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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 8th August, 2008

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Today is the 2nd round of 2nd chakravyuh round.. The show begins with Pritam playing a guitar.. He then starts starting zara si dil mein le jagah du.. Then he sings singh is king title song.. The stage has few cutouts of the movie Metro and RACE... He then sings Allah duhai hain, kismat konnection song, hare ram hare krishna song and ends the performance..
Aditya says, all of his songs are superhit and he sang all of his superhit songs and thanks him for that.. Himesh - All of his songs are superhit, As a person he is superhit, And all his upcoming works are superhit.. We pray that this superhit chain should not break...
Aadesh - Pritam, you are marvelous.. You have given great songs.. Himesh - You should start singing yourself... Aadesh also agrees to it and say, you should give one song with your voice... Himesh - You will definitely have to sing... Pritam - As SRGMP is where we take oath, I will take an oath that I will sing one song... Shankar - I will say in terms of Himeshji's words... Absolutely fabulous, fantastic, mindblowing and superb...
Aditya says, last week we had Ravinder Jain with us to judge in terms of Music director and this time we have Khayyamji with us... He welcomes Khayyamji to the show..
Kavitaji - I respect Khayyamji a lot and I dont think I deserve to sit.. So, I will ask for an apology before in hand..
Aditya says, we have many tidbits of Pritam which we have written as a book and named it as Pritam Puran.. Pritam asks Aditya to give out the book.. He says we will open it one by one... Aditya asks everyone to give him applause...

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Antar said...

Performance by Dhoom Gharana:

Debojit Dutta sings Alvida from metro.. MD - Pritam.. Singers - KK..

Prachi Shah sings Akhiyan na maar meri yaar mundiya... Singers - Sunidhi Chauhan.. MD - Pritam..


Khayyam - It is good that this is stage performance.. But Concentrate on sur..
Kavitaji - You were involved in the song, but you must also concentrate on the sur.. Its ok, there is always a scope for improvement

Aadesh - You got involved.. That is the best part..

Himesh - When one always performs well, then one tends to sing with lot of energy. that energy was there, but you need to reduce the energy level a bit.. Without confidence, Debojit is incomplete.. So, maintain that confidence.. Do reduce your energy a bit. Prachi, you were good and your connection with audience was good..

Shankar - There was a raspiness in the song.. The part where there is a scale change in the anthra was the highlight for me.. You did it very well.. I totally agree with Himeshji regarding the energy part.. Prachi, Your calibre is 10 times more than this..

Pritam - Debojit, I have taken into this gharana, after hearing you singing Alvida.. Soul was missing.. I always felt like giving you the song to sing... Prachi, You were loosing breathe in between... Next time, do well...

Aditya says, Pritamji always forgets things... He even forgets that he had his food or not.. Once it happened that without knowing he was having a mobile, he threw the mobile from 7th floor... All have a great laugh..

Pritam says I was talking on mobile and saw a caterpillar on my curtains.. I took the caterpillar in the paper and instead of throwing the caterpillar, I threw the mobile LOL Himesh says, He is so forgetful that he said he will give one hit song after another in a movie and the movie name is Bhool Bhulaiyah...

Jai Ho Gharana performance..

Aditya says, Asma got eliminated last time.. So, asks who would he take from the Eklavya gharana.. Aadesh says, he would like to listen to Deepali and Medha and then will decide whom to take..

Deepali Sathe sings Yeh ishq haaye from Jab we met.. Singer - Shreya Ghosal..

Medha Krishna sings Billo Rani.. Singer - Richa Sharma and Anand Raj Anand..

Aadesh asks Shankar, Pritam and Himesh to help him with it..

Shankar - Both are good and are working hard.. Deepali sang a soft song and Deepali had a great response from the audience.. But we dont know with what should we go for.. Probably, Pritam should help us with it..

Pritam - We have two aspects here, one is performance and the other is singing.. But we will have to choose singing first.. We should go for Deepali on the long run..

So, Deepali gets into Jai Ho gharana..

Shashi Suman sings labon ko labon pe sajao... singer - KK.. MD - Pritam..


Shankar - He is one who can sing pop very well, even though he has classical harkatein in his voice.. So, he is a very versatile singer.. He asks Shashi to sing 2 lines of classical.. Shashi sings Saaware.. Kavita liked the performance a lot..

