Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 44, December 20th, 2008

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Antar said...

X-Ray Report Of Today's Episode (20.12.08) - Written Update

X-Ray Results: An Aasma Effect Episode (All the contestants affected by Aasma Virus)

1. Debojeet (Dhoom Gharana)

Song: Hum Kaaley Hein To Kiya Hua

Singer: Kishore Kumar

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History

My Comments & deserving marks:

Again he impressed me (2nd in a row). I enjoyed. The song suited him a lot, may be thats the reason Big smile

To Me: History (Debo should be very happy as I have him History one after another)

2. Yashita (Dhoom Gharana)

Song: Mein Talli Ho Geyi

Singers: Aanmol Malik & .........

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History

My Comments & deserving marks:

Just watch her, just watch her. What a versatile singer she is. Her performance was fantastic & outstanding. No one deserves more than her to win this contest. She is the best.

To Me: Universal

3. Pratibha (Lakshya Gharana)

Song: Daiyaan Mein Kaha Aa Phasi

Singers: Asha Bhosle Ji

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History

My Comments & deserving marks:

Another great performance by her. If there's any one who can challenge Yashita to win this contest, she is the only one. I really would like to see Yashita & Pratibha in the Grand Finale.

To Me: History

4. Vaishali (Rock Gharana)

Song: Jhoot Bole Kauwa Kaate

Singers: Lata Ji & .........

Judges Comments:

All Judges: Super Hit

My Comments & deserving marks:

Despite she sang well just didn't do proper justice with the song. The way this sort of songs should be perform she failed to do that.

To Me: Super Hit

5. Soumen (Jai Ho Gharana)

Song: Ek Chaturnar

Singers: Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Mahmood

Judges Comments:

All Judges: History

My Comments & deserving marks:

What a wonderful performance. He did proper justice with the song.

To Me: Universal

Despite Asma eliminated she requested to perform a song (Arey Bhai Host Bana Diya aur kiya chahiye, agar itnahi pasand hein to out karne ka kiya jaroorat tha, wapas bula lona wild card entry se) Angry). She performed "Mein Kiya Karu Raam Mujhey Buddha Mil Gaya". Then every one joined her on the stage.

Antar said...

Shambo, Siddhartha & Goofy,

Where you've been for so long guys? Missed all of you very much here. Hope till end the show you all will be here at regular.

Hemant Da,

Want something very special from you to post. You are the best in that.


Where are you?


How's everything going on?



I have been a silent watcher bud.. not gone anywhere.. thanks for those updates and Videos on a weekly basis and keeping us abreast.. As far as the review goes you kids are doing a fine Job.. I can try to place Singers in the Good Bad or the UGLY (would like to refrain from that) category.. but overall this show is getting better if you ask me.. I like Pratibha, Yashita.. in fact all the Girls next for the balance Boys left they are good as well.. ASMA is one good soul so its hard to view her critically.. I think she knows quite well what her true capabilities are and has been hanging out just for pure FUN which creates an overall cordial environment for the overall show.. nothing wrong in it.. this is first time I am watching Himesh Resh.. he sure is a loud character.. but still his loudness has no evil.. so its all good..

jatin said...


The singers are not bad, but the concept was bad, it was a comedy special, so everybody was busy showing their comic skills rarther than their singing talent. I could hardly recognise Pratibha, her make up was done quite perfectly.

Coming to SVOI, I expect Satparna to win over ravi today. Satparna was quite impressive in yesterday's episode. She gave her best performances yesterday.

If any of the guys here is voting, i will request them to vote for Satparna, Ravi dosent deserve to win at any cost.
Gajji might crown a girl as the winner this time to surprise ppl, plus to show that girls win in his shows.


I am fine. How r u doing?
I will like you to write the review of SVOI final today.
I hope you will atleast watch the final episode of SVOI today.
Gajji has kept the finals on Sunday this time as he must be fearing the popularity of saregama. Now atleast many ppl will watch the final.

jatin said...
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shambo said...

@ Antar,
I was thoroughly disappointed with the three female contestants yesterday...pratibha IMHO didn't do justice to "Daiya yeh main kaha"..Just listen to Anu or Twinkle's rendition and you'll know the difference...Yashita sang the same kind of song,where has she shown her versatility??? If she continues singing these kind of songs,i'll stop endorsing her....Vaishali's singing wasn't bad but it was lifeless....I hope she isn't eliminated as she's emerging as the best among the three female singers IMHO....Both Soumen and Debo(as per your review),did a fine job....I hope no1's eliminated next week based on this week's performance and the show gets an extension for another week...
@ Jatin,
To me both Saptaparna and Ravi are losers...But if i have to pick the best among the worst,then maybe Saptaparna would fit the bill....

Siddhartha said...

