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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 52, January 17th, 2009

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Video's Of SRGMP Challenge 2009:

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jatin said...

Hemantji, Shambo, Antar,

Where are you guys. No message from u guys since a long time.
Only 1 message from hemantji rebuking Sexygal.

Coming to saregamapa, it was surprising to see the talented Vaishali trailing at 3rd place and Yashita leading the race.
But some thing tells me Soumen might just win the race.
Its a trend in saregamapa that bengal singer wins in the end. I see the same thing happening this time.

jatin said...
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jatin said...

Coming to some analysis of the last 2 shows:-

1) Kolkatta show:

Aasma is becoming naughty and wants to see everything (LOL). I wonder how her folks back in Oman might hv reacted to it. Her outfit was also quite bold considering her conservative background.

Abhijeet Da is going to judge the Little Champs this time. God save the innocent kids from his wrath. I hope his behaviour is better this time, but channels keep him for controverises so we cant expect much improvement in his behaviour.

IMHO Debojeet (eliminated contestant) should hv been asked to perform on stage. I missed his performance, the poor guy was just left dancing with the crowd.

2) Delhi Show

Coming to saadi Delhi, I enjoyed that show a lot. Though there were less celebrities compared to the Kolkatta show, but still it was better managed and far more entertaining.
Sudesh Lahri was good in his comic acts compared to veteran Johny Lever. Even Himani and Harpreet gave decent performances.
Yashita looked really touched and happy by the kind of support she received from Delhites.

Antar said...


Thanks a lot to be here all the time. Sorry not to be here for a while. I had some net prob. But as it's Ok now I will be available again. Keep up the good works buddy.

Take care.

@Hemant Da, Neel & Shambo,

Lets be here at regular till the end of this show. All we are waiting to know your opinions & thought the way this is show is going on.

Take care.

shambo said...

@ Jatin,
I'll tell you about the common trend... Last year a week prior to the finale,Aneek was said to be trailing @ the 3rd position and we all know what the result was!!! Similarly on both the seasons of Li'l champ,the winners(namely Sanchita and Anamika) were also said to be trailing @ the third position on the day prior to the finale.....I think its a strategy by the show to ensure more votes coming in that contestant's favour....Having said this,i feel that purely based on singing,Vaishali should win the contest(without taking away any credit from the other contestants who are excellent but not as good as the one i mentioned).....Lets see what happens....The only reason why i dread Vaishali's victory is because of her mentor's torturous and immodest (to say the least) speeches....I've a gut feeling,the final two will be both the female contestants this time!!!

Hemant Trivedi said...

Antar da, Shambo, Jatin,

I had to be away from net for personal reasons. I would put in my views tonight or tomorrow morning.

Finals will be between Vaishali and Yashita.

Again, let me stress that Vaishali has local edge but Yashita has universal appeal. prepared to hold the trophy in your hands on 24th.


shambo said...

@ Hemant da,
But i always thought u liked singers who were more classically inclined...The fact that Vaishali is more classically trained than Yashita is no mystery to us anymore,but Vaishali can also sing a western sing as good as Yashita.......So what is it that makes you prefer Yashita to Vaishali?? Am just asking out of curiousity and not asking you to justify your favourite.....Its just that I always thought you preferred singers like Vaishali who always sing in sur.....

jatin said...


I agree with Shambo.Yashita has a fresh voice and is youthful, but she is no match to Vaishali as far as singing is concerned.

Vaishali is far better than others. Even I will put Soumen above Yashita.
Be prepared for surprise guys, Soumen is going to win the competition.

jatin said...


Be prepared for Himesh Reshammiya Nite on 23rd Jan when a show will be held in Vaishali's support.

I am sure the show would look more like it is in Himesh's support. LOL

Himesh must hv cast atleast a lakh votes himself for Vaishali, because its always a matter of honour for him that his candidate should win.
This time he is lucky to hv the best singer with him in the form of Vaishali.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Shambo, Jatin,

I have always maintained and always will that Vaishali is 100 times better than Yashita.
But Indian mindset of today's youth does not like classically trained people.
Over the years , we have been seeing history repeat itself that most wonderful singers are eliminated as early as possible.

This is the reason why Soumen's chance also looks to be dim as Bengalis prefer to talk about music rather than vote .

Actually public voting has indirectly done more dis service to music than service.

I would be happiest if Soumen or Vaishali win .
But public which votes with eye and heart than mind and brains, will bring lesser qualified candidates.
Se what happened to Anweshaa?

Let us hope good sense prevails and music wins.


shambo said...

@ Hemant Da,
I sort of guessed that maybe you were saying so by the voting trend in recent times....Anu-Aish i wouldn't get into that because in their case,i think it had become subjective as both were classically trained and were versatile,one had edge over sur while the other on voice quality......But that apart,i've not really seen any deserving winner with the exception of Aneek...Lets see what happens this time....Even i was a big Yashita fan in the beginning and always knew that she would make it to the finals,but fortunately or unfortunately the other two singers are better....Cummon someone should have a better song selection and not sing songs like "Main talli ho gayi","Maahiya" and "No entry".....She with better song selection would have done much better......
@ Antar,
If you give Aish a hit,then you have to give something below than that to Yashita....Listen to Aish's "aaj jane ki" and Yashita's....I'm sure you'll be able to make out the difference..... Aish and Anu (and now Vaishali) are the best finds(female voices) from the recent crop of reality shows IMHO....

shambo said...

@ Jatin,
Yup bro am well prepared for the Himesh night(in Vaishali's support supposedly).....I'd better be as its the third time that we'll be experiencing it.....lolz....


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