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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 50, January 10th, 2009

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Hemant Trivedi said...

I had written yesterday that Himmesh is suffering from Oral Diahorrea.
I am sorry I was wrong.

He is suffering from "ORAL AIDS"
Nothing can cure this disease except Death.

Today's episode proved the above.

I will leave the field for Antar da to write more about the episode.


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But one thing you have to credit HR for.. i.e. his sales pitch.. the other two Judges given the challenge need to do the same for their contestants, who is stopping them? HR is being provoked by Aadesh S and to an extend HR is right with regard to him being controlled on what to say or not.. its democratic after all.. basically if the show was to maintain a certain decorum.. then they require to preclude HR in the first place.. given the variables things don't change :) But I agree with you HR is too much.. however Aadesh knows what HR is capable of, hence he either needs to shout for Soumen and so does Pritam needs to do that for Yashita.. or else suffer the consequences :)

I think Vaishali will most probably win this competition.. also Aadesh need not be sarcastic with VMade just coz he is P!$$36 off with HR's loudness.. WAY TO GO HR!!! KEEP YELLING MAN.. INDIA NEEDS TO SEND YOU TO "UNO" and other Conferences to represent for sure.. nothing wrong for what you are doing.. if that is what sells and gets your contestant winning then more power to you.. THEY SHOULD HAVE EXCLUDED YOU TO BEGIN WITH.. NOW SINCE THE SHOW HAS SPONSORED YOUR SHOWMANSHIP, THEN WHY NOT GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY.. ITS THE FINAL LAG.. so push it to the limit baby.. Oops did I just call him a BABY.. ooh well his WIG sure deserves that compliment.. I like the way HR makes sure to maintain his WIG alignment.. wow kis janam ka KARZ tha kay ye sab dekna padtha hai :)

jatin said...

After watching yesterday's episode, I think it was Aadesh who provked Himesh and Aadesh was at fault. Himesh is an emotional guy, an Zee guys are using this fact to raise TRPs.

What business does Aadesh have to tell Himesh what to say or not to say about Vaishali.

Has Aadesh forgtten how he used to beg for votes for Harshit. He himself engaged in racist onslaught against innocent Ishmeet, even dint say a word of sympathy on his death. This guy Aadesh Shrivastav has no business to teach others what to do and what not to do.

jatin said...

Himesh is supporting Vaishali purely because of her talent and virtues, whereas Aadesh used to beg for votes for Harshit Saxena as the latter belonged to his Kayastha community. Aadesh even indulged in racism against Ishmeet to make his kayastha brother win.

Himesh on the other hand is not pulling down any other contestant. He infact saved Yashita from a sure elimination on Friday. Yashita can still be a challenge to Vaishali, still Himesh saved her. This shows Himesh's high character.
He is not a narrow-minded guy like Aadesh Shrivastav who indulged in naked communalism to promote his own community guy.
Shame on Aadesh Shrivastav.

shambo said...

Its amazing to see that there are only four posts on this blog which just speak about Himesh's histrionics and not about the contestants' singing...can anyone give a detailed analysis on yesterday's episode??? I missed it so i'm relying on this blog.....

jatin said...
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jatin said...
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jatin said...
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jatin said...

Aadesh Shrivastav is a fantoosh Music Director and thinks himself to be an authority on music.

He last gave music in a faltoo movie like Hari Puttar. Most of his compositions are Punjabi tunes and still this racist is against this community.

He is a man of loose character, you can see lust in his eyes the way he stares at female contestants. I am sure he must hv exploited a lot of young female singers by promising to give them break. Saregama should hv left out this guy.

jatin said...

IMHO Himesh Reshammiah must hv had an argument with Aadesh behind the sets also, thats why he was looking quite upset through out the show.
I felt sorry for innocent Pritam Da who also came under Himesh's attack for no fault of his.

But the real villain of the piece was aadesh shrivastava who provoked Himesh unnecessarily.

jatin said...

Aadesh is primarily against Vaishali because Raj Thackeray supported her. He sarcastacly remarked that " Saare leader hi tumhe support kar rahe hain."