Hey Antar - I was little busy with my personal stuffs for last couple of weeks. Did not get much time to follow the post 100% but I was here a few times though. I was little shattered after 26/11. It took some time to get settled. Anyway, I will be here from now on...and disturb others...:D

shambo said...

@ anatr,
I've tried downloading one of the links (provided by you) 5 times and each time after downloading til 2-3 mb,the downloading gets discontinued.. Any reason why???? Can you rectify the problem or suggest an alternative to download Debojit's performance???

Neelakshi said...

Another undesercing winner RAVI SHUKLA won voice of India- 2. The finale was good only to hear Vinti and Ritisha, enjoy toshi, abhas and abhilaha's singing after a long time nd wathc the chote ustaads jamming(they were so cute!!) also it was a touching moment when Ishmeet's parents and sister came on stage.His father made very sincere speech about the ishmeet foundation.

I must say VOI- 1 finalists were far better. In fact, the contestants of VOI 1 are the best. it was apleasure to see Abhas(my fave), Abhilasha, toshi and Priyani singing 'Pal'. they all ahve the charisma and X factor which VOI2 contestants don't have. Well, except Vinti(my fave singer in the 2'nd season). She was fantastic with the few lines she sang and her voice stood out. ritisha looked cute and sang in her trademark style. for me VOI- 2 best singers were Vinti, Ritisha, vipul and Mallar. Unfortunately, none of them came to the finals.

However I wud have preferred saptaparna to win- she was better than ravi by far. Well...another singer botes the dust.

i hardly watch saregama. Only for pratibha nd yahita...My fave singers naina,mitika, shahsi,arshad cudn't eevn make it to top 10.what a shame!!! I wudn't mind any of the girls winninf...

Are any of u wathcing Indian idol 4? the voting is horrible there, but soem singers r good...

jatin said...

It was torture of 3 and a half hours. This final was so boring, last year's final was quite interesting.
Jatin Pandit and Abhijeet roaring that we will finish terrorism, the terrorists must hv been scared to death.

Only the tribute to Ishmeet was emotional.
Last finals Ishmeet and harshit sang so many songs, this time Ravi and Satparna hardly sang anything in the finals. Probably gajji was scared that the two pathetic singers might get exposed if made to sing at a longer stretch.

Ishmeet, Harshit, Abhaas and all other singers of VOI 1 were much superior compared to season 2 singers.

Ishmeet was and will remain the Voice of India, people like ravi are no match to him.

Ravi is the second most pathetic winner after Prashant Tamang.

Neelakshi said...

I think ravi is even more pathetic as compared to least Prashant's voice quality was better than ravi's girly one...
I wonder what the judges feel now! they cudn't even get vipul into finals after weeks of promoting him!!

Hemant Trivedi said...


My last nail on the coffin of Music killed by Gajji.

"World will be inherited by cockroaches,
Music will be killed by poachers.
The crown shall belong to the userpers,
The Sur will be replaced by murmers.

Long live Gajji
The maker of musical Bhajji
Udate raho sangit ki dhajji
Yeh hi hai tumhari Marzi.

By the way who said that Ravi is the second pathatic singer after Prashant Tamang?

Prashant had a gol manly voice.
Ravi's voice is between a Satta and a Panja.
He should be crowned as a person having the MOST PATHATIC VOICE.


jatin said...


If u remember correctly, i told u Vipul win never be able to win SVOI as he is the judges favourite.

But Vipul deserved the Spark car or atleast the Ishmeet Singh music award.
The judges gave both the awards to Rohit Sonar which i think was very unfair on their part. That must hv hurt Vipul more. The judges put all their eggs on one basket.

Neelakshi said...

@Jatin and hemnt da

Its totally unfair. Poeple like Vipul and ritisha shud never have participated in such a loser show which only wanted to crown the worst of the bemisaal barah. Gjji has totally lost it. This is o unfair.
I hope he doesn't start second season of chote ustaad. His quality has gone down so much I would hate to wathc him make a mess of what was a perfectly good show with genuine singers.

jatin said...


After such a poor response to SVOI-2, i dont think Gajji or Star Plus will dare to start Chotte Ustaad-2.

Antar said...

Hei Sid,

We will be glad to be disturbed by you. It's really nice to hear that you will be available from now. Cheers.


I really didn't find any prob.BTW, I updated some alternative links only for you. Hope these will work for you.

Jatin, Neel & Hemant Da,

Completely agree with you guys. Ravi is simply worst than Prashant.


At the beginning I really enjoyed II4 specially the audition rounds but now it's really *****. The voting system just reminds me of "A Nightmare On Elm Street".

@Hemant Da,

lol. Completely agree with you. IMHO, a normal human being who doesn't have any knowledge on music can sing better than him.

Neelakshi said...


