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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 18th July

The show begins with contestants and Aditya singing Rubaroo roshini from Rang de Basanti. The girls sing on mike, while the guys play instruments. Shashi plays drums, guitar and Debojit plays key board. The guys also join them at the end for singing the song. Aditya then recaps on what happened last week..

The four mentors are introduced by Aditya and he also welcomes the Mahaguru Asha Bhosle.

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Antar said...

The first gharana to perform is Jai Ho.

First contestant - Shashi from Patna. He says, have left my studies as well as my family for making career in music. He sings Mujhe kuchh kehna hain title song. Singer - KK. MD - Anu Malik.

Second contestant - Asma from Oman. She requests for a stand. Aditya asks why do you want a stand.. She struggles to convey that she has difficulty in reading the song. Asma asks Himesh why do people in India call their Father as Dad, Papa but you had asked me to call him Pitaji. Ashaji says this is modern age. Himesh asks her to call whatever she wants, but not call Baap. Ashaji and Asma converse in Arabic. She sings Jhooth nahin bolna. Singers - Himesh and Shreya. MD - Himesh.

Asma says I was very nervous to sing this song in front of Himesh.


Himesh - You attempted this song, so thanks for that. This song is not apt for your voice. You have a different tonal quality and so do sing the kaho na kaho song again for your viewers.

Shankar - You have a unique voice. You be conscious and see concentrate on taal. Your voice is your USP. Inspite you use the vibreto properly. You are a wonderful singer.

Pritam - To Shashi - You are one of the promising singer. Looking forward to hear you more. Asma, your innocence can be noticed even in your voice.

Aadesh - Shashi's classical training helps him a lot and this is his favorite song.. Asma, you have a unique voice and applaud you for trying the song inspite of you not knowing the language..

Ashaji - You are trying to sing hindi, while I tried singing in Arabic a while back... shashi, you need to concentrate on diction... Its been 60 years, but still I cant sing classical so I dont think you can learn in 3 years..

Next gharana to perform - Lakshya Gharana

First contestant to perform is Tarun from Delhi.. He sings meri zindagi tera pyaar.. Singer and MD - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan..

Second contestant is Naina Saxena from Faislabad, UP.. She sings meri maula karam ho karam.. Singers - Richa Sharma and Kailash Kher.. MD - Ram Sampat.

Comments and more

Aditya asks her wats the secret behind the smile... She says, If you face all the difficulties with a smile, then you can always win over the difficulties...

Aditya asks Tarun why he is upset.. He says.. I am very upset as im from a very poor family.. I have 2 sisters, and I have to get them married.. I need to get a house for my father.. My master from whom I have taken the taleem loves me a lot.. A small AV is shown where the house of Tarun can be seen.. Its a very small house and his family is also shown.. His sisters names are Shivani and Preeti..

Aadesh says, we will get Shivani married..

Himesh says, stay positive.. He also says, there are many who come out of this stage and are doing so well.. so, just dont worry..

Shankar says, one day he came back home at 2 in the morning and switched on the TV.. He listened to one of the punjabi channel where he listened to Master Saleem who is also the guru of Tarun.. Master Saleem is one who has sung Mast Kalandar song from Hey Baby so he advices Tarun not to loose heart..

Pritam - Naina has sweetness in the voice..

Himesh - You both are phenomenal singers.. Shankarji has given you very good training...
Aadesh - This stage is yours, but we can see you soon in the recording studio..
Shankar - Im proud of you both..

Himesh says - Har har Mahadev and also adds - "Jai Matadi, lets rock" while Shankar says "rock the world"..

Asha - There is no class from where singers come out.. They are in born and you both have a unique voice.. For Naina she says, she is the singer whom she has seen opening the mouth and singing from the Nabi.. She also adds that she will get good name in the industry...

Rock Gharana

Zaheer Abbas from Lahore.. He sings Aur kyaa, ghazal sung by - Asha Bhosle and Suresh Wadkar.. MD - RD Burman

Aadesh - You sing very well.. Aditya asks Himesh why he chose this song for Zaheer as he is sounding exactly like Sureshji. Himesh says, we were trying various songs and also Shankarji pointed out about his voice quality.. Suddenly he sang this song Aur Kyaa and we fixed it up.. Shankar says, Suresji is already established and we wouldnt want one more who can sing like him.. Aadesh says, this is his voice quality.. Ashaji then interrupts them and says, you are trying for a good singer, different voice etc, but you may not get everything. Personally, I loved the song.

Jenice Sobti from Goa... Aditya says we can see Sonu Nigam in her and asks her to mimic Sonu.. She sings a song and also imitates him.. Pritam asks Aditya also to imitate Sonu. he does the same and sings nagada nagada song. Ashaji says, Sonu is a very good singer and when he mimics we feel as if the same person is there in front of us. She sings Kaisi Paheli from Prineeta. Singer - Sunidhi. MD - Shantanu Moitra.


Aadesh - Fantastic. you are great.. You have a different voice and seems like you are a great actress too.

Shankar - I like your attitude. I liked the variation you created but I feel you need to work little more hard.

Pritam - If you have a name given similar to Sonu, then you need to reach his level.

Himesh - I felt your pitching was wrong.. In rehersal room you were too good.. Your voice texture is very good and seems like this voice will suite all the actress..

Asha - Your voice is more western and I would like to listen to you more in Hindi..

Dhoom Gharana

Prachi Shah from Ahmedabad, Gujarat... She sings Ab jo mile hain toh.. Singer - Asha Bhosle.. MD - RD Burman..

Aditya says, he has come to know a secret about her throat and voice.. Prachi says, she has a defect in her throat due to which she can take two voices... She can also mimic the voice of a child.. Ashaji asks her to mimic and she does the same.. Its so sweet!!

Debojit Dutta from Kolkatta.. He is asked by Aditya, why didnt he choose to become a scientist unlike his parents and Debojit along with his mother says, music is his passion.. He sings tumse yun milenge humne sochana thaa... Singer - Kunal.. MD - Pritam..


Shankar - I will pray for you that all your dreams must come true.You must practice on low notes. You have confidence that others lack.

Himesh - You need to work more. That performance of yours in the introductory round was much better and that level of performance you need to achieve.

Aadesh - To Debojit he says, Try to select different genre of songs.

Pritam - According to the standard, you were good.. To Prachi - You could have done better.

Asha - To Prachi she says. This song to attempt is very difficult. I liked the way you have taken challenges in front of me. I love taking challenges and have been taking them since so many years.I cried when Tarun revealed his difficulties because I know what difficulties are.. For Debojit - You were copying Kunal. These people are searching for fresh voice and so dont copy. Try singing in ur original voicce.


Zaheer Abbhas is through to second round among Boys

Himesh - Im really happy. I was afraid as he would end up in danger zone because of me. Thanks to Ashaji for taking up this decision after seeing his talent.

Naina Saxena is through to second round among girls. Ashaji says, it was very difficult today as everyone sang well.

Shankar - I knew you will be through this round. Whatever is the Lakshya, we will achieve together.

There is one more award which is called Dhamakedaar performance and this award goes to Tarun Clap Ashaji gives him a Mobile phone as gift.

Neelakshi said...

I liked this episode...Naina was really good. i did find judges to be a bit harsh with Sashi suman.His 'saaware' was excellent. Tarun sagar and his hyped up story was not all neccessary.

Antar said...


Yup. you are right about that. The funniest part was when Addesh said to Tarun Sagar, "Mein tumhara dusri behen ki shadi karaunga, yeh mera wada raha". The person who can't do anything for himself will gonna do for someone is really funny.


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