Friday, July 4, 2008

ZEE SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009

This year SaReGaMaPa will be known as SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 (As because the Grand Finale will be in 2009, at least I think so). Auditions were held nationwide & internationally. It's going to start from today (4th July, 2008) and will be telecast at the same time. Aditya will continue hosting. However, this season, there are some changes in the judges panel. Himesh Reshammiya will be the only known face from the last season and instead of Bappi Da, Vishal-Shekhar & Ismail Darbar, along with him the new judges will be Aadesh Srivastava, Pritam & Shankar Mahadevan. Asha Bhosle will participate as mahaguru in Saregamapa Challenge 2009.


Antar said...

This year Himesh Reshammiya will remain with his Rock Gharana. Other's are:

Shankar Mahadevan: Lakshya Gharana, Pritam: Dhoom Gharana
Aadesh Srivastava: Jay Gharana

Asha Bhosle will participate as mahaguru in Saregamapa 2009

jatin said...


Congrats on your new blog.

I saw yesterday's episode of saregama. The judges were praising all the contestants a lot saying they are all original singers and blah blah, but none of them impressed me really.
It was like "Naam Bade par darshan chotte". Lets see if the show picks up in future.
Aadesh Shrivastava was looking like the odd man out.

jatin said...


You havent given the details about contestants of each team. What is the procedure, will the judges selecting the winners or will it be totally by public voting like last time.

Antar said...


Thanks a lot. When I will get all the info's about the format & the contestants will just update them. Keep in touch here till then.


Neelakshi said...

congrats for opening thi blog. I would love to contribute to it. Can you please post a link of it on the orkut community as well?
Jatin, i agree aadesh looked a bit left out. whereas himesh was ranting as sual. like shankar and pritam the best

Hemant said...


You have given Wonderful look to this blog.
Simply loved it.

This show promises to be the thunder stealer from other lame duck shows as the quality of the participants seem to be very good.

We are together on this blog till next January . So let's hope that we will have equally good bloggers here as we had in the last two blogs.

Hemant Dada

Antar said...


Thanks a lot. I am very much glad to hear that you love to contribute here. I will be very happy if you do so. I will link it up on the Orkut community. You can also do the same for me by link it on the Orkut family.


You are always welcome. It's always nice to hear from you. Thanks a lot that you liked my blog. Definitely we will be here together till next January. For that I need your extreme support as I may not able to do that all alone.

Neelakshi & Hemant,

Can you both just tell me your e-mail adds!!

shambo said...

@ anatr,
Great job......I personally liked the outlook of this blog....Could not see the first episode so cant comment on the performances but will surely give my opinions from the coming week(if that's welcome on this blog as well).....Just kidding....Great job bro!!!!

Hemant said...



Antar said...


Thanks for your appreciation. Hope we will see your excellent comments at regular here. And by the way you are always welcome.

Neelakshi said...


Alok said...

Hi antar,

First of all congrats on a gr8 start.In this contest,we shall be able to listen some fresh voices rather than the rotten...pitey hue faces of SVOI, II & SRGMP.

Hope u and ur moderators will do the job properly on this blog.

I hope on this blog, the bloggers will write abt SRGMP-2009 & nothing else, so that this blog may be called as exclusive SRGMP blog.

I hope that the bloggers will respect each other's opinion & will not curse or defame other's bloggers favourites as it was done in previous blogs.

I hope that u will manage the things smartly, which ur colleagues could not manage in their so called anvesha-anu-anvesha-anu-anvesha-anu- blog.I hope that the msg is clear.

Wsh u all the best for ur blog.


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