After another undeserving winner RAVI SHUKLA i was wondering is there any way we can take thse channels to accountability? Esp. my request to Antar and Hemant da as moderators of this comm....can you think of something? Is voting actually rigged? are the channels counting the votes fairly?
What I feel is in all 3 shows again we will ahve undeserving winners tis year. Rvai, I guess debojit and Kapil in indian idol... That wud again be the nail on the coffin, but next season the same thing happens...

My point is any way we can use right to information act against the channels? get them to reveal votes every week? In american idol they have an auditing agency which reviews the votes. Somy point is we actually have voting system, use it firly??? I don't think people have suh poor tatse that they always vote the worst.
I believe ritisha was eliminated due to manipualting votesin SVOI2. similiarly I refuse to believe shahsi got less votes than aasam in brhmastar,m or Mitika got eliminated in first week itself.
Awaiting your reposne...hope u understand. I think we should not be willing to oversee the major corruption thse channels are propogating in ame of SMS. I feel eevn winners are pre-decided sucks.

Neelakshi said...

@Anatr da

'nightmare on Elm street' That suits the voting o Indian idol 4. That's just my point. Can't we do something about it?
2007 we had the same prob, 2008 also. My point is can't we do something so that contestants in later years don't end up suffering? so that deserving are taken?
I think vote-rigging, vote-manipualtion, TRPS generating stategies and unfair contestants get precdene over good ones happened in all 3 shows last year and IS HAP AGAIN THIS YEAR(though this yr started out ith good contestants)
But after elimination of Mitika and shashi in saregama, elimination of vinti,ritisha and vipul in VOI n elimination of anaya n shini in Indian idol 4 i is high time we do so ething, instaed of blogging and compaining.
I think u ppl might be able to think of something. Thanks...

Antar said...

Goofy Bhai,

If you are watching Himesh Reshamiya first time then I think you shouldn't watch him again. He's the real Freddy of real life. Kaash Salman ki tarah har episode par koi special guest ata to is prog ki ronak aur baar jata aur Himesh ka band baaz jata.

Antar said...


There are many ways to stop such occurrences. To me some are:

Public voting system should be immediately stopped

Or only 40% of public votes should be counted and 30% of the judges and the rest 30% of the stage audiences.

Judges should be only singers. No Movie or TV actors, actresses.

The judges should be from different genres. All shouldn't be of a particular genre of singing.

Behind the curtain there should be always a special judge who will decide the other judges decisions are right or wrong.

If these things fulfill properly I hope we won't gonna see any worst contestant as a winner in future.

Hemant Trivedi said...


The judges votes only should be counted.
And Judges must be roatated every episode to get the best result.

Instead of getting votes from Junta, people should be invited to suggest songs by SMS or Phone etc for their favorit singers. This way, income from SMS and Phone will be maintained and there will be fair judgement.


Neelakshi said...

@Antar and Hmenat da

All these suggestions are very good, but useless until carried out properly. How do we do that is an imp. question? cAN you people think of someting? writing to the channels won't help, we'll have to appeal to athirs party.
I am sure being older to me, you people can think of something. Please klets do semthing. we gte angry after each winner, I am not even sure these WINNERS ctually get max. voes. so please please think of something so that next season we don't have to see such diasaters. corruption is rampant.

jatin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jatin said...

My suggestion regarding reality show judging is as follows:-

In my opinion there should be 3 or 4 permanent judges who will select the top 12 or 10 singers.

Then these 4 judges should start giving marks to these contestants and based on their performance bring 3 or 4 contestants in danger zone. Then we should hv guest judges in the next episode who will eliminate one of candidates in the danger zone.
This way i think we might get to see talented winners.
But in VOI, I must say most of the singers were bad this time. Only Ritisha and Vipul had some spark, others were just not upto the mark.

jatin said...


I was watching farhan akthar's interview the other day, he was wondering who are the foolish people who spend 6 rs per sms to vote in reality shows. He said this is a big waste of public money and channels are fooling people by asking them to vote in each and every reality show.He said such trend should be stopped and reality shows should not pinch the viewers pockets.
I agree with his views.

One more thing i think these reality shows like VOI, Saregama, Indian Idol should be held once every 2 years instead of holding them every year. These shows are losing their value.
I doubt if we will see VOI-3 after the miserable debacle of VOI-2.

Neelakshi said...


The point is I think voting is manipulated BIG TIME by channels. Sometimes the winners are pre-decided. That's what I am against.
There are so many flaws in Voting system. Also i found out that Right to Information Act cannot be used against these channels as they are not govt. shows
So are we to take injutsice lying down? But I can't understand why the channels cannot crow DESERVING winners for a change? This year Ravi was the worst of the bemissal barah, we all said in the beginning he shud not be i top 12. Yet he won- what an irony
Debojit dutta will win in saregama. even that is pre-decided. so might as well stop hoping for female winner. same in indian idol 4. Kapil's gonna win. Mark my words.

Siddhartha said...

Any guess who is going to be out this week? My guess is Debojit...


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