But the fact is that Aadesh himself is a bigger racist than Raj Thackeray.
In this programme too Aadesh made sure that Sunvinder and Mitika get eliminated at the earliest.

If u guys remember, I had mentioned at the beginning of the programme that Sunvinder wont last long as Aadesh will get him out soon. Same thing happened.

Infact Aadesh went a step further and even got Mitika eliminated. His level of hatred has gone so high that he cannot tolerate even the female members of this community.

jatin said...

Even now Aadesh cannot think rationally, it was quite clear that Vaishali was the best among the three, still Aadesh gave the mobile prize to all three.

jatin said...

Aadesh said to Vaishali that "mera nahin khayal ke kabhi maine tumhe History se kam diya ho kabhi."

When this racist himself acknowledges Vaishali's extra-ordinary talent, what does he find wrong when Himesh says the same thing.

God save the world from these racists.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Jatin praji,

Thand Rakh yaar...Thand Rakh.


jatin said...

Hemant ji,

I am cool but Aadesh has started his antics again. I was wondering whats wrong with this guy, whole season has passed off and he has not created any major trouble. Now he has done so.

He has provoked Himesh unnecessarily.
IMHO Aadesh is more at fault than Himesh.

Hemant Trivedi said...


With due regards to you, it was Himmesh who provokes everyone.
What was the necessacity for him to go on repeating that Vaishali was "BEST AND SHE IS GOING TO BE THE WINNER" ?
And also about her family and her being a model wife etc?

Himmesh thinks that all the world is foolish and they will fall into his verbal trap .
Adesh saw through his game and objected. It was Himmesh who did not allow Adesh to speak and kept interjecting in Adesha's speech. This is what provoked both Adesh and cool Bongo babu pritam.

Did you not see that after coming back from retiring rooms after three hours, he had become a Bhigi Billi?

Himmesh's posterior has changed place with his mouth.


jatin said...

Hemant ji,

I agree with what all you said, but my point is what provoked Himesh to react like this.
Himesh is not stopping any one from praising other participants.

Aadesh can also do the same for Soumen, but he is not doing so. He did that for Harshit as he belonged to his own community.
When aadesh adopted a similar behaviour in VOI-1, what right does he hv to point fingres at Himesh.

Himesh has no personal gain in praising Vaishali, he is praising her genuinely, whereas Aadesh used to praise Harshit purely because of reasons other than his talent.

One thing which I felt was very wrong, when Himesh brought innocent Pritam Da in his firing line. He should not hv done that.
Aap Aadesh ka gussa pritam Da pe kyon nikal rahe ho bhai.

We should see the larger picture, not just Himesh's behaviour but the reasons behind it.



This was a 3rd rated episode... YUCK.. don't waste your time.. This folks need to learn how to conduct a show via ZeeMarathiSRGMP.. I know language can be a problem for you.. however I am not sure about that.. anyway just check out and you will appreciate both the Singing and the Class maintained.

shambo said...

@ Goofy,
Thanks bro. Yours was the only sensible post (since yesterday) with due respect to others...After watching the episode today,i couldn't agree with you more....
@ Jatin,
I happened to catch the repeat telecast today and i second Hemant Da in his opinion....It wasn't Aadesh but Himesh who started the argument....Himesh doesn't need to blow his own trumpet @ Vaishali's expense... If she wins,it'll be purely based on her singing on not on Himesh's influence.... This argument is going nowhere so i would request you to stop posting anymore on this topic and why give importance to people like Aadesh and Himesh who need to go a long way themselves as far as music direction's concerned...
@ Antar,
Where are you bro???? Agreed that Yashita's performance wasn't upto the mark on saturday as well but does that mean you won't give a detailed analysis????lolz... Just kidding,hope you don't take it otherwise.Waiting for your post anxiously!!!!

Hemant Trivedi said...


thanx for putting me in "Non sensible" poster's list.
See what one Himmesh can do to perfectly sensible person? LOL


shambo said...

@ Hemant Da,
Lolz.....So what do you prophesy this time???? Who's gonna win???


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