Himesh - I felt in some places you were extremely good and in other places you were not good at all..

Anurag says, I would like to challenge Shashi.. I am from Eklavya gharana.. If Shashi had not got the sanjivani bhooti, then Anurag would have been part of Jai ho gharana..

Anurag sings halka halka sa yeh nasha.. Singers - Sonu and Sunidhi.. Challenge for Shashi..

Shashi - I loved it.. He sang very well..

Shankar - You have to work on pitching.. keep working on that..

Pritam - We cant judge you based on one performance.. Anurag - I wanted to sing Jaane kya chahe mann, but it was already taken and as its your own theme, I couldnt sing that..

Himesh - We give you 90 seconds to sing and you perform Jaane Kyaa chahe mann.. You shouldnt feel that you didnt get a fair chance.. So, sing the song..

He sings jaane kyaa chahe mann..

Shankar - Anurag, good attempt but personally I want Shashi to come..
Himesh - You definitely should work on your pitching.. So, I guess Shashi should be in..
Aadesh - I like your spirit.. If you dont challenge, then there is no spirit in it.. I loved that.. Keep performing..

Aditya says, Pritamji used to compose songs during college and was a member of the band called Chandrabindu... He composed a song in bengali which is a famous hindi song now.. He sings the song... The song in hindi is Resham si hain yeh hawayein sanam... Pritam says. I have to take away Pritam Puran from you.. Aditya says, Pritam was also a social worker.. Pritam says.. I used to organize blood donation camp.. Lastly, I used to give blood.. I used to loose my senses as I cant stand blood...

Himesh says, Pritam is a very romantic word.. So, tell us some romantic incident as well in his life.. Aditya says, we have his Friends and family with us who is there to tell us about him..

His wife sweta, his sister Sangeeta and his friend Sanjay comes on stage..

Aditya asks Sanjay to share something about Pritam.. He says, I dont know much about his romantic journey, but I know that the dhoom tune was made in kitchen.. Shankar asks Sweta, Pritamji, kitchen mein dhoom mein machate hain??

Sweta says. He cant fill even a glass of water.. Pritam says, I make maggi.. Shankar says, You have got the sweetest person as your person.. Pritam goes up on stage to talk about his kid.. He says, he is very lucky boy... When we got the news that Sweta is conceived, Dhoom became a hit.. Then everything followed.. They are my pillars.. Sweta, has always been through my thick and thins... My Sister Sangeeta is also my guru.. Sanjay is my childhood friend.. Whenever I am in difficulty, I know he is always with me.. I am missing my mom and dad.. I am here because of them.. His parents have sent a message for him.. Its shown in an AV.. His mother says, He used to play guitar with the stick of the door... He had the passion for music.. She says, he wanted to become a musician long back, but due to his father's illness, it could not be done.. SRGMP is a big platform for upcoming singers.. Pritam says, I feel so special.. He says Aditya, I would like to hug you for this..

Rock Gharana

Zaheer Abbhas sings nagada nagada from jab we met.. Singers - Sonu Nigam...
Pritam and Himesh go on stage and dance... Audience shout once more.. So, Zahir sings once again... Aadesh and Shankar also get on stage.. They all sing together..

Himesh - Its a beautiful evening for sure.. Shankar starts singing Hare ram, hare krishna.. All mentors start singing the song.. All the contestants are also called on stage.. They all start singing.. Confused Then all of them sing Mauja hi Mauja together Confused Aadesh then says, everyone has sung it very well, but The musicians have done a fantastic job... So, all those people also get an applause..


Kavitaji - Kamaal.. A big applause for you..

Khayyam - You sang very well, only in the high notes, and that too in just one place, you were not in sur.. I am getting angry because you are a fantastic singer.. You shouldn't have gone out of sur..

Jenice Sobti sings Dhoom title song... Singer - Tata young and Sunidhi Chauhan.


Shankar - You were totally flat from the starting till end..

Pritam - You have the problem with pitching also.. You cannot sing everything, if you do then you cannot take the breathe..

Himesh - Your voice is totally gone.. You had the best tonal quality for this song.. Your few performance are such that it will reach the top charts in the world..

Kavitaji - I like your western singing.. Its sure that your western singing can hit the top charts in international level..

Khayyam - You have the art and this is different style.. Very good..

