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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 15th August, 2008

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The show begins with the AV of British flag going down and India flag going up the flag post. Aditya starts singing Mere Desh ki dharti. All the other contestants are dancing and singing... The set has a bullock cart, a cot and other things which is in a village. Indian flags are all over the sets along with India map. The performance is awesome. The decorations and set design is superb!!! The guests for today are Airforce and Army personnels.
Aditya welcomes everyone. He says, today everyone are celebrating Independence day, but I would like to raise some questions. He asks, Is this the independence that we all wanted?? Is this the independence for which all mothers lost their son, was this the dream of our fore fathers?? Is it the undivided India independence?? He says, Music has broken all the boundaries and He wishes Undivided India, a very happy Independence day.
Kavita is welcomed and the song I love my India is played in the background. Today, the one who will be judging the - Anandji.

Shankar - Happy independence day. Jai Hind.
Aadesh - Happy independence day.
Pritam - Happy independence day.
Himesh - Wish you all a happy independence day.
Anandji - Hope you all be happy for ever. Happy independence day.
Kavita - Every time we have to stay ahead of everyone. Happy independence day.

Himesh - Today is very auspicious day but today I would like to leave. We have taken the responsibility on our shoulders to make our country as number 1. So, lets all work together. Today, I will give the responsbility of my gharana to Shankarji. Shankar says - Jai Matadi, lets rock and Himesh says, Har Har Mahadev

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Antar said...

Dhoom gharana:

Mitika Kanwar sings bharat humko jaan se pyaara hain.. Singer - Hariharan... MD - AR Rehman

Sujat Ali Khan sings Tere bin dil na lage Pakistan... Singer - Faakir.. MD - Faakir..

Aditya asks him, how do you feel now?? We didn't work for independence thinking as two countries and fought like one.. He says, I am not feeling the difference and I feel that India and Pakistan are the best...


Aadesh - Mitika, you sang well.. You smartly went into falsetto.. I liked it.. For Sujat, he says, Sur ka gadbhad laga..

Pritam - For Mitika, We are looking for a different voice along with perfect singing.. For Sujat, There is no consistency...

Shankar - You do get Indian harkatein but there is a western touch to it... I liked it and We can use it for some song in a movie.. Sujat, Sur bhigad gaye thee... The song you sang last time was really good, where we all came up on stage.. Today is independence day special, so may be you took the independence to go off sur...

Kavita - For Mitika, What I feel is, you are stylish and individualistic.. Sujat, happy to see you here.. Sur ka gadbhad laga.. I liked the approach to music..

Anandji - The feeling for romantic song and independence.. Mitika, you need to maintain the feel.. He asks Sujat to sing few lines without music and he does.. I liked this .. there should be a kashish which I felt you brought in now and not when you were dancing and singing...

Aditya says, The soldiers, freedom fighters were only mad about independence before India getting divided.. There were no borders then... The music has broken the border of hearts, broken the line of control and soon we will break the border which is in papers..

Jai Ho Gharana:

Anupama sings Vande Mataram.. Singer - Lata Mangeskar.. MD - Ranjit Barot..

Sayan Chaudhuri sings Vande Mataram.. Singer and MD - AR Rehman


Shankar - We got to hear to two versions of Vande Mataram.. We get a feeling - "Proud to be a Indian".. To Anupama, I was finding it a little odd because you had 5 twists in the song while usually we have only four.. To Sayan, We all love your voice texture and you have to concentrate on your high notes.. I will give you a tip... Dont close your mouth when you end the line and just keep it opened...

Aditya says, there are Airforce and Army personnels with us and they want Shankar to sing few lines.. You please sing two lines for us... Shankar sings the song..

Anandji - I liked the way Shankar sang the song.. We dont have any school to give tips like him.. You have to learn this technique.. Shankar thanks for the complement..

Aadesh - You have got a big tip.. We dont get this in every show.. you are lucky.. Anupama, Your throw is great.. The song to attempt is very difficult..

Pritam - You created a great environment..

Kavita - The selection of songs are very good.. I didnt find any falsetto anywhere in both of your songs..

Anandji - Anupama, that energy wasn't felt which we had in the song.. You have a good voice... Sayan, you gave a good feel to the song..

Shankar - Freedom is, freedom of expression, wherever I want, I can go, I need freedom of speech and I get that in my country,..

Anandji - Freedom does not mean you want freedom for yourself, but also the mentality to work for others...

