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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 5th July

Aditya begins the show with the song "Sur Hain Bejubaan". He welcomes the audience. At this episode, the Pakistani and overseas contestants will be performing. He also welcomes the mentors of the four gharanas, with their respective tags as in:

The fire brand - Himesh
The energetic - Aadesh
The super sensational - Shankar
The passionate - Pritam

The Pakistani contestants don’t have a gharana as yet. It will decided as the participants will have to pick a envelope which will have the name of a Gharana from a bowl and the mentor of that gharana will pick up the participant he wants.

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Antar said...

The first participant that comes in is Faraz Butt who is the winner of Saregamapa Middle East. Aadesh was the judge of Saregamapa Middle East.

Faraz Butt(Lahore): Jag Soona Soona Lage (Om Shanti Om)
After his performance, Himesh says that Faraz reminded him of Mussarat. Faraz also delivers a joke, which breaks almost everyone into laughter sans Himesh.

Next is Shujat Ali Khan who has visited India before as well.

Shujat Ali Khan(Lahore)- Airi More Ali Piya – Salamat Ali Khan

Third contestant is Zaheer Abbas.

Zaheer Abbas(Lahore) – Nachle Aaja Nachle (Bombay)

Fourth Contestant is Sara Raza Khan. Aditya requests everyone to give her a standing ovation as it is the first time any girl from Pakistan has come to India to participate in a contest.

Sara Raza Khan – Tera Ishq Nachaya (Abida Parveen)

The next contestant is Farhan Zaidi. He says he never felt he had come to another nation when he landed at the airport.

Farhan Zaidi (Karachi) – In Dino (Life in a … Metro)

Next contestant is Imran Abbas.

Imran Abbas (Lahore) – Akhiya Toh Hole Hole

After all the performances, Shankar says you were all so good when we heard you in the auditions tape, whats wrong with you all today?
Then Faraz says, they all had to spend time in police station last night.. Shankar asks why and he replies, as they are from Pakistan. Aditya says, anyone who comes from Pakistan, has to follow some procedure and that is why they were in the police station. Aadesh, Shankar & Pritam encourage them and ask them not to be disappointed and can do well next time.

Himesh then says that they all have great potential and next week Ashaji will come as a Mahaguru so they all can put an end to it.

Shankar asks whats the end… Himesh says its my language which only those can understand who follow this show… I meant that they can put an end to all the criticism.. Shankar says, “Himeshji, shuru ho gaye”.. Himesh then says, Im doing all this for my audience.. Shankar
asks.”If he started all this for audience?” and Himesh says, if he keeps quiet, then audience will stop watching the show.. Shankar asks why he is getting this angry? Aadesh replies, it is just his style… Shankar says ya maybe he did not understand because he was not used to it…

Now the contestants have to be settled in the gharanas. The list is as under:

Faraz - Jai Ho
Sara Raza Khan - Lakshya
Zaheer Abbas - Rock
Shujat Ali Khan - Dhoom

Himesh and Pritam ask Aditya to choose the participant for their respective gharanas. As they say they consider him their lucky mascot.

The rest of the participants are told that they wont have to go back to Pakistan. They will be settled in the Eklavya Gharana.

Performance by Overseas Contestants:

Asma Mohommad Rafi (Oman) - Kaho na Kaho
Noor Al Ain Wahid (Machester) : chandini raatein
Jefferey Iqbal (USA) - Apne
Medha Krishna(Singapore) - Mindblowing mahiya
Rashi Ragshree( London) - Tumko lekar hum chalein
Darshana Menon (Michigan) - Mahiya

She is the winner of SRGMP USA. She says, she is really happy to be here.
Aditya says, Aasma doesn’t know hindi and how did she manage all this? She goes on to speak with lots of grammatical errors and everyone had a hilarious moment as long as the judges interacted with her. She said Himesh is her favorite singer as he is a nasal singer and so is she. Himesh laughs and speaks back regarding his Chinese hairstyle. Aadesh says he heard her in Saregamapa USA and she is really innocent.
The contestants are then decided for the gharanas in the same method as the Pakistanis.

Rashi – Dhoom
Darshana – Rock
Jefferey – Lakshya
Aasma – Jai Ho

There are performances from the rest of the participants of the Eklavya Gharana

Anurag Girish(Mumbai) – ZarA Si
Shueli Samaddaer (Kolkata) - Dhoom Taana
Divya Kumar (Mumbai) – Soni Lagdi –Sajjat Ali Khan
Yashita Yashpal (Mumbai) – O Solemian
Kaushik Deshpande (Mumbai) – Jashn-E-Baharaa
Pallavi Suri (Hyderabad) – Ooo Lalala
Shoumen Nandi (Kolkata) – Saiyaan
Deepali Sathe (Dewas Indore) – Lucky Lips

Antar said...


Just keep going with your excellent comments & reviews.


Thanks a lot. Need more
contributions from you.


It was always in my mind. Sorry for the late. Here it is for you.


Though it's difficult to maintain two blogs at a time, I will soon open a blog on SVOI 2. But my contributions will be much for this show.

Dear All,

Need all of your contributions by posting your excellent comments & reviews from now only on this show. Remember, in this blog we all will be moderators and we will be here like a family.


Hemant said...


I think the serious blogging will start from the third episode.

Till now they all have sung their well prepared songs and numbers.

The real fun will start when the ball starts rollong.

Still I find HR a bit snobbish.


Antar said...


Yup, you are right. To me HR is not only snobbish but more than that. Lets see how the fun begins.

baba said...

Where are the videos and review for 11th july? Thanks for the 5th review .Good blog.Thanks for starting it.

jatin said...


In your introduction of the judges you hv written:

The fire brand - Himesh
The energetic - Aadesh
The super sensational - Shankar
The passionate - Pritam

Everything is OK. But in place of
"The energetic - Aadesh" it should hv been "The racist Aadesh". LOL

Saragama could hv done without him. A better person was required in his place.


Hemant said...


IIth July videos are already uploaded yesterday in most of the communities and blogs. We should keep up with them if we want to thrive as a good blog.


Hemant said...


The description of all the judges have been given by the programme makers and not by Antar.



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