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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 2nd August

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The show begins with the contestants singing Yeh Dosti song from Sholay. The contestants are sitting on cycles with some hearts in hand. The whole stage is decorated with balloons, a blackboard and some chairs. Even the AV of the song is shown in the middle. The song loose control is played and Aditya enters the set with a stick. He acts as a prof, pulls the ears of contestants and drags them to the bench. But later on, they all sing Masti ki pathshala together.



Neelakshi said...

A good episode on the whole. The friendship theme lent a cheery atmosphere to the evening, the partcipants gave 'rocking' performances and thed judges were in an affable mood. However I do think pure singing was compromised a little bit

On the whole, Manisha and Ahmad were pretty good. expect a lot from them. the girl vasundhara was rocking as well. She has good control, and her high notes were smooth on the ears.I was let down by faraz and sunvinder a bir as they had given better performances earlier.
i dodn't wathc who got the golden keys but my chgoices uwd be Manisha, Ahmad, vasu and faraz butt. Lets see if I am proved right

Antar said...

Aditya welcomes all the viewers and wishes "Happy Friendship Day" for the viewers from Saregamapa..

Aditya tells a her on friendship which his friend has told him to tell here... The sher says..

ki tu hain mera yaar
tere dam se chalti hain meri life ka car
par yaari nibhate waqt hamesha rehta hain saath...

The contestants all say wah wah.. He says, he has something more to say and continues to say one more sher.. Again the contestants say Wah Wah.. Aditya asks them to stop all this and go and get seated... Survinder asks Aditya, Wah Wah ki payment kab milegi?? Aditya says, "first you pay the payment for saying Wah Wah after your performance... LOL


Aditya calls the mentors as teachers today...

Aadesh says, Dhoom Machade.. Everyone is shocked.. He says today is friendship's day and so each of the gharana mentors will say the other's nara.. His gharana contestants say - Duniya hilade..

Himesh says, Har Har Mahadev

Shankar says, Jai Matadi, Lets Rock..

Pritam says, "Jai Ho"..

Aditya now invites the principal of the masti ki pathshala and that is Kavita Krishnamoorthy..

Kavita - Happy Friendship Day to all.. I get remembered of my autograph book where we used to write the best ship in this world is friendship..

Aditya asks Shankar how he feels as both of his contestants got through yesterday.. Shankar says, I am going to chill out.. I am having fun in this environment.. Its going to be a rocking evening..

Jai Ho Gharana Performance..

Faraz Butt brings a doll with him.. He says, this is his friend and Aadeshji has kept a name for this doll and is called - Hari Puttar.. Aditya asks if he is going to dedicate the song for Hari Puttar?? Faraz says, this doll is his friend and so he will do so.. He sings Rock the party.. Singer - Bombay Rockers..


Shankar - Tells Aditya, not to say Virodhi gharana today as today is friendship day.. Pritam says it was a great performance.. Himesh - Mindblowing.. Give a huge round of applause...

Aditya wishes Happy Friendship Day to Faraz..

Aditya says, we are having a Rapid fire quiz for all the mentors and the first to face this is Himesh... Aditya asks Himesh to say 3 positives of Shankar..

Himesh - 3 positive of Shankar.. Great Human Being.. Talented singer, music director..
3 Negative - Nothing, Nothing, Nothing...

Shankar says, "I Love you Himesh bhai"...

Pooja is wished Happy Friendship Day by Aditya.. She sings Mayya Mayya.. MD - AR Rehman..


Pooja says, My mother is my best friend and so dedicating this song for her..

Himesh - You sang very well.. This song was a big hit when Mauli sang the song.. Mauli became the youth icon then.. You sang 10% less than Mauli..

Shankar - For the first time I am seeing a confidence in your performance..

Pritam - Its not naturally meant for you.. But effort was good..

Aadesh - I am really impressed.. I have not seen this Avtar of yours..

