Saturday, August 2, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 1st August

From this week 2nd round of elimination will begin. The show enters the 2nd chakravyuh Round and we will also get to know who will be the contestants from Eklavya gharana to enter into the gharanas. So, lets begin with it.

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Antar said...

Tribute to Mohd Rafi and Ishmeet Singh..

Saregamapa pays tribute to both Mohd Rafi who passed away 28 years back and to Ishmeet Singh, who just passed away 2 days back... A small introduction of both are given in AV..

The Show begins...

Aditya is on stage and welcomes the viewers for the 2nd Chakravyuh round.. Aditya announces that the first Mahaguru for this round is one who is associated with Saregamapa for a long time now.. She is Padmashri, Kanth Kokila - Kavita Krishnamoorthy and the other one is also associated with Saregamapa and has been a judge many times here.. He is the music director of all times - Ravinder Jain.. Aditya asks them how they feel being here..

Ravinder Jain - The contestants must have made a beautiful bouquet of old and new songs.. I am waiting to hear to them who have been trained by many stalwarts like Shankar, Pritam, Aadesh and Himesh..

Kavita - I respect Ravinderji a lot and I know him very well.. He has a big name in the industry.. I hope the contestants show versatility in the singing and Im waiting to hear them..

Aditya announces that it is Himesh Reshammiya special today.. He has trained all the singers by himself for today's episode... Himesh enters the stage and welcomes Kavita and Ravinderji..

Himesh is asked why he has removed his cap and is now with long hairs.. Change is important, but we shouldn't forget that the cap gave us recognition and respect.. So, request all of you to remove the cap and show your hairs as well LOL Many of the audience remove the cap and throw it on stage...

He sings many songs.. Odhuni Chunariya, Tere Naam, main jahaan rahoon, Aa aashiqui mein teri, Oo Huzoor, naam hain tera tera and now the song which changed my life - Aashique Banaya song.. And now presenting - Jhalak Dikhlaja LOL Some of the dancers also come on stage and dance for the song.. He started of well, but again came back to his old style!! Wink

Aditya comes after the performance and says you have set the stage on fire..

Shankar - You simply rocked.. I love the song Jhalak Dikhlaja..

Aadesh - You have been blessed.. You are fantastic.. You just rock..

Pritam - I was waiting to listen to you and you sang many hit songs... It was beautiful... God Bless..

Himesh - I am not singing for any of the other actors.. Just now I am working on Karz for which I am also giving the music.. But definitely I would like to sing for Aadesh, Shankar and Pritam..


Aditya reads out a fan mail which has come for Himesh.. Its sent by Chandramohan Tripathi from Ghorakpur UP.. It reads.... Just two people are important in my life.. One is Hanumanji and the other is you.. We have a rule in our house which says, Your song should be played in the early morning and in the night before going to sleep.. Hope god give you lot of strength and grant all your wishes...

Himesh - Thank you so much for all the love.. God bless you too..

Performances by Rock Gharana

Sunvinder Singh from Ludhiana, Punjab... He sings Churaliya hain tumne.. Singers - Shaan and Alka Yagnik.. MD - Himesh

Manisha Karmakar from Kolkata sings Laga prem rog.. Singers - Alka Yagnik and Kamal Khan. MD - Himesh


Pritam - Manisha, many places you lost your sur.. Sunvinder, I dont think this is of your genre. I liked your previous performances..

Shankar - Manisha, Work hard as the game has begun now.. your sur were not proper.. Sunvinder - Somewhere inside, you have come to know that you are a good singer.. There is a slight overconfidence in you and that is evident (He says aapka overconfidence and sings jhalak dikhlaja song).. You were not sounding like Sunvinder we all love..

Aadesh - Its not their mistake.. They might have been scared after seeing their guru perform here..

Himesh - Aadeshji, its your greatness to say this.. But its for sure that we did not have the fun that was meant for these songs..

Comments by Mahaguru:

Kavita - You both are very good singers.. Sunvinder - Your voice is good.. You must open up a bit.. Manisha - Your sur were not taking the shape.. You must work on it.. You should listen to non film songs even..

Ravinderji - Sunvinder, Im listening to this song for the first time and even the composition.. Try choosing a song so that we dont find in a state where it is difficult to judge.. Manisha, Basic training on notes is required.. Just like the song laga laga laga re, your sur were not hitting right sometimes..


