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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 26th July

The show begins with Aditya, Sayan and Mitika sing Oh Haseena zulfon waali jaane jahaan. There is also an AV of the song that is shown. Aditya greets everyone and wishes Sayan and Mitika. Today is the last day we will get to see Asha tai as we come to end of the first round. Aditya also announces that Shashi from Lakshya gharana and Rashi from Dhoom gharana has got sanjivani bhooti, while the gharana which is not affected is Himesh's Rock gharana.

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Part -1: Click here to watch online - Pt1
Part -2: Click here to watch online - Pt2
Part -3: Click here to watch online - Pt3
Part -4: Click here to watch online - Pt4
Part -5: Click here to watch online - Pt5
Part -6: Click here to watch online - Pt6
Part -7: Click here to watch online - Pt7
Part -8: Click here to watch online - Pt8
Part -9: Click here to watch online - Pt9
Part -10: Click here to watch online - Pt10


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Antar said...

Dhoom Gharana:

Shujat Ali Khan sings meri sanson mein basa hain. Singer - Udit Naryan. MD - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


Shankar - You are really a very good singer. But Im unable to forget the impact that you gave in last performance.

Aadesh - Shankarji has said whatever I wanted to say. I think we will again take the issue of genre. Your sur everything is good, but the previous impact was better.

Himesh - We all mentors will be waiting for that impact of yours in the previous performance. That was unmatchable.

Ashaji - I liked it.. Your sur was perfect.. Harkatein everything was really good..

Jai Ho Gharana:

Anupama sings Pyaar toh hona hi thaa title song. Singer - Jaswinder Nirula


Himesh - Your mother-in-law is very supportive. Fantastic.

Shankar - You sang beautifully.You sing in sur and the harkatein is also good.

Pritam - Grt transformation from soft song to this kind of song.

Aadesh - Sang very well.

Ashaji - Your voice is very powerful, just like the voice of Shamshad Begum. I liked your performance.

Lakshya Gharana:

Jeffery Iqbal sings Tu hain asmaan mein Jhankaar Beats. Singer - KK. MD - Vishal Shekhar.

Sara Raza Khan sings kabhi aar kabhi paar from CID. Singer - Shamshad Begum. MD - OP Nayyar. Aditya says, Sara got a chance to perform in front of Gen. Mussharaf and Sara says It was my luck that I got selected to sing in front of him. He appreciated my smile and singing..


Pritam - Jeffery, you are not perfect, but that imperfect is so perfect that we enjoy the performance. Sara, it was a very sweet performance..

Aadesh - Jeffery - You have got an attitude in your voice.. We do talk about sur and stuffs, but this voice of yours is extremely good... Sara - You have sung it very beautifully and this song has come out very well in your voice..

Himesh - Jeffery - Fantastic.. It was very fresh voice and I loved your pefromance.. Sara - your performance was very cute.. The tonal quality was very good and suited the voice..

Shankar - I completely agree with all these three mentors.. Jeffery - You need to work on certain points.. But it was a very nice performance.. Sara - The expressions were very good..

Ashaji - Jeffery - You must sung with ease.. Your voice quality is good, but I preferred your previous performance.. Sara - Your throw was not proper.. There was a punch in voice of Shamshad Begum.. Ashaji sings few lines and says this is how you have to sing..

Rock Gharana

Fareed Ahmed sings Main yaara tanha koi naiyyo Rabba... Richa Sharma and Sukhwinder singh.. MD - Vishal Shekhar..

Darshana Menon sings Barsega sawan jhoom jhoom ke.. Singer - Ustaad Rashid Khan.. MD - Sandesh Shandaliya


Aadesh - Fareed, very good.. I like the instrument of Rajasthan.. Darshana, You too sang well and nice attempt..

Shankar - You have rocked even in this semi-classical genre..Darshana, you sang very melodiously and you sang with ease..

Pritam - Very good.. You have great confidence.. Darshana, great attempt.. But seemed like you were not opening up...

Himesh - Fareed, you sang beautifully.. Darshana, you are very nervous.. You need to get out of fear..

Ashaji - He is my favorite singer and I tried to meet him and get closer to him.. You sang it very well.. Darshana - You need to open up and the weightage was not there in your song..


For Girls

Ashaji - All three have sung very well.. Among the girls, Darshana gets eliminated..

Himesh - Everyone has heard your tonal quality.. You are a very good singer.. Anyone has to get eliminated, so its you today.. Darshana - I am glad I got this wonderful stage..

Among Boys

Ashaji - You all three sang well.. I cant say NO to anyone.. I just feel like crying.. When a singer gives their best, we cannot say NO and especially by me, its quite impossible.. I told even the directors that this cannot be done by me.. We know how difficult it is when someone says something in the recording studio.. I dont want to hurt anyone while leaving this episode.. I would like to thank everyone, including Aditya, the directors Shashi and Shindey.. And before saying something to these, I want to leave the episode..

Ashaji leaves and there is a screen shows - After two hours... Aditya announces the result and says Jeffery is eliminated..

Jeffery and Darshana are called on stage so mentors can choose who gets the sanjivani bhooti..

Aadesh, Pritam, Shankar says Jeffery.. Himesh - I would hurt either of them if I take the other name.. Darshana, you are a good singer.. I will go with Jeffery..

Darshana - I am so happy I got to perform in front of these judges and Ashaji.. I got selected among the top 20 and got selected here as well.. It was a nice experience..

Sanjivani Bhooti performances to follow after the break...

Performance by those who have got Sanjivani Bhooti.. One will be selected among the three...

Rashi Ragshree of Dhoom gharana sings Mere Dholna from Bhool Bhulaiyah.. Singer - Shreya.. MD - Pritam..

Shashi Suman of Jai Ho gharana sings Naino ki mat maaniyo re.. Singer - Rahet Fateh Ali khan. MD - Vishal Bharadwaj..

Jeffery Iqbal of Lakshya gharana sings Parda hain Parda.. Singer - Mohommad Rafi..

Himesh - All three have sung very well.. If I have to give Shashi..
Shankar - Just to make it one all.. I will vote for Rashi..
Aadesh - The one who is deserving is, Shashi.. Im not saying this because he is of my gharana..
Pritam - I will choose Rashi as she is of my gharana..

Shankar - Aditya, you take the decision...
Himesh - Even I want that you take the decision as its transformed from Mahaguru to Guru and now its you who will have to take the decision..

Aditya - If you have given it to me, then I would like to consult with you all..

Aditya announces that Shashi gets the sanjivani bhooti.. Clap

Sashi - I became very excited.. Rashi sang very well, so I was very nervous..
Rashi - Whatever happens in life is for good.. I have learnt a lot in this stage..
Jeffery - I want to become a musician like you all... So, this was a great platform for me to get you all know better and make some contacts.. Maybe one day these singers will sing for me..

Shankar - Rashi, you have come under my scanner and I have stored in the database.. So, just watch out for me.

Aadesh - Shashi is a very good singer and he shouldnt have been here at all.

Rashi's mother - I am really happy that she got this platform. Its her dream to become a playback singer.


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