Monday, July 7, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 4th July

The Countdown begins for the show and many cities are shown in a AV where they praise SRGMP and few are also shown singing the title song of SRGMP. Aditya gets down the helicopter and enters a car... There is a red carpet through which he enters into the studio.. He performs on the song Krazy 4 title song. The sets are looking lavishing. This time around, its not only the globe, but also a headphonearound it. Aditya welcomes all the viewers and announces that from today onwards every Friday and Saturday there will be a Sangeeth Vishwayudh.............

Watch 1st Episode Video online:

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Antar said...

Himesh - Rock Gharana

The first gharana to get introduced is Himesh's gharana... An AV is shown where he comes along with four contestants.. There is fire all over when they make the entry... Then its studio and he is shown along with the contestants singing Kitne hain armaan and Karz title song...

Aditya congratulates Himesh for signing five films as an actor, composer and singer Himesh requests everyone to keep praying for him so he becomes successful.. He says this film will be released in December and the music release will be in October.. He says he is excited to be on the show and knows that we can get to hear some best singers...
His tagline is - Jai Mata Di, Lets Rock...

Aadesh - Jai Ho gharana

The next gharana to get introduced is Aadesh... Aditya says he has been associated with SRGMP since long.. There is full of storm when he enters along with the contestants... So, basically it means Himesh is fire, Aadesh is storm... He sings chali chali from Baagban, roop hain tera sona along with the four contestants... His gharana is - Jai Ho...
Aadesh says, I am really happy to be part of this show and this
is platform for the contestants to show their talents in front of all
the music directors and get chance in bollywood... Aditya asks what are his expectations from his contestants.. They will throw them away...Aditya asks Himesh to say something... Himesh says, I just listen, think and pray after that leave it to God...
His Tagline is - Jai Ho, Mangal mai Ho...

Shankar - Lakshya gharana

Next gharana to be introduced is Shankar's gharana... He and the contestants fly down from the sky... So, basically his gharana represents Sky...
Shankar and his contestants sings Lakshya title song, koi kahe from dil chahta hain...

Shankar's Gharana is - Lakshya gharana... He says, he is there to listen to the contestants and pick them so that they can sing for them... He says he is looking for fresh voices... There maybe many controversies, fights,but I m not a person for that and looking forward for the show...

- Welcome to the show... He says, yes its right that there are many
controversies, but all are genuine and these are now part of all the
reality shows.. SRGMP is where the talent comes from and this is the
opportunity for many singers to showcase their talent..

Aadesh - All these contestants will have good opportunity of being associated with such a great singer and composer...

says he has had long association with the show.. He has been guest
judge, guest composer for many songs and also as guest singer.. So, he has a soft corner for this show..

His tagline is - Har Har Mahadev...

Pritam - Dhoom gharana

Last gharana to be introduced is Pritam's gharana.. He and his contestants represent Sky.. He and his contestants sing Dhoom title song, Mauja hi Mauja.. There was one girl who was doing Mimicry...

asks, How are you going to challenge.. He says, Im not going to say anything now.. Lets see in the future... And Pritam says, he is going to have loads of fun in this show.. All the other mentors are great composers and also a great human being...

Aditya asks other mentors to say something...

Aadesh - Fantastic, mindblowing...
Himesh - He is a very cute person... Pritamji, god bless you..
Shankar - Welcome to the team and we have been associated since the jingle times.. So, looking forward to have fun with you...

His Tagline is - Dhoom machade, Duniya hilade...

Performances by Indian contestants

Rock Gharana:

First contestant - Fareed Ahmed From - Jaipur, Rajasthan
Song - Maula mere
MD - Mithoon
Singer - Roop Kumar Rathod

Second Contestant - Jenice Sobti From - Goa
Song - Sajna Aa bhi Js
MD - Shibani Kashyap
Singer - Shibani Kashyap

Third Contestant - Manisha Karmakar From - Kolkatta
Song - Lambi Judai..
MD - Pritam
Singer - Richa Sharma and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan

Fourth Contestant - Sunvinder Singh From - Punjab
Songs - Na Hona from Jab we met.
MD - Pritam
Singer - Mohit Chauhan


- Fantastic.. Congratulate Himesh... Fareed needs to have more
brightness... Jenice took good harkatein, you have a original voice...
Manisha was also good.. Sunvinder was also very good...

Shankar - All these singers are god gifted.. This show will be real fun...

Pritam - Himeshji, you have got a super team.. You all were very good..

- SRGMP is a pioneer of reality show... All egoistic people are on one show.. We have got great singers, that is why we all are here.. We have to make the world number 1, number 2 and number 3 in the top charts and these should come from SRGMP...

JaiHo gharana

First Contestant - Shashi Suman From - Patna
Song - Saaware..
Singer and Music director - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan...