Kavita - It was very good.. I was stunned.. Your body language, singing everything was part of the song..

Rock Gharana performance

Sunvinder Singh comes on stage... Aditya asks are you going to dedicate this song for her?? He says yes and Aditya asks him to take the name of her.. Sunvinder says, its Mallika.. The AV of Mallika episode is shown.. He sings Ho gaya re ho gaya.. Singers - Shaan, Sweta Pandit. MD - Sajid-Wajid..


Shankar - Along with chalu sardar, you are also a cute sardar.. Your voice and your height does not have any connection..

Pritam - You have a fresh voice quality.. You could have kept a scale higher as in item songs, you should always keep a scale higher..

Aadesh - Kahin Kahin sur ki chori karte ho.. You are a good singer.. Be confident about it..

Himesh - From Chalu, he has become cute.. Do remember what other mentors have advised you..

Kavita - I have become a fan of your voice.. This episode has proved that everyone has a friendship with music, Sur etc... Im enjoying..

Time for Friendship Quiz..

Aditya asks Shankar to say, 3 positive points about Himesh.. Shankar says He is a - Leader, Creator and Originality..

He also asks him to say 3 negative points and Shankar says the same what himesh said - Nothing, Nothing and Nothing.. Aditya asks him to say something or the other.. Himesh says, "first you talk about friendship and now you are the one to instigate us".. Like said in films, "You are the villian"...

Aditya asks definition of friendship to the mentors and Mahaguru... And here are their replies..

Pritam - Fun
Shankar - Life
Himesh - God's gift (Boon)
Aadesh - Big Commitment
Kavita - Total Companionship..

Manisha Karmakar sings Kaliyon ka chaman.. Singer - Lata Mangeskar.. MD - Bappi Lahiri...


Shankar - Today you are the best..
Aadesh - I agree with Shankar.. There was a power in your voice..
Pritam - Your voice is very sweet.. Aadesh says, tell Mishthi Dohi..
Himesh - You hit a singer.. You

Kavita - I like Mishthi Dohi.. Kuch kamaal hain aaj.. You sang very well.. Your presentation, pitching everything was great..

Time for Friendship Quiz...

Aadesh is asked to say 3 positive and negative points of Pritam..

3 positive points - talented, damn sweet and hard working..
3 negative points - Cute, Honest..

Kavita asks, is being Honest a negative point? Aadesh says, yes today not many are honest and he is tooo honest..

Dhoom gharana performance..

Arshad Mohommad says "Most of my friends are tapori and mavali.. We roam in bike and trouble people.. He passes a message to his friends in tapori language.. He sings Tauba Tauba teri soorat.. Singer and MD - Kailash Kher..

Yashita sings Paisa Paisa.. MD - Pritam.. The male contestants stand behind the mentors and give the chorus.. Pritam and other mentors also sing along with them... I am missing my puppies and have dedicated the song to those puppies who are at home.. My puppies have eaten the currency and so I am dedicating it for them.

Aadesh - You are superb.. You both did very well..

Himesh - You both sang well.. Its going to be very difficult for Kavitaji

Shankar - I have a different view all together.. I would like to share something that is there in my heart.. he says everything seriously but at the end he whistles and the whole audience just blast out... Arshad, You loose the interest at the end of every line.. Just concentrate on that..

Pritam - You were crying before the performance, but you did very well.. Yashita, The attitude with which how you did rap is very good..

Kavitaji - Its impossible to take a decision.. Arshad, you are very good.. You have a connection with the song and you are on the right track.. Yashita, You are smashing and I was expecting that some money may fall from the ceiling..

Time for Friendship Quiz

Pritam says 3 positive about Aadesh.. He says I would say 4 positives.. - best drummer, as MD, already taken music on international level.. He has great sense of humor.. He is a parallel entertainer..

Results Time..

