the best, along with Pratibha. I had hoped to see him in final 2 or 3. Zee team is absolute rubbish- I wonder what zaheer's fault was that he had to be eliminated. Very bad.

I wih shankar ha spoken up in his defence. the rest of the judges I didn't expect any better,anyways.

Aasma mohammed rafi- how long will she last? she has spoiled the entire season. She is just a laughing stock.

I liked sumedha and Shoumen the best. The sweet barbie doll and soumen made good pair and sang even better. Sumedha is absolutely endearing with her lovely voice. Why did mhesh bhatt not keep his promise? Just compare sumedha with aasma, and you wil see that aasma si not even pretty.

Anonymous said...

I think this blogger has personally some kind of problem with Debojit Dutta or may be he is in any misunderstand, otherwise there is no other way to comment him like this. Every episode I did not see any good comments about him from him. I think you are not better than Judges or if you are then I am requesting you please go to saregamapa stage and tell infront of everybody Debojit did that mistake but Judges are ignoring him. I think that way you will get satisfy answer from judges or someone and then you can clear your doubt.

Antar said...


What you right about my country I am not angry at all. Because to me you are really a mentally sick person who immediately need treatments. I am just a little angry to God, as because when he sent you on this earth he just forgot to zip your mouth. Get well soon brother.


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