Friday, September 12, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 21, September 12th, 2008

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Given To Rock Gharana - Himesh


Click here to watch online - Pt1


Hemant said...

Himmesh gets Brahmastra, then Sunvinder would be in. Not seen the videos yet.

Antar said...

Dear All,

I don't want to post a review on today's episode as all the performances were too average even to discuss. Only the flowers among the shit were Manisha & Aasma. Their performances were just good.

Very Shocking:

I was very much shocked not to see Aarshad performing. It's confirmed that the same participants performed today will perform tomorrow again. So there is no chance for Aarshad to come back. What a justice to him!!!!!

@Hemant Da,

Himesh already mentioned that Sardar Ji is coming. Public voting along with others are only for eye wash. I still want to see Sunvinder back to the show but not through this sort of performance.

Antar said...


Thank you very much to sent me this link.

Sony BMG bags 'Raaz' sequel rights:

MUMBAI: The sequel to Vishesh Films' Raaz, that had composer duo Nadeem Shravan creating a hit score, will have a team of composers working on the score this time. While Raaz' music rights lay with Tips, the music rights of Raaz - The Mystery Continues have been acquired by Sony BMG.

The Sabri brothers, Sharid and Toshi, both participants of reality shows, will mark their debut in the Hindi film industry with this movie.

Sharid Sabri, Raju Singh and Pritam have already composed their songs for the film. The album will have six tracks, three composed by Raju Singh, two composed by Sharid (which is both sung by Toshi Sabri), the other two composed by a new comer. The number of remixes in the album is not yet decided.

Out of the three tracks of the album that Raju Singh has composed, two are romantic ballet versions and the third track is a dance number. Sonu Nigaam and Neeraj Shridhar have sung for one ballet, while the other ballet is sung by Krishna. The dance number composed by the composer is sung by KK.

Talking about the genre of the song, Raju Singh said, “My music in the movie includes a lot of ethno music with guitar and other elements in the music. I have finished the recording of my tracks and now the background scores of the movie are on the pipeline.”

Sharid's music, rendered by Toshi will work on a very different genre with a mixture of sufi, western and many other elements in the tracks.

“I cannot define the genre of the songs as the result that has come out of them is very surprising. I won't be surprised after the songs are released they are categorized in a new genre,” says Toshi.

After Jannat, this is the second movie that is under the Sony BMG banner.

“We have a multiple album deal with Vishesh Films and we know that we have tied up with the very best in the industry. It will be an out and out commercial music venture with an aesthetic treatment. Raaz – The Mystery Continues will continue the tradition of Raaz and we are confident that it will be an all time Classic album which will set benchmarks,” says Sony BMG spokesperson.

Hemant said...

Antar da,

I did like couple of performances but that is not enough to waste blog space by writing about them.

These are the times I really miss our dear shona.

I am off to listening her songs.


Antar said...

@Hemant Da,

Some of the contestants like Aarshad, Sayan, Jeffry, Anupama, Jenice are not even called to perform in the Brahma Aastra round. Specially I am surprised not to see Aarshad performing. No body knows yet why. What a shame?

Siddhartha said...

Yes...Arshad should have come. Idid not like this episode at all. But, this proves that the Mahagurus took the right decision to choose the best singers out of the lot. Except Manisha nobody impressed me at all. I hope Manisha gets it through. I expected lot from Sunwinder and Tarun Sagar. Both of their performances are disheartening.

Is Asma chosen to be a comic relief? No doubt her presence brings a fresh breeze but I don't think she should be chosen based on singing in any standard.

Neelakshi said...

Most of the performances were a damb squib. i was especially disspaointed with sunvinder,prachi and fareed was terrible. Bringing aasma and not arshad? Terrible decision. Shashi was good, only song selection(channel's politics) didn't help him at all.
Anyone from manisha,shahsi,traun should be back. Rest were all a disaster from word GO. mansiha rightly deserved her mobile but will she get votes?
i still think suvinder and shashi will come back. thsi was a consolation price to mansiha as no way will she get enough votes to come back.

Aasma was terrible. antar, I don't know what you 'heard' ut she was HORRIBLE. that is dead,flat singing and a bathroom singer can sound better. she was there just to bring TRPS's and I am sad zee had to stoop to such a level.

Hemant said...


Exactly...Asma's singing was FLAT reminds me of a singer of eightees whose name escapes me now. She was a flat streight note singer.

So I think its going to be Sunvinder and Asma.
Allah Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey.
Maula Karam Kar apane bandon par.


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