The girls are called on stage and Kavitaji says, I feel so alone as none of the friend is with me.. The marking is so that all the participants are having a tie.. I will not go with the performance of today, but will go with the performance of both today and yesterday"...

Among boys

Yashita gets In

Pritam - Im happy that you are in Dhoom gharana.. Your plus points are very good and start working on negative points..

Manisha is In..

Himesh - Congrats Manisha.. Just take it forward to the next rounds..

kavitaji - To Pooja - Winning or loosing is not the end of the road.. Here is were your journey begins.. I get remembered of my journey.. I lost competitions and cried for a long time.. But after that I didnt cry and took it forward.. Just dont loose heart..

Pooja says.. Maa, Im sorry and cries hard..

So, here Pooja gets eliminated...

Among boys...

Arshad is In

Pritam asks Why did you cry before the performance? He says, I got remembered of what Himeshji said for his father and so I also remembered of my father.. Pritam says.. I want to see the confidence...

Survinder is In

Faraz gets eliminated

Kavita - you have total feeling in your song.. Your pitching is wrong.. You will get 110/100 if I judge you with recording studio..

Aadesh - I remember Pritam saying that feel is really important.. Think you dont need the assistance of machines.. You can do it without that help..

Sanjivani Bhooti

Shankar - Pooja, I wish you all the best.. On behalf of all the mentors we welcome Faraz after giving the Sanjivani Bhooti..

So, Faraz gets Sanjivani Bhooti

Antar said...


Nice review and welcome as a moderator. Thank you & Hemant to accept my request as being moderators of this blog. Now we all gonna work as a family member on this blog. As per today's episode I just can't believe how a contestant like Faraz Butt could eliminate and has to perform next through the mercy of Sanjivani Booti. The overall performance was excellent.

Neelakshi & Hemant Da,

Whenever you need or anything to discuss we can do that through Yahoo Messenger.


jatin said...

As a last tribute to Ishmeet Star Plus will be re-telecasting the grand-finale of SVOI-1 at 10:00 PM IST today. But I think in place of showing the whole grand-finale they should hv shown a collection of his best performances. That would hv been a better tribute.

jatin said...

He isn't there to wish his friends back on Friendship Day, but silent prayers have gone up from hundreds of lips to Ishmeet Singh, for happiness and peace wherever he is.

Robin, a friend of the young singer who died in Maldives on Tuesday, said, "Today when everyone will wish their friends I will be alone, with nobody to call a friend. Just 15 days before his death he called me up and suggested songs for a competition I was to participate in. Ishmeet even invited me to his place in Mumbai. He wanted to settle in Mumbai and had even taken admission in Mumbai Khalsa College to pursue his studies."

Another friend, Jai, equally heartbroken and sad at Ishmeet's untimely and shocking demise, recounted how the group of 10 friends would gather at the college music room and sing aloud, sometimes in chorus, sometimes in competition. "I don't know why God is so cruel to nice people" he said. "In 2007, during a competition organised by Kala Sangam, both Ishmeet and I presented a guest item. After the performance we sat down and started giving tips to each other and the mistakes we committed while singing. But destiny had some other plans for him."

The silence and darkness of Ishmeet's residence here is reflected in the faces of most of his friends. Harpreet Singh can't go to the college music room again. "It haunts me," he said blankly.

The dead singer's friends have now submitted a request to the principal of SCD Government College asking the institute's cultural committee to be called Voice of India Ishmeet Singh Cultural Committee. Some people and their memories, they say, should never fade.

jatin said...

Antar, Neelakshi & Hemant,

Wishing you a "Happy friendship day".

Neel & Hemant,

I am glad on your becoming moderators of this blog along with Antar. I hope this blog is successful and gets more posts in future.

Hemant Dada said...


Thanx bro for the opportunity. I will try my best to guide the blog qualitatively.(I am a quality control guy in real life too!).

I won't care much if not many people visit the blog or put their thoughts into posting matter. But I doo and would care if they post relevant and interesting thoughts and matter.