Lakshya Gharana:

Tarun Sagar sings Oh chanchal shok haseena from Dhol... Singer - Mika Singh..

Aadesh - You sing from heart.. You were not in sur.. Otherwise you are very good..

Himesh - You should not repeat your mistakes.. This is Saregamapa and we have set a level.. So, just dont do any mistakes.. We have lot of expectations from you..

Pritam - You sang well, but You should increase the tempo when you are singing..

Shankar - In just 15 seconds, we can get to know how capable you are as a singer.. But you need to improve a lot..

Kavitaji - In 15 seconds even I could easily judge you.. When you go into the recording studio, you should have a confidence in your.. Lataji has not become a singer just like that..

Khayyam - Just listen to what your mentors say, then you can reach the top..

Aditya talks about the waaris serial and calls Iqbal and Shilpa on stage..

Iqbal and Shilpa come on stage.. Iqbal says, It is a family story where every character is trying to do something.. The way of income is different and even the ladies in the family know about it.. The serial is to find a successor for the business and to know all this, just keep watching waaris..

Aditya says, its time to open the Pritam Puran again but its a surprise and we would like to show an AV.. Katrina comes on AV and says. I would like to congratulate you for having a whole episode dedicated for you and thank you for giving great songs in the movie Race.. I would also like to wish all the contestants of SRGMP... Go and watch Singh is King!!!

Naina Saxena sings Yeh jahaan tum hi ho.. Singers - Alka and Atif Aslam..


Aadesh - Naina, you sang better than the recorded..
Himesh - Suban allah
Pritam - You sang both male and female together.. You sang very well..
Shankar - You modulated and controlled the voice.. You sang even the male octave part very well.. You just let out the voice

Kavita - You are gifted with a voice.. Please take care of it..
Khayyam - This is a great composition.. You sang very well and I wish that you reach the sky heights..


Khayyamji - I will announce the name and the key will be given by Kavitaji... Khayyamji announces the name of Zaheer Abbhas.. Among boys.. Zaheer gets the entry to 3rd chakravyuh round...

Among girls, Golden key goes to Naina Saxena.. She gets into 3rd chakravyuh round..

Aditya asks Himesh and shankar to say something...

Himesh - Har Har Mahadev
Shankar - Jai Matadi, Lets Rock..

This spice mobile goes to Tarun... This is the 2nd time he is getting it..

The other three mentors go on stage to give the Pritam Puran to Pritam... Pritam says, I am feeling very good.. I will frame it and keep it all through my life.. It will take me one whole night to read this.. LOL

Moment of the day - Zaheer Abbhas performance along with other mentors performance...


Tomorrow's episode is Kavitaji special... There is going to be a fight between Khayyamji and Pritam.


Neelakshi said...

thanks a lot for the detailed update. i could not watch the episode fully as I was also watching SVOI-2. I wish the shows were on at different times!! i mean, i want to watch both and I can't...

Anyway i liked naina's performance the best. truly she was better than original(far better than atif aslam at least) She had Alka's sweetness and paid attention the nuances of the song. She's going to go a long way...

Among boys, i liked Shashi's performance.His range is pretty good. i think the golden key should have gone to him as its a difficult song...
Janice is totally flat. she needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.

its a shame no-one sang my favourite pritam number 'aao milo chale' from jab we met. The boys chose similiar songs. Also someone could have chosen 'O meri jaan' from metro,rendered beautifully by Anwesha in chote ustaad...

Antar said...

Dear Neelakshi,

Shashi's performance was very good but today Zaheer Abbas & Naina just rocked and they both got Golden Keys as they deserved most according to their extreme performances. Don't forget to watch this episode.


Neelakshi said...

The only thing i don't like about pritam is he relegates Shaan to item numbers. Shaan is equally versatile as KK, but pritam ignores this fact. He always gives him the same type of hip-hop numbers like lets rock soniye from Bhool bhulaia, Dekho nashe mein from race and a silly song called 'freaky' from kismat konnection.
the only time he utilised shaan's melodious voice to the fullest is 'aao milo chale' from Jab we met. otherwise he makes KK sing all the good numbers. that's partial and I don't like it.

Siddhartha said...

