Friday, January 9, 2009

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 49, January 9th, 2009

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sharmistha said...
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shambo said...

Today undoubtedly Vaishali was the scene-stealer...Hope she wins the title as she's the most deserving IMHO.
@ Antar,
As opposed to what u'd thought,Vaishali was the topper of the week so Himesh's decision wasn't really a reflection of his insecurity but i would really prefer if he keeps his mouth shut and allow Vaishali's singing to speak for itself.... Today clearly it wasn't Yashita's day but that doesn't take away this fact from her that she's a phenomenal singer..She's the best in her genre but in overall versatility and singing ability,Vaishali are few notches higher....As this time i want a female winner so i would try to keep Ssoumen out of the discussion....hahaha..Just kidding..Even he was brilliant today...

Antar said...

The Wanted One's View On Today's Episode 9th Jan, 2009

Special Guests: Hariprasad Chaurasiya and Shri Jagjith Singh.

Theme: Classical & Semi-Classical Songs & Ghazals


Round: 1 - Classical & Semi-Classical Songs

Contestant 1: Soumen (Jai Ho Gharana)

Songs: Raag - Ahir Bhairav, Poochon Na Kaise & Albela Sajaan

Judges Comments:

Jagjit Singh: you have a problem with you low notes and you better ryaaz on Kharach.

All Judges: History Silly

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

First I would like to shoot all the judges to gave him history. His performances were just ok but not near to that level. To me: Super Hit

Contestant 2: Yashita (Dhoom Gharana)

Songs: Raag Bhimpalasi, Naino Mein Badra Chaye & Tum Mile Dil Khile

Judges Comments:

Hari Ji: You were going off surs at many places.

Jagjit Ji: Your voice quality is very good but theres a prob in your sur.

Himesh: Super Hit

Aadesh: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

Despite not her genre she did pretty well. A brave attemped by her. To Me: Super Hit

Contestant 3: Vaishali (Rock Gharana)

Songs: Raag - Yaman Kalyan, Jiya Le & Mere Hum Safar

Judges Comments:

Hari Ji: You sang with confidence and very well.

Jagjit Ji: Fantastic & Mind Blowing

All Judges: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

It was a fantastic performance by her. But the thing disturbing me a lot, Himesh indirectly (Almost directly) requested the Jaanta to vote for her. He is simply an

To Me: History

Round: 2 - Ghazals

Contestant 1: Vaishali (Rock Gharana)

Songs: Raag - Dil Cheez Hein Kiya Jaana

Judges Comments:

Jagjit Ji: I will also appeal to the audience to vote for you Silly

All Judges: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

Another great performance by Vaishali. To Me: History

Contestant 2: Soumen (Jai Ho Gharana)

Songs: Raag - Sarakti Jaye

Judges Comments:

Hari Ji: You sang very well

Jagjit Ji: I was almost at your age when I composed this. Very nice.

All Judges: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

No doubt better performance than the 1st one. To Me: History

Contestant 3: Yashita (Dhoom Gharana)

Songs: Aaj Janey Ki Jeed Na Karo

Judges Comments:

Hari Ji: You sang from heart and with feel. Better than the original one.

Jagjit Ji: Itwas better than the first performance

All Judges: History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:

Here my Yashita backed again. Superb performance Big smile To Me: History


Topper Of The Week: Vaishali

Elimination: No one eliminated. Another Drama Baazi by Himesh that everyone deserves to be in the finale so one will be eliminated. He saved Vaishali for sure.

Antar said...


You are 100% right about it, bro. I will be very happy if anyone kicks Himesh's A*s.

jatin said...

After watching yesterday's episode the picture is quite clear, Vaishali is a far superior singer compared to the other 2, infact compared to all others in the show.
Vaishali deserves to win, but my request to her will be to keep politics out of music.
She might emerge as the future Lata mangeshkar.
Yesterday's episode was the best episode of saregamapa till date.
Somen was also quite excellent. Yashita is good but way behind the other two. Classical singing is not her forte.
Finally, in Vaishali we might hv a genuine winner of a reality show on whose winning no body can point any fingers.

jatin said...

It was nice to see Jagjit Singh Ji performing live. He is truly the badshah of Ghazal singing. It was a pleasure listening to him.