Thanx again for the confidence in me.


Hemant Dada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hemant Dada said...


Thanks for the welcome and good wishes.

Jatin, I know you as a consistant blogger with great passion. I also know that you are very passionate about your convictions and you have a tendency to get carried away sometimes.But it is natural as you are very young and have an extra litre of Aderneline flowing in your veins (or arteries if you please)

I, however,would request you to keep your horses reined and post some good material and good thoughts which I know you are capable of.
Please treat this place as a moulding ground for good blogging.
I hope I can expect a wonderful participation from you.

Happy blogging.

Hemant Dada

Hemant Dada said...


Glad to be teaming up with you.
So let's get cracking on quality blogging. I know assents have no value if dissents are not there as balancing factor. Yin and Yang always go together in life forces and blogging is no exception.

Hope we will strive to get evened out thorough blog here.

Once again glad to be with you.


jatin said...

As a last tribute to Ishmeet Star Plus will be re-telecasting the grand-finale of SVOI-1 at 10:00 PM IST today. But I think instead of showing the whole grand-finale they should hv shown a collection of his best performances. That would hv been a better tribute.

Neelakshi said...

@hemant da
Thanks for the wishes. Even i think quality is better than quantity. I hope can execeute this task of being moderator successfully.

So far,a few singers from saregama have impressed me- shayon, mitika, sunvinder, ahmad, naina, fareed, sujat. But its still too early to tell now.

I think posts will gradually increase. we ahve to be aptient. i think we should let poeple express themselves freely, so long as they don't insult other fellow bloggers or contestants or make controversial statements about region, ethnicity etc.I think we should balance the viewpoints easily.

welcome to the blog and thanks for your wishes. I would be grateful if you help us to publicize the blog.

Neelakshi said...

i agree with you about the tribute to Ishmeet. they should show a collection of his performances. Also all the other 11 from last year's finalists should dedicate a song to him

Antar said...

Dear All,


Hemant & Neelakshi,

I know you two are kind hearted and excellent human beings. I personally believe as a team we will do much better & better than anyone and this team will remain as a family forever.
Thanks again.


Thanks bro. And I totally agree with Neelakshi in the case of helping us to publicize all of our blog.

jatin said...

I havent seen bigger fools than these Star Plus people. Yesterday were they giving a tribute to Ishmeet or to Harshit, Shaan, Madhuri Dixit etc, etc. Even more irritating were the Chotte ustaad ads in between. Such poor editing.

It would hv been better if they had focussed on Ishmeet's songs rarther than showing the whole grand-finale again. They unnecesarily put people in trauma by showing things that were not required.
Some body should teach these Star plus guys how to give a tribute to a person in a proper way.

jatin said...


I have given your blog address on the social networking site

I suggest that you guys publicize about your blog on this site from time to time as this site has many visitors.

Hemant Dada said...


Bhai apne chasme se duniya ek hi rang ki lagti hai.
Thoda Duniya ki nazaron se dekhiye. Hazaar Rang dikhenge.

Please come out of your pain and feelings of Late Ishmeet's untimely tragic death over which no one had control and start living normal life again.

You can shower your love and affection on "Chalu Sardar" who is from same town as Ishmeet and promises to be a great singer with great original voice.

Hemant Dada

jatin said...


I cannot watch Saregamapa as I just cannot stand the sight of the racist Mr Aadesh Shrivastava.
So I wont be able to support Suninder. Mark my words with Aadesh around, Suninder wont go too far and will be eliminated soon.

Hemant Dada said...


Are you supporting a candidate or his mentor or whoever is opposing mentor?

It will not be a good idea to stop supporting a genuinely wonderful singer like Suninder because you do not like Adesh Srivatsava.

I also request you NOT TO USE WORDS LIKE RACIST on this blog.
You may want to tone down your feelings when you want to post .

