Saturday, January 24, 2009

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 53, January 24th, 2009

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jatin said...

Whats the matter guys. This blog is over even before the saregama finals. No body is interested to write here any more.

Anyways as Antar is not writing I will try to do the analysis of yesterday's show:-

Mumbai Show:-

The show looked more as a propaganada of the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" rarther than gathering support for Vaishali.

Vaishali hardly sang any songs. Soumen and Yashita sang so much in their shows.

Anil Kapoor was usually at his best with his "Lakhan" song.

Kunal Ganjawala the "conceited" singer who thinks he is the best also gave some decent performances.

Himesh Reshamiyya sang like a man possessed. Vaishali tried hard to sing along with him but it was a vain attempt.

Anil Kapoor was not quite impressed with Himesh's antics and had a serious look on his face when Himesh performed.

Sunil Pal gave some comic relief to the crowd, especially his take on Javed Akthar was funny.

Mouli - Indian Shakira was dressed also like Shakira and a gave a decent performance.

jatin said...

My prediction is nearly coming true as Soumen was leading in yesterday's polls.
Vaishali was at no.2 and Yashita at the bottom.

I think most probably Soumen is going to win this show unless the Zee producers hv decided to please the "Marathi Manoos" and may declare Vaishali as the winner.

Hemant Trivedi said...


After watching the show yesterday, I am now convinced beyond doubt that the results of the contest are pre determined.

Yesterday's show projected Vaishali as the winner of SAREGAMAPA 2009.

She really deserves to win no doubt but the whole pomp was pre determined to project her as winner and since public remembers only the last and latest episodes, Mumbai public will go all out in voting.

Champagne corks are out and Himmesh, for once should keep his mouth shut and let Vaishali sing.


jatin said...

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's coronary by-pass surgery has been conducted successfully, a source close to Dr Singh told on Saturday afternoon.

Dr Singh has been moved into the Intensive Care Unit, the source said, adding that the medical team, which operated upon the prime minister, is having an internal meeting.

It has also been learnt that Dr Singh is responding well to medication and is expected to regain consciousness by 8 pm.

We must thank God and of course the team of Doctors who did their job well. Lets hope Dr Singh will soon be fine and will once again be ready to lead the nation.

Hemant Trivedi said...


Mr. M M singh , I would say , can be called as the best PM we have ever had.


jatin said...


Dr Manmohan Singh is cerainly the most educated and intelligent PM we ever had. But he cannot be called the best as he lacks political power. Still he has done a commendable job inspite of his limitations.

jatin said...


So a final word from you who is going to win tonite. I will still say Soumen as channels tend to surprise viewers. Everybody is thinking that Vaishali is gonna win, so they might make Soumen win to surprise the viewers.


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