Shankar says, I would like to salute all the armed forces.. We are here because of them..

Aadesh - I am able to go abroad without any fear and spread my folk music.. Thats my freedom..

Kavita - Where the mind is without fear, where knowledge is free, where world is not divided by narrow domestic duties... That is freedom..

One of the airforce personnel says, We should not fight and We should have brotherhood between the two countries...

Rock Gharana:

Aditya says, as Darshana got eliminated, the gharana should pick one contestant from Eklavya gharana.. He says, I will want to hear to Noor and Pallavi, after which we will decide.. We will hear them together and in the same song after which we will decide...

Pallavi and Noor both sing, dil diya hain jaan bhi denge. Singer - Kavita krishnamoorthy... MD - Lakshmikant Pyaarelal..

Pritam - Pallavi, your voice texture is good, but you have to work hard..

Aadesh - Very average singer by both..

Shankar - The field you have entered is already filled with people who are already trained... You have to start practicing.. You sing the way by which you will rock the stage...

Shankar adds, We will invite Pallavi.. Noor, you have long way to go... All the best..

Fareed Ahmed sings Desh mere, Desh mere meri jaan hain tu.. Singer - Sukhwinder and AR Rehman.. MD - AR Rehman..


Pritam - I loved it.. You have always been singing well..

Aadesh - I felt you lost ur Sur in Anthra.. But your throw is fabulous..

Shankar - It was brilliant in parts and I always find a problem.. You never open your mouth while singing.. You have to open up a bit..

Now, Aditya asks Shankar to act as Himesh LOL Shankar as Himesh - Aapne hamari laj rakhli... Fantastic, Mindblowing, Fabulous, Fentabulous.. Aditya asks him to comment on the voice quality.. Shankar - When you sing, there is a unique voice.. You have a USP and that will make you world charts number 1, 2, 3...

Anandji - Himeshji, Where do you want him to send.. Shankar says, When a person like you is here, what can I say.. I will come there.. He goes and gets blessings from Anandji and Kavita..

Then he says, I am missing Himesh... We have a life in the show when he is there and I am just trying to cover his absence..

Kavita - One thing is missing, you need to open the top button.. Shankar says, I will when I make a body like him LOL Anandji - Shankar, after seeing all this I feel, Slowly, you are going to acting also..

Anandji - You have a different voice.. Just follow Shankar and listen to him.. He is the only one who can express and teach you how to sing.. All the best..

Kavita - I found it very interesting.. You sometimes hit sharp notes, but its good..

Lakshya gharana

Sara sings Dharti sunahri, ambar neela... Singers - Lata Mangeskar, Udit Narayan, Gurpreet Mann MD - Madan Mohan.. She then says - "Pakistan, I really love you"..

Aditya says, Our freedom fighters and your freedom fighters, fought together and got the independence together, but we never celebrate it together.. How do you feel celebrating here.. I would like to wish all people of Pakistan and India a very happy independence day... It is like two daughter in laws getting separated from a house, but they still stay together.. Zee has given an opportunity to meet each other.. So, its really nice..

Shankar - Whoever has thought of this concept, is really great.. He asks Sara, how does it feel to be in India.. Sara says, I have expressed my feeling in the song.. I hope I can build the relationship between the two countries..

Aadesh - I really dont like the word partition.. You really described it well.. You kept Pakistan in mind and sang a Hindustani song. It was really nice..

Pritam - The freedom fighters dreamt of a place where we both celebrate together and its really nice that we are celebrating together.. You sang well...

Shankar as Himesh - You sang very well.. Mindblowing, Fantastic..

Shankar - The beginning alaap was flat, but you sang well..

Anandji - The sun raises there and here as well, the wind blows in both the nation, you expressed it very well... You sang well but you said, "Pakistan I love you".. But just want to say that an artist can never belong to a country.. He belongs to the whole world.. You sang very well and may Shankarji's blessings be with you always..

kavita - I was enjoying your song.. I never felt you were from Pakistan.. You are just like my daughter.. Only artists are one who can break the barriers.. You have come as an ambassador of Pakistan and when I go to Pakistan, I will be Indian ambassador.. It will be a handshake of love..


Among girls, Sara gets the golden key ClapClap

Shankar - I feel really good and for the past so many episodes, someone or the other is getting the golden key.. So, I am feeling good.. But would also like to congratulate other participants..