Thanks in advance for your future co operation in this regard.

Hemant Dada

jatin said...

Hemant Dada,

Beleive me, I have addressed Aadesh Shrivastav in the most decent possible manner.

Anyways, I agree with you. I should support a good singer.
But one thing is for sure, I dont think i will be voting for any singer after this unfortunate tragedy.


Hemant Dada said...


Good that you understand.
Disregard Adesh and get along with life.
There will always be people whom we maynot like but that should not stop us from walking on our way to our destination.

Remember Petntathelon, Heptathelon or Decathelone type of obstacle races?
Treat this as such a race and keep running or swimming against the current. Destination is bound to come nearer and nearer.

Hemant Dada

Neelakshi said...

@hemant da
Am impressed by your anaolgies!! good work!!

Plz listen to hemant da's advice. there is no point lamenting any more. we all have to acceptthe bitter truth and move on. There are other singers from the ame community you can support, like Sunvinder from ludhiana and Mitika Kanwar from chandigarh. I dunno why you think this communtiy is so deprived, I think it is one of the richest communties and they vote for their favourites(Ishmit, rohanpreet). plz don't use words like rascisst becasue in india we all more or less belong to variations of same race.

I really don't think Mr shrivastava is that bad a guy. Why should anyone for that matter be against any one communtiy?
plz plz get over this mentality. every community has its good points and bad ones. No one is agaianst any community. Just support good singing,a nd remmeber our Prime Minister is from same community. no bodi is biased aaginst anyobosy!
But if you keep ranting, people might just start hating them as you are projecting them in abad light

Antar said...


I also agree with Hemant Da & Neel. We should better go for quality singings and singers. We are not here to judge the judges but the contestants & their performances. And by the way, thanks a lot to publicized our blog at that forum.

Take care.

Neelakshi said...

@antar and hemant da

i think so far Shayon and Mitika have impressed me the most. What about you people?

Hemant Dada said...


I intend bi-secting performances of contestants every now and then to see who is the best of all for the week.

I will post my comments on performances tonight or tomorrow.

Hemant Dada

Hemant Dada said...

Antar da,

Please read my mail to you.

Hemant dada

Antar said...


Mitika is simply excellent and no doubt she will gonna rock. But before any comments on Shayon I have to watch more of his performances as yet he failed to impress me at all.

Antar said...

Hemant Da,

I didn't get any mail from you. At which email add you sent, Gmail or Yahoo!! Waiting for your mail.

Neelakshi said...

Is there any way where we can have info regarding the 2009 contestants? as in information regading their age, interests etc. as in voice of india 2 contestants?
That would be appreciable.

Oh i forgot to mention naina and Ahamad and pratibha...i really like them as well. fareed needs to bring in more spark, and sujat needs to go beyond his family's lineage otherwise they are also good...:)

Antar said...


Within tomorrow I will be able to upload all the info's of the SRGMP contestants including their pics. By the way among the female category I liked most:

1. Mitika
2. Anupama
3. Sara
4. Naina

And among the male category:

1. Shujat Ali Khan
2. Shashi Suman
3. Debojit
4. Arshad
5. Sunwinder
6. Fareed
7. Faraz Butt
8. Shayon (My personal ranking-lol)

These are the guys basically at whom I am looking now. Among these 12 definitely one will be winner (An easy prediction as I have almost put all the best ones in my ranking).

Dear All,

Prediction 1:

Last year among the 3 finalists 2 were from India and one from Pakistan and I predict this year the same thing will happen. Now the question is, on the basis of performances till now who will be in finale.

Prediction 2:

Contestant 1 -
Definitely one contestant must have to be from Himesh's Rock Gharana and it will be among Fareed Ahmed or Sunwinder Singh Sandhu. According to me the possibilities of Sunwinder is better than Fareed. Just don't know why but it seems to me.

