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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 25th July

The show beings and contestants sing the title song of De Taali. Aditya joins them to continue the song. Aditya welcomes the audience and a recap of the last week is shown. Today the 3rd batalilan will be performing. The mentors are introduced in the usual style. Asha tai is also greeted.


Antar said...

The first gharana to perform is Rock Gharana.

Fareed Ahmed from Jaipur sings Zindagi mein koi kabhi aaye na rabba. Singers - Vasundra Das and Sukhwinder Singh. MD - Anu Malik.

Darshana Menon from Michigan sings Jaane kyaa chahe mann. Singer - Zubeen. MD - Pritam.


Shankar - Fareed, you have improved a lot and consciously you have opened up on the whole... For Darshana he says, you can do much better.. Darshana apologizes and Shankar says, All the best, Do well in the next round..

Pritam - Fareed, I loved your song.. I like your voice texture... For Darshana he says, Your song choice was wrong.. This did not suite your voice quality..

Aadesh - For Darshana, You must not attempt the male song and alaap was also not necessary.. Fareed, the beginning was mindblowing.. I was totally locked hearing to you..

Himesh - When asked why he chose this song for her, he said - When she sung it for the first time, it sounded nice.. Maybe she was nervous and it happens sometimes that ur day is not the best..

Ashaji - Any guy from Rajasthan cannot sing badly.. The harkatein are really good.. Your voice shakes in the low notes, you should improve on that.. For Darshana she says, The beginning was falsetto, may you are nervous now.. Next time when you sing, make sure to do better..

Second Gharana to perform is Lakshya Gharana:

Jefferey Iqbal from Delaware (US) sings Tere Bina from Guru... Singer and MD - AR Rehman..

Sara Raza Khan From Pakistan sings kehna hi kya from Bombay.. Singer - Chitra. MD - AR Rehman..


Himesh - The performance was very good.. But it is very important that on what basis we are judging.. I feel that the peculiarity is reducing.. Then there is a big argument between the mentors.. Shankar - you cannot be mediocre.. The one who sings for the five minutes on this stage with great voice quality, in sur and in taal will be the winner.. Himesh - I just want to put it in front of the audience that, one may have a great voice quality, but may have lost it due to some bad performance on the stage.. But we must get them back... Pritam - One must have a unique voice to get work in the industry.. Asha - We may get more peculiar voices, but they may not be in sur.. Pritam also adds that we must probably get a power so that we can get a contestant back who has a great voice quality.. Ashaji - Why are we discussing this?? If you feel someone got eliminated, then its not needed that they must be a number 1.. you can even get them to sing for the film..

Comments for contestants

Himesh - I will keep my comment short.. I will request Ashaji to continue saying the comments..

Ashaji - The guy from America, voice is good.. You have a different voice.. Sara, you sing in nasal voice.. You can sing better with practice.. I am also liking that

Aadesh - Jeffery - Outstanding.. Sara - you could have brought in more emotions..

Pritam - Himeshji has used all the adjectives and we do not have anything left.. So, I will tell it in his own style - Mindblowing, Outstanding and Superb..

Shankar - Jefferey, you have done well.. We chose a song which is not of your genre, yet you did a good job.. Sara, maybe because of the environment here, you were little low.. You could have done much better..

Dhoom Gharana:

Shujat from Pakistan.. Aditya asks you sang a Bandish last time, what are you going to sing today?? He says there is a song by a band which I will sing.. He sings Saawan beeto jaaye by Shaufqat Amanat Ali.. Himesh starts crying.. He gets tears in his eyes and goes on stage to hug Shujat.. All the mentors go on stage to give blessings for him..

Himesh - I just want to say that performers like him should not go out because of the 5 minutes..
Shankar - You dont even need to perform for 5 minutes.. It is sufficient if you sing for 2 minutes..

Aadesh - This is the kind of voice we are looking for..

Ashaji - You are obvious to sing well as you belong from a gharana who are really good at singing.. Shujat says, his grand father, father, uncle and aunt all are singers.. Ashaji enquires about his aunt as she also is aware of her singing... He replies, yes she is the one and she also is very well aware of Ashaji.. Ashaji says you have got the voice.. So, make him sing...

Aditya asks how he was feeling as this is the first time Himesh has cried for any performance.. He says.. Its my win... I just want to make my place in the heart of these mentors..

Mitika Kanwar from Chandigargh.. She sings Oh meri Jaan.. Singers - Asha and RD Burman.. MD - RD Burman..

Ashaji - This is a very difficult song and even today I cannot sing.. The part where you took RD Burman voice was really nice...

Himesh - The way you made this environment is simply beautiful... Ashaji says, now you all need to compose songs like Burmanda to get these people sing the songs.. Himesh says, he is a legend but we will definitely try..

Shankar - Sur, Taal, Lai, unique voice quality is all perfect.. This is the kind we expect..

Aditya says she is very good in producing the sound of flute.. She gives a prelude for a song which will be used in Pritam's film..

Jai Ho Gharana:

Sayan Chaudhari from Kolkatta.. He sings yeh bekhudi.. Singer - Sonu Nigam.. MD - Shajid-Wajid..

Shankar - Your voice is the voice of urban young pop singer..

Himesh - I agree with Shankar.. You are a very good singer and that we need to put forth in front of the voice..

Pritam - He has the voice of a playback singer...

Aadesh - He is very devoted singer.. "Ek din ghee ka ladoo teda ho gaya toh uska swaad nahin bighdega" LOL

Ashaji - Your voice texture is really good... You are a very good singer..

Anupama Malhotra from Delhi sings Sharma na yun.. Singer - Asha Bhosle.. MD - RD Burman..

Aditya says, we have heard that the one who gave you the encouragement was your mother-in-law.. She says, I also have a kid of 10 months old and have left the kid alone in Delhi.. A small AV of her house is shown as well..

Shankar - You chose a very rare song and its a very good composition..

Himesh - God bless your in-laws.. You have a great voice and appreciate you for the confidence..

Pritam - I was missing my son when seeing your song play.. I know what you would be going through right now.. You definitely have a unique voice..

Ashaji - You sang really well.. Im not saying this because you sang my song.. Genuinely, it was good.. Ashaji


Among the boys, the one to get selected is Shayon from Jai Ho gharana.. She says, Im leaving behind the one whom I want to listen again and again..

Aadesh - I did not expect this, I would like Ashaji to throw some light on this...

Ashaji - His voice was very good.. Both his low and high notes were very good.. If he is polished, he will do very well.. For those heroes whose hair is popped up, his voice will suite them the best..

Among the girls, the one to get selected is Mitika Kanwar...

Both of them get the golden keys.. Anupama gets the best performance of the day and also a sleek mobile phone.


Siddhartha said...

@ Antar,

Very good analysis indeed. But I am not sure why people are not writing anything in this blog. Comparatively less popular program SVOI2 blogsite is getting some blogs. That is pretty surprising to me. Anyway, I appreciate what you are doing. Thanks a lot.


Antar said...


Thanks a lot bro. I am very much glad to get the supports at least from you, Neelakshi, Hemant, Jatin, Shambo & Shridhar. I will never gonna forget that.


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