I will like to say one thing, just see the standard of saregama singers and the standard of VOI-2 singers. Gajji must be feeling ashamed of himself for the selection of such poor quality singers in VOI 2. Even good singers like Ritisha and Vipul do not come anywhere near the standard of saregama singers.
This shows that selection process of saregama singers is quite good.
Even after elimination of so many good singers in the beginning, we are left with the cream.
Great going Saregama guys, keep it up.

jatin said...

Vaishali will win anyways, but Himesh is unnecessarily getting excited and saying foolish things. Infact he is behaving like Aadesh Shrivastav was behaving in VOI-1.

Himesh should stop making a fool of himself and let Vaishali win respectably.

Probably Himesh is doing all this to increase the programme's TRPs. The channel producers might be prompting him to do so.

Hemant Trivedi said...


actually "Himmesh prepared to walk out of saregamapa " was just another drama conducted along with all the other Gurus .
It was decided in the beginning of last elimination that the finals will be in between 3 contestants.
Why three? come on, you should know by now.

Voting money for the third contestant will add another 33 percent of total cashflow which is extra bonus.

Vaishali and Soumen are strong contenders and Yashita has backing of all India plus Bombay and not to forget Jatin da Punjab.

Actually if Yashita is in jeopardy, more people will vote for her. Now this is a fine situation for Zee to reap the hay while Sun shines.

So finals being arranged between three was a sound idea from financial point of view.

Himmesh has a Diahorreal mouth. He uses paragraphs where he should use a full stop. So the only thing that will close his mouth is a five inch diameter wooden plug which can be fastened at the back of his head after insertion.
Nothing else can shut him.

I am now waiting with interest as to How Bombay will vote now?

Let me quote some intersting piece of news from Calcuttawhich appeared in Sunday Telegraph of 28th December 2008.
Read and enjoy why Soumen will be voted out by Bengalis?

Talk of the town

What did Calcutta talk about in 2008? A lot, as usual. Metro picks the top five topics.

First, South City Mall and second, Mani Square.

Just as one thought that there were more malls than footfalls in the city, up came two more mega malls, South City (picture left) on Prince Anwar Shah Road and Mani Square on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. They changed Calcutta’s skyline further and left a deep imprint on the Calcuttan’s mindscape.

Two realisations dawned in particular at Spencer’s in South City Mall. One happened at the live crustacean counter, which is an aquarium really, from where the shopper can take his pick of crawling lobsters and crabs. Possibly that’s the nearest the contemporary Calcuttan can come to hunting. It remains an enthralling experience, something to compare with Scary House in adventurousness at Mani Square.

Second, it was quite clear that a whole day could be spent at a mall, even at Spencer’s. It has clothes, eateries, wine store, music, books, electronic goods, food — raw and cooked. It is a world of its own. But it’s part of a larger design, for Spencer’s is only a mall within a mall. It is the microcosm. Outside waits the entire South City Mall. Worlds expanding. The mall is a whole world. The whole world is a mall.

Third, Sourav Ganguly’s retirement from international cricket. “But he could have carried on. He still had a couple of years of cricket left in him!” roared the Calcutta chorus. When the Prince of Calcutta didn’t relent, his city worked on his post-retirement plans. It wants him to be serious about restaurants.

Fourth, music contests on television, especially shows featuring “talents” from Calcutta, who grab the city every evening by its eyeballs and then spill over into dining table talk. Anwesha Dutta Gupta from Golf Green competed with Ahmedabad’s Aishwarya Majmudar over posto and how good Aneek really is was remembered over machher jhol and how nice it is to see our very own Howrah boy Ravi Shukla win STAR Voice of India 2 and Debojit Dutta may be out, but Soumen Nandi is still at it in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa while washing hands. You cannot beat us Bengalis at music — over lighting up the post-prandial cigarette.

Five. Obama. This was arguably the funniest joke to come out of Calcutta. “With Obama elected President, should the US be renamed Barackpore?

End of report.


shambo said...

@ Hemant Da,
Good one....Even though am a bong,i thoroughly enjoyed the post...One thing you gotta admit that bengalis are very sporting....lolz...

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