Contestant 2 -
I hope it will be from Pritam's Dhoom Gharana and the main fight to reach in the finale will be among Shujat, Arshad & Debojit. Now this is very tough to predict who will be in finale among these three. Now there is a very big chance that two from this Gharana may reach to the finale. And if that then they will be Shujat & Debojit. Just sorry for Arshad.

Contestant: 3-

If the upper mentioned prediction gets wrong then without a doubt the 3rd contestant will be from Aadesh's Jai Ho Gharana and it will be Shashi.

I also think this year no female contestants will reach to the finale just like last year.

What do you think?

Hemant Dada said...

Antar da,

Please send me a mail from your gmail account. I need to discuss certain things.


Siddhartha said...

Dear Antar - I agree with you 99%. Only thing is I did not like Faraz Butt's voice. I felt he is little hyped. Anyway, who knows... he might be in the final...

This time I am not at all impressed by the girls. They pretty mediocre.

jatin said...


You guys hv raised this point many times as why do I use the word "racism" and "racist" when all we indians belong to the same race.

I want to clarify that racism has become a universal word to denote discrimination on basis race, religion, ethinicity, caste etc. There are many references to leaders in India terming them as racist because of their communal or regional policies.
But guys just relax, i wont be taking up the topic of racism in future in any of the blogs.

Neelakshi said...

My predictions are a bit different...I see 5 girls and 5 boys making it to final 10.The way the format is structured i see equal no. of boys and equal no. of girls in final 10. in saregama, it is always 10 and not 12. and the way mitika and shayon are promoted by the channel for their youthful good looks and so-called 'spark' I def. see them in final 10 and maybe even final 5. the channel is clever that way.

now you may ask me who will be the other 8? Well, 4 boys and 4 girls. i see Debojit dutta, shujat, shashi suman and ahmad/fareed in final 4. and other 4 girls will be acc. to me Pratibha(technically strongest), naina( good voice quality and strong hold on sur), manisha(zee are partial to bengalis) and sara khan(for a combination of factors) these will be final 10.

Now among tjhem it all depends on who gets more voting. shayon/deobjit, one candidate from pakistan and one girl(sara/mitika) may make it to final 3

Neelakshi said...

in the indian context it is region/religion which is the dominating factor and not race.You said this yourself. I don't know why you are always saying one of the most priviledged communities in India is the marginalised one. punjabis and gujratis have all the wealth in india. Commercially they are the wealthiest as they own all the businesses in india. they are def. a part of mainstream and doing well in diverse fields because of a variety of factors. Intellectually Bengalis and Marathis and even south indians are far ahead, but as they say
where the money is, there the power is.
If you belonged to north east, I could understand your complainst as they are definitely out of the mainstream and in struggling phase. But I find them also far better than us in many ways. their women are more employed, it is a more matriarchal society. Their political consciousness is high.
So i don't think as a punjabi you should complain

Hemant Dada said...


You have not mentioned my fav chalu sardar?
He is an amazing guy and I think he may have the last laugh.

I intend watching him more and more.


Antar said...

Hemant Da,

A mail sent to you. Just reply me as soon as you can.


Hemant Dada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antar said...

Dear Siddhartha,

It's always nice to see your comments and need more & more in future too. By the way, Faraz Butt is actually not that bad. I know he has some weaknesses in particular areas but he can over come those. Basically he impressed me a lot when he performed "Bulla Ki Jana".


My predictions were only for Grand Finale. By the way, I will be so happy to see a female contestant in the Grand Finale but I still believe thats not going to happen. Lets hope for the best.


Hemant Dada said...


According to reports, Gajji is planning another first in reality show.

This is going to be a contest between Girls and Boys teams.
What I understand from the plans is, that there will be finalists from Girls side numbering two and same from boys side.
So there will be Numero Uno in Girls side as Girl winner and similarly from boys side, a numero uno as winner.So there will be two winners.
Thus Gajji has opened a women's compartment in Music train.