Among boys, Fareed gets the golden key ClapClap

Shankar as Himesh - Congratulations Fareed and you will rock this rock gharana on this rocking show.. Lets all rock together in this rocking Independence day special episode.. LOL

Anandji invites Shankar as Himesh to give the spice mobile.. He says, This is a telephonic device you can call .. Holding calls, receiving call everything is free.. Everything is free and this goes to Mitika kanwar..

Shankar goes on stage and starts singing Suno gaur se duniya waalon..

Tomorrow's Special:

Shankar Mahadevan special. Ekta and Tusshar are going to be the guest judge for Raksha Bandhan special.

Neelakshi said...


Word by word review- very good!1 I love the packaging of Zee, they know how to make a show entertaining. Good performances, nice dialogues, amicable judges, positive commenst and ocnstructive feedback.

But SINGING????11 Lets not even go there. I am sorely dissapointed by the standards of both VOI-2 nad challnege 2009 this year. Last year saregama gave us Aneek, Amanat, Poonam and Raja. last year VOI gave us Abhaas,Irfan,Arshpreet and Abhilasha.

this year pales in comparison. perhaps its the law of averages. after a good year, there will be bad year. A Naina and a Ritisha cannot a show make,just like a swallow cannot a summer amke. This year perfectionism is lacking in both shows. Ltes wait and watch for indian idol 4, and pray that we get talents like Anwesha, Abhaas and Aneek again(soon)

Antar said...


You are right but still you have to agree that, compare to SVOI 2, SRGMP 2009 is 100 times better at least. I know nothing gonna happen big & special at Indian Idol 4 but lets hope.

Neelakshi said...

I cannot agree about thta. Both shows seem on same level. The no. of contestants are more from saregama,so we can't compare. In VOI-2 there are 2 or 3 great female singers like Ritihsa, vinti, shraddha/sreeparna. But in saregama only 2 contestans have impressed me all through- Naina and Pratibha.
I felt badly let down by Shayon and Mitika today. Even Sunvinder and manisha and fareed are not too consistent

Neelakshi said...

I know its not easy to have people like Anwesha, Amanat, Aneek and Raja everyday. But what about second level like priyani, Toshi, Sumedha, Abhilasha, Amit paul etc.?? Even that seems hard to come by this year:(

Arindam said...

I try my best to discuss Sare Gama Pa, but I have been bitten by Akbar, Ali Abbas and Kalpana in Junoon and just cannot stop writing about them.Junoon today had Krishna and Rahat Saab sing Main Jahan Rahoon. When I hear these 2 sing this song, I realize how well Jayant sings it. Toshi and Vineet sang it in SVOI1 and JJWS and beleive me it is only Jayant's rendition of the song that gives me goosebumps. Jayant had the previledge to sing this song with Rahat Saab himself in Yeh Shaam Mastani on Sony.The greatest Independence Day gift to Jayant would be healing of his eye problems.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Neelakshi said...


I also like Mitka and shayon precisely for their voice qualities. But i was dissapointed yesterday, since neither of them got the golden key. fareed and sara are not as good as them, IMO. Isn't this double standards- if janice could be given the ley, why not Mitka and Shayon?They are def. better singers ANYDAY. But as i was saying, voice quality and sur do not seem to be going hand in hand in this show

This comment has been removed by the author.
Antar said...

Dear Neel & Goofy,

Mitika is simply great. Yesterday Sara just performed only a little better than Mitika and got the Golden Key. But I have some doubt on Sayan. His voice quality is very good but his yesterday's performance just cleared one thing he is not capable to perform every songs. Do you really think last day he performed the song "Vande Mataran" perfectly and the answer is no. Even he didn't cross near to it. Last year at ZEE SRGMP Independence Day episode, compare to Raja's performance on the same song Sayan was far far away. Raja was just best and Sayan just not good. IMHO Shashi Suman is the only one consistently doing well at every performance.

jatin said...

Can anybody tell me what tribute was given to Ishmeet and who all gave him the tribute in the Independence day programme.

Hemant said...


Here is the link.

What a guy Ishmet was.

May God give him peace.


Hemant said...

Antar da,

I saw Friday's programme and I have my comments about the show.
But I would rather see tonight 's programme and then dis-sect the performances .

I don't know if Sara could be called QUALIFIED for getting the key. She uses her nose at wrong places and was unclear in her prnounciations and over all treatment of the song she sang was on poorer side.

May be she was given the key to make her "feel good" as a Pakistani participant.

More tomorrow.



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