Second Contestant - Pooja Goswani From - Tripura
Songs - Barso re megha from Guru
Music Director - AR Rehman
Singer - Shreya Ghosal

Third Contestant - Sayon Chaudhary From - Kolkatta
Song - O meri Jaan from Life in Metro
Music Director - Pritam
Singer - KK

Fourth Contestant - Anupama Malhotra
From - Delhi
Song - Behta hain man kahiin from Chameli
Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan


Himesh - Superb, Mindblowing, fantastic... You will see singers, whom you have not seen anywhere..

- These singers will be seen in recording studios along with us.. If they can sing this well in introductory round, then dont know what will happen in the finals..

Pritam - Superb... The standard of SRGMP cannot be seen anywhere...

- We can see this standard towards the end in any other show and in
this show, we are seeing it in the introductory round..

Lakshya gharana:

1st Contestant - Snehandhu Naskar From - Kolkatta
Song - Pehli Nazar from Race..
MD - Pritam
Singer - Atif Aslam

2nd Contestant - Naina Saxena
From - Faislabad
Song - Mera dil ka tumse yeh kehna from Armaan
Singer - Chitra

3rd Contestant -Tarun Sagar
From - Delhi
Song - Mast Kalandar from Hey Baby
Singer - Shankar, Rehan Khan, Salim, Shajid

4th Contestant -Pratibha Singh
From - Madhya Pradesh
Song - Duma Dum mast kalandar
Singer - Runa Laila


- We have got terrific singer... We need indispensable singers.. We
need singers who will be known just for their song and for singing
someone else song.. He asks Pritam to say what he said to him..

- When I composed Na khona song, I was looking for Mohit Chauhan and I
couldnot get him and we waited for him to sing the song for one month..So, when one composes the song, they should get one singer in mind andget them for singing the song..

Aadesh - You all were original and did not copy the original singer

Shankar - If we can summarize this show in one word - then it is - Originality..

Dhoom Gharana:

1st Contestant - Prachi Shah
From - Gujrat
Song - Ni main samajh gayi
MD - AR Rehman
Singer - Sukhwinder and Richa Sharma

2nd Contestant -Aarshad Mohommad From - Mumbai
Song - kinna sona tenu
Singer - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

3rd Contestant - Mitika Kanwar
From - Chandigargh
Song - Le chalein
MD - Vivek Philip
Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan

4th Contestant -Debojit Dutta
From - Kolkatta
Song - Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster
Singer - James
MD - Pritam

He gets Standing Ovation... All the mentors get onto stage and the studio audience shout - once more...

- Everytime the mentors have difference of opinion, but this is the first time we all are looking for one thing together... But he says, if there are four people searching for one winner, then we will definitely have a war.. He asks everyone.

Aadesh - There will be no fun
without the war.. We all are looking for one, two and three from this show.. We need to give the world the best singers..

Shankar - If you feel we cannot get a winner without a war, then let the war begin...

- Dhoom can never flop... Himesh says, does this mean you say only
Dhoom can win?? Pritam asks everyone to give an opinion about his gharana singers.. Himesh says, this one is equivalent to 100 people...

Hemant said...

The fresh crop of singers promises to be of huge interest to me.
But I am sad to note that there is not even a single girl to the caliber of Anweshaa.

But in the boy's squad, there are very interesting participants who would be a pleasure to hear.

I saw the 2nd episode where Pakistani and other countries participants were introduced.

Pakistani contigent seems very capable and have some excellent singers.They will be tough to beat.

A word about exchange of Himmesh Reshamiya and Shankar Mahadevan. Himesh was openly hostile towards shankar who is a gifted singer with one of the best command over classical music of which Himmesh is just a zero.

It does not become Himmesh to speak with shankar with hostility.

I am looking forward to future scenario which will unfold slowly.
So happy blogging friends.

Hemant Dada

jatin said...


The new season of VOI is starting from July 18. Sukhwinder seems to be one of the judges as he is promoting the show.
I request you to open a blog for VOI too.
I hope the judges of new VOI will be just and fair and no participant will hv to go through the same ordeal as Ishmeet had to go through in the last VOI season.

Amen to that.

Alok said...

@ Antar

Great presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed ur systematic report of opening episode.

Thanx a lot for fair review.

baba said...

Can we also have the episode review of 5th July also?why is there no review of the international contestants?Are they not good enough for a review?

Ateeq said...

Hi everybody,
New community on Star voice of India-2, is ready for you. You'll find all latest and breaking news here on this community, like I did last year.
Allot of thrill and excitement promised for all members.
Please join to read all latest news on Star voice of India – 2, and be part of most successful community ever.
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Antar said...


Just keep going with your excellent comments & reviews.


Thanks a lot. Need more contributions from you.


It was always in my mind. Sorry for the late. Here it is for you.


Though it's difficult to maintain two blogs at a time, I will soon open a blog on SVOI 2. But my contributions will be much for this show.

Dear All,

Need all of your contributions by posting your excellent comments & reviews from now only on this show. Remember, in this blog we all will be moderators and we will be here like a family.



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