This , atleast will maintain tempo of the contest as Girls used to lose to boys in long run in past.

Now the division of votes will not affect girls.
Gajji , I must admit grudgingly, is a Master stroke player.
You can't stop hating him.
But you can't stop,if not loving him, atleast admiring him for his innovative contests.

If this happens, then I foresee Anweshaa and aishwarya again pitched on one side and Anweshaa being made winner by Gajji as atonement for his misdeed during SVOICU.He will have to dethrone aish otherwise his credibility will be at its Nadir with people.

Keep 'em coming Gajji....we , the suckers,are resigned to the reality shows dished out by you.
Not because we like them so much but because we are really tired of Kekta Kapoor's K bugged "Main Tera Aisa Haal Karungi..." serials.


Neelakshi said...

@hemant da

Now I am very curious!! do tell me more about this show. are there only going to be 4 partcipants? as in one winner and one runner up on girls' side and one winner and one runner up on boys' side? then show will end very fast!!
Plz also tell about voting patterns. girls always get less votes. so how will gajji atone for that?
When and how will this show start?

Hemant Dada said...


There are no details available at this moment.
But it is not going to be only four from each side.
Gajji will not spend money on fast completing shows. Minimum is 17 episodes and maximum is 24 episodes .
I think he would opt for a marathon now.

I know that this will be mostly conducted on Star plus. Star Plus has been calling prospective candidates and very soon we may have more details on cards.

One thing is certain that no old timers are going to be invited as they have lost that USP as freshers.

It would be a fresh crop of singers like Anweshaa , aishwarya, Sonia and others.

Let us wait till something gels.


Neelakshi said...

hemant da
Knowing gajji it is sure to be a mixture of old-timers and fresh singers. Something like JJWS maybe. I guess we will see a mixture of singers.
However will he put his favourite Ashwarya's victory at stake just 4 months after her win? I doubt it.

Antar said...

Dear Hemant Da & Neel,

Please check your mails immediately.


Antar said...

Hemant Da,

It's really great to hear such. This sort of prog should done earlier but whatever someone has to take such steps and our Gajji took it. Salute to him. Don't forget to update that news in future.


I hope it will be a mixture of old-timers just something like JJWS or Ek Se Badkar Ek. Whatever I would just like to see Anwesha out there.


Hemant Dada said...


Gajji has only one favorite and that is TRP and moolah that comes with it.

His ideas to achieve that goal is what has brought out good singers inspite of greed .

He is master of this game called REALITY SHOWS. Love Him or Hate Him.


Hemant Dada said...

Antar da,

Gajji has stated in an interview that he is going to launch that Boys versus Girls contest "VERY SOON."
(what it means is that before some one else steals the idea and beats him to it).

My hunch is, that he may launch this programme may be latest by Navaratri.


Hemant Dada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hemant Dada said...


One good thing about Internet is that it gives you information about people and ideas , People and their life,People and what they said at which time, people and how they change with times etc.

While surfing through the net, I came across a fine piece of interview of Father of Rality shows ....our own Sri Gajendra Singh ji.

Read what he is reported to have said not long ago ago when Fame Gurukul and Indian Idol were launched.


"The threat from Sony's twin contests Fame Gurukul and Indian Idol looms large over Sa Re Ga Ma. But Gajendra isn't the least initimidated.

"I feel they on Sony have copied us. But their focus isn't on singing. It's on face value. I've been doing a musical talent scouting contest since 1994. I virtually grew with my channel Zee. You'd be shocked to know what kind of money I'm offered by rival channels to join them. But I feel abandoning Sa Re Ga Ma would be like orphaning my own baby."


So...a lot of water has passed under the bridge and the Saregama is the most 'orphaned musical baby" ...LOL

What do you have to say about this turnface action of Sri Singh?

Please put in your views.


Antar said...

Hemant Da,

Wonderful info. Gajji is just like that. We all should show this to him.


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