Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 42, December 13th, 2008

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Special Guest: Baba Ramdev

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Antar said...

Autopsy Results (Written Update) Of Today's Episode (13.12.08)

Special Guest: Baba Ram Dev

When Aditya asked to Swamiji, How we will come out of the fear after the Mumbai attacks, Swamiji replied, "Our country needs someone like Subhashji & Sarder Patel and will reply these bullets via bullets"

There were no marks from the judges for today's performances as the whole show paid tribute to all the Martyrs so mine too.

1. Soumen (Jai Ho Gharana)

Song: Ganesh Vandana

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Judges Comments:

All Judges: A good start & nice performance.

2. Pratibha (Lakshya Gharana)

Song: Allah Tero Naam

Singers: Lata Ji

Judges Comments:

All Judges: The sang beautiful and your performance was great.

3. Yashita (Dhoom Gharana)

Song: Ae Malik Tere Baande Hein Hum

Singers: Lata Ji

Judges Comments:

All Judges: Very well sung. Today you have proved, you are a versatile one.

4. Debojeet (Dhoom Gharana)

Song: Sai Baba Bolo

Singers: Anup & Anuradha Paudwal

Judges Comments:

All Judges: An excellent performance. You sang from heart, God bless you.

5. Vaishali (Rock Gharana)

Song: Satyam Sivam Sundaram

Singers: Lata Ji

Judges Comments:

All Judges: You raised the Standard of the show. A soulful performance and best of the day.

6. Asma (Rock Gharana)

Song: Itni Shakti Hamein

Singers: Pushpa

Judges Comments:

All Judges: You sang from your heart. Sang with good feel.

At the end, when Aditya asked Swamiji about Zaheer's exit, he replied, "We have divided our countries on the basis of God & Religion but should remember that we are all the children of the same/one God".

shambo said...

I think Vaishali's slowly tuning out to be the best singer......She gave a soulful performance last night(the best performance according to me)....I like all the singers in the top-5.....Yashita's always been my favourite,Pratibha's excellent and Vaishali's mind-blowing(my current favourite).....Even Soumen and Debojeet are very good...Except for Asma,i don't really want any singer to get eliminated..... This show ahs truly managed to get a good set of singers as opposed to SVOI which is a damn squib!!!!!!

jatin said...


I can not agree with you more on this. Vaishali is an excellent singer. She is infact a singer par excellence.
Infact all singers of saregama with the exception of Asma are a milion times better than singers of VOI-2.
The VOI-2 singers look so pathetic in front of saregampa singers.
I must compliment the saregama producers that they hv chosen good singers for the competition.

jatin said...

Antar Bhai,

I think anonymous is angry with you for writing some nasty comments about Debojeet, he dint mean to insult your country.
From what i read i think u took his comments in the wrong context.

Antar said...


It's always nice to see you here.

@Jatin Bhai,

You guys didn't know what he wrote against my country as I deleted that post. By the way, how's everything going on.

shambo said...

@ Antar,
And it always feels good to be welcomed with open hands.....Thanx bro!!! By the way, Yashita should pull up her socks and choose better songs.....This year we have 5 best singers in the top-5,i'll be unhappy with anyone's exit!!!

Hemant Trivedi said...

shambo ,

welcome Jeet to this quiet place.
It feels good to see you here.

Yes, Yashita should come out of her Hip Hop modern image and sing some soulful songs also.

I would hate to see any singer except Asma go .


shambo said...

@ Hemant Da,
Great to hear from your side as well... I echo your feelings about Sa Re Ga Ma Pa singers and am quite elated that SVOI is coming to an end(infact most of us on the blog are happy with it....lolz..).....

Antar said...

@Shambo & Hemant Da,

Completely agree with you. It's time for Yashita to sing her type of songs though I believe she is a versatile singer who can sing any kinds of songs.BTW, when SVOI2 finale will gonna held and who are in the finals?


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