Naina Saxena deserved to get the key. Zaheer sang it very good. The idea of Pritam Puran is funny indeed. The contestant like Tarun Sagar could have sang some other hit songs...I thought that was one of the less hit songs of Pritam. Anyway, waiting to see the drama between Khayyam and Pritam. Last year Khayyam had fight with Ismail Darvaar.

Antar said...


I don't think there will gonna happen any drama between these two as Pritam is a very descent and kind hearted person (According to me). If such things happens with Khayyam with any judges they will be none other but Aadesh or Himesh. I also enjoyed the fight between Khayyam & Ismail Darbar Ji last year. What a drama it was.

Antar said...


Believe me, if there is any judge of SRGMP at whom I already pointed my fingers as the most stupid, hatred & biased one then that is none other but Aadesh. Among all the SRGMP judges he is the only one had most of the negative things. He can spoil a fantastic environment any time which we all already observed at SVOI 1, specially at Lucknow Audition (A nasty and bad fight with Abhijeet) and just before the final 12 selection episode with Alka. I am waiting to see with whom he will gonna show his cruel natures this season of SRGMP. The big chance is with Himesh. What you say?

Neelakshi said...


i didn't watch SVOI from the beginning so cannot comment on Aadesh's attitude. i did see the part where he was rude with alka though...that was mean.But so far on this show he has been quite amiable?? Lets see what happens

The judges on saregama are def. better than the judges on VOI, who comment on everything but music. About the contestants- its still too early to compare. The boys in saregama are better, the girls in VOI are better

jatin said...


Ya, I remember in VOI 1 on two occassions Aadesh created a scene during auditions.
Once in Delhi a boy was singing Salman Khan's song "Jeene ke hain char din". Aadesh shrivastav the great interruped him in between "Yeh kya shor maccha rakha hai, band karro yeh ganna". Abhijeet tried to explain that this song has to be sung on a higher pitch, but aadesh dint let that boy sing.
In another incident in Lucknow, a girl was singing quite well and Abhijeet even liked her, but aadesh shrivastav-the great again came in frenzy and shouted at Abhijeet " Tum gawaloge isse". "yeh nahin gasakti and blah blah". Finally that poor girl was eliminated in auditions round only.
Such is the fury of aadesh shrivastav the great.
May Lord have mercy and save saregama contestants from him.

jatin said...


I hv mentioned this before , but i again wanna bring this to blogger's notice that Ishmeet and Vipul had a tie in the auditions round. All depended on Aadesh shrivastav- the great as he was last person to give marks.
Believe it or not the great aadesh ji gave Ishmeet 10/10 and Ishmeet made it to the final 12. Just with one mark more than Vipul coutesy aadesh. The same aadesh shrivastav the great then launched a severe hostile tirade against the same Ishmeet with whom he was so impressed that he gave him 10/10 in auditions round.
So this is the mahima of Mr aadesh shrivastav the great.

Hemant Dada said...

What is wrong with Debojeet?
This man got carried away so much that at a point, he could not carry high pitch to a proper scale and he introduced rasping sound to mask his inability and the fool of the judge could not read/hear between the lines and praised him so much for the same. Bah....

Debojeet's only problem is his un controlled delivery which spoiles the whole effort.
Did any one notice that he has problem pronouncing certain consonents?
I found his Talaffuz wrong on couple of places. Can anyone corroborate?

Dipali Sathe has a voice which is neither here nor there. It stays on thinnish side more. She reminded me of Chitra's thinner version. I was not impressed.

Zaheer sang beautifully but he had the advantage of singing a super duper hit song and the judges got carried away. For me it was good performance. The song sung by him lacked in intensity which you can feel when Sonu sings the song.

Shashi is heading for elimination as his vote bank is as non productive as Bihar's khazana. His head is already on chopping block.

Vipul may be with the gang for some time to come.

About Naina, I liked what she sang eventhough I have not heard that song before, I think she did a very good job.
She is good at lower as well at higher pitches.
Would love to hear her in fast numbers too.

Medha Krishna was ok but nothing special about her. Jenice is in competition with Shashi to get eliminated. Let us see who goes first.

There is more to my pen. I would discuss tonight.

Parting Shot :

Adesh Shrivatsav seems to think that he knows best. But I think the true knowledge of music of his father in law's family has failed to rub on him.
I have to agree with my friend Jatin here.He goes tangent when the whole lot of judges and public goes the other way.

He is well known to throw a spanner in the works.!!


Antar said...

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