AV of Himesh's journey is shown.. His snaps from challenge 2005, 2007 is shown and also his aap ka suroor concerts snapshots are shown.. Aditya asks how is it travelling the long journey of a director to star, to rockstar and now a superstar?

Himesh - I always believe that when you do everything with dedication and sincerity, god will help you achieve the dreams.. Also after god if there is someone who is behind the success, then its my father.. Aditya says, there is a small surprise and calls Himesh's father Vipin.. Himesh's father enters the stage.. Himesh says, My father is the one who is behind my success.. He could have made his career, but he concentrated more on me.. There are many compositions of his which has not been released.. But I will introduce these songs in my films and I will launch my dad.. He sings one composition of his dad - Bahut zyaada pyaar tumse karte hain...

Himesh's dad - My little song has now become big.. Thank you for accepting him.. Himesh also thanks the audience..

Dhoom Gharana:

Arshad Mohammed from Mumbai sings "Kyun kisiko wafa ke badle wafa nahin milti".. Singer - Udit Narayan. MD - Himesh

Pritam is asked by Aditya, who is the one to enter his gharana from Eklavya gharana as he had to loose Rashi in the previous round..

Yashita Yashpal from Mumbai sings "I want to make love with you".. Singer - Sunidhi.. MD - Himesh..

Yashita - I am very happy and thanks Pritam for getting her in the gharana.. Aditya says, Even your father was a singer.. She says, I wish he was here..


Shankar - Yashita, Your voice came as a fresh air.. But you must concentrate on the Indian part which was there in the anthra.. Arshad - If there is one unique voice, then its yours..

Aadesh - Yashita, Your throw is fantastic.. You have a great voice.. Arshad, your voice maybe unique but you concentrate on sur..

Himesh - Yashita, You have the potential to reach the finals.. Arshad, you have a nice voice in the low texture.. If we use this voice in recording studio, you will do really well...

Pritam - yashita, The reason I chose is because, You are a damn good performer but yes, You have to concentrate on the Indian part as well..

Kavita - Yashita, You have chosen a song which is meant for your voice, but even versatility is important.. Concentrate on the Indian classical because if you can sing them you can sing any song.. Arshadji, I found that you are a trained singer and is learning classical and doing riyaz.. Thats the best part of it..

Ravinderji - You both sang well.. You both will reach heights.. He says a small poem for Pritam..

Pritamji ne dhoom machadi, Usse dil choo liya
Bacche ho ya bhoode, inko Pritam kehke pukarenge..

Jai ho Gharana:

Aditya asks Faraz who is his yaar and Faraz says he will introduce him tomorrow as its friendship's day.. Faraz Butt sings Main jahaan rahoon.. Singers - Krishna and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan. MD - Himesh..

Himesh goes on stage and tells Faraz, "I know Kavita and Ravinderji are sitting here, but you should sing from heart.. You should feel the pain in your voice which you did in the back stage".. Shankar also says, he has not given his full in this song.. He seem to be in loss of confidence..

Himesh asks him to sing again.. He does which was much better.. Himesh says, you have to bring in the full feeling in the song.. You are the shaan of saregamapa..

Aadesh - It seemed like he was very afraid.. After the 2nd performance, he goes on stage and says, "people are commenting that I am against Pakistani singers but its not that way.. I am against those who are not in Sur".. Today Im commiting that you will sing the first song for me..

Pritam - It should touch our heart.. You maybe in sur but its important that we all feel the song..

Ravinderji - He tells a sher on Indo-Pak friendship..

Kavitaji - You are definitely a good singer.. Just that you have to feel the song..

Pooja Goswami from Tripura sings Odhuni Chunariya.. Singers - Kumar Sanu and Alka..

Shankar - Take out the fear.. You had the same problem as Faraz.. The involvement was not there..

Pritam - When you started it was good, but you lost it later on..

Himesh - Many things are interconnected.. If you feel, you will get the sur, pitching everything right..

Aadesh - You should concentrate and give the best..

Ravinderji - You will have to put in lot of effort.. Sur is the only important factor..

Kavitaji - You started of well, but later on lost it.. The word kya was very loud.. You must concentrate on the lyrics as well..

Lakshya Gharana

Pratibha sings Meethi Meethi baatan karke... Singers - Sunidhi, Jaswinder Nirula..

Aadesh - You took breathe in wrong places.. We are here to guide you, so will point out even these small things..
Pritam - You performed very well.. I liked your previous performances as well..
Himesh - Superb, fantastic, mindblowing..
Himesh's father - You will do well in the later stages.
Shankar - You started of with a wrong scale.. You should always get in what scale, the keyboard is playing..

Kavitaji - I totally agree with Shankar.. But I have not taken this into consideration while giving marks for you as I know you are much capable..

Ravinderji - Everyone said you sang well, but I would say - you sang the best..

Aditya asks Shankar, whom he wants to take from the Eklavya gharana.. Shankar says, he wants to listen to both Kaushik and Farhan after which he will decide what to do...

Farhan from Pakistan in Eklavya gharana sings Tere Naam title song.. Singer - Udit Naryan.

Kaushik from Mumbai in Eklavya gharana sings Aashique Banaya aapne.. Singers - Himesh and Shreya. MD - Himesh

Shankar whistles for the performance.. LOL Himesh goes on stage and says, "You will be a threat for me.. I always thought no one can sing my songs on stage as there used to be no connection.. But you have come on stage.. Shankar also is very happy and welcomes him to Lakshya gharana.. Himesh says This Eklavya gharana is very dangerous.. Shankar says, Today the show has rocked and among all the contestants,

Aadesh - Mike aur camera rishwat nahin leti.. This you have proved..

Kavita - The approach was simple.. Congrats, I wish you all the best for future..


Aditya says, those contestants who will get through today will directly enter into the third Chakravyuh round while others will have to perform tomorrow..

Among the boys, Kaushik gets the golden key and the entry to third round..

Among the girls, Pratibha gets the golden key and the entry to third round..

Shankar - I am really proud of both.. I feel good for all the other contestants also.. We are hearing good music after good music.. So, hats off to Saregamapa..

Faraz gets the spice mobile for fabulous performance..



Hemant said...


Somehow I was not very happy to hear today's programme except for Pratibha and Kaushik's renditions.

I felt that the singers were a stressed lot and it was evident in their singing.

Let us hope that this does not get carried forward tomorrow and there on.


jatin said...

This message is for that shameless guy named Circuit who is rejoicing over the death of an innocent boy.
He is using the phrase "Ishwar ki lathi mein awaaz nahin hoti". He dosent know even the meaning of it. Ishmeet had done no wrong to anybody and he dint deserve such an end.
I pray to god that nothing unfortunate happens with this heartless and sense less guy who wrote such pathetic message.
"God, Please forgive this pathetic/inhuman guy as he dosent know what he is saying".

jatin said...

It was nice of Saregama guys to pay homage to Ishmeet as he was the winner of a show of the rival channel. But still i am sure that heartless Aadesh shrivastav must not hv uttered even a single word.

Antar said...

Hemant Da,

You are 100% right & no doubt about that. It just happened some time. By the way check your mail and everything is detailed out there.


I respect the way you replied to Circuit. Thats nice bro.


jatin said...

Rishi Bhai,

I hv already explained to you why I sent you those msgs because you had written one poem on me which really pissed me off. Ishmeet had nothing to do in all this. So this Ishwar ki Lathi thing that u r talking about does not make sense at all.

I request that in future we should only mention about Ishmeet while discussing his music or some new development in his case. There is no need of using his name to fight amongst ourselves.


jatin said...


I would love to see more of Saregama, but it has become very difficult for me to stand the sight of Aadesh Shrivastav as that heartless guy dint say a word regarding ishmeet's death. Now this is cruel, he has been so close to Ishmeet. In the initial stages he was encouraging Ishmeet but when Ishmeet went to the opposite team his attitude changed. He wanted harshit to win at all costs. But for that a person forgets even basic humanity. Thats shameful.
Aadesh Shrivastav has fallen in my eyes as a person.

jatin said...

Yesterday I only managed to watch Kaushik's performance "Aashiq banaya aapne". He really sang quite well. Himesh tries to entertain with his funny acts.
That part was good.

jatin said...

Aadesh Shrivastav remarked "Mike aur camera rishwat nahin leti.. "

Some body should remind him "Mike aur camera kissi ka mazhab aur zaat bhi nahin dekhte" which he saw in VOI.
This guy is just pathetic. He is more of a politician than a musician. Whatever little he has achieved is due to his close proximity with Amitabh Bachan.
Without Amitabh this guy has no standing of his own.

Hemant Dada said...


I sincerely request you to keep the blog of any controversy.


please take a chill pill and refrain from passing any remarks that are derogatory to any person or community.



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