Friday, September 26, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 25, September 26th, 2008

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ELIMINATED CONTESTANT - Mitika !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Naga Jolokia Addict said...


They eliminated Mitika.!!!

I don't know the game plan but looks as if Sunvinder may be brought in at a later date.

Let me watch the programme tonight and post my reactions.


Antar said...

Dear Friends,

Like Hemant Da I am also shocked on Mitika's elimination. What SRGMP team are up to?
Will post the complete review soon.

Siddhartha said...

Does anybody know if there is a third party auditing team who audits the poll and the results in the reality shows? I know in the USA, there is some company who does the audit and makes sure that no manipulative actions are taken.

Mitika's elimination is surprise for sure. Yes, I guess Sunwinder will come back soon.

Siddhartha said...

Debojit was superb today. May be he is little over hyped but today he rocked it.

@ Antar - please don't tell anything today...

I liked Vaishali's performance too. It was almost flawless. I hope she gets more votes from now on, not because of her poor economic background but for her talent.

Subroto Dutta on behalf of Chicago Viewers said...

Message from Chicago area viewers: Mitika should'nt have been eliminated. I don't think this voting is working good.

Our request to the judges is by way of voting get the bottom 4 results, and let the Judges decide who should be eliminated. They should change their strategy, else we will loose powerful singers like Mitika..

Neelakshi said...

@hemant da and antar

How can you say sunvinder will be back? because mitika got eliminated? What's teh connection?

I am shocked this girl deserved to be in top 5. all the good ones have got eliminated. Is there any charm left in this show?
I do wish Shahsi,manisha,arshad etc come back but can zee afford a wildcard at this stage?

I don't get the format either. I mean, the voting apttern surpsied me a lot. somethin is WRONG with zee.are they going to eliminate all the good onesor what?

Believ me ONLY and ONLY naina and pratibha are thegood singers left. I am against eklavya contestnats/shoumen/ vaishali winning as they came in middle of competiton.

Neelakshi said...


we agree with uo. all of us wnated Miitka in top 3. in fcat, she naina and pratibha deserved to be there in top 3 from the fourteen singers

However zee has some other plans up its sleeve. are they again going to make a male bengali singer win? Looks like it.

Antar was right about it being fixed. something is TERRIBLY wrong/jinxed maybe. Becaue out of ideal top 5- shahsi,praytibha,naina,mitika and arshad only nainaa nd pratibha remin. all of had agreed these were best 5. shujat and zaheed may have been 6'th/7'th

anatr, zee has prove dthey are far more corrupt than gajji. gajji always keeps at leat 2 or 3 of the best isngers till top 5.

Antar said...

@Subroto Dutta,

You are right, no doubt about that. But the question is, if you really thing the elimination of Mitika really happened through the public votes and judges should decide who will stay and not then you are absolutely wrong bro. Whether the people's votes or judges decisions, all things are already scripted. Believe me, even WWE is nothing in front of such show's extreme dramas.


Only for you I am not going to tell anything today against the world's most over hyped person Debo's yesterday's performance.
Vaishali is a wonderful & strong singer. She should really get votes but the things going on in SRGMP who knows she may eliminate next week despite getting so many votes.


Including Naina & Pratibha still there are some excellent contestants. But I am sure not a single one of them will gonna win. I still believe another Wild Card Entry will definitely take place but so far the things are happened it almost seems to me they already decided whom to crown. So no benefit on that. By the way, what happened between Himesh & Pritam (The Challenge) that was very interesting. I believe someone from Dhoom Gharana will win this year.


Neelakshi said...


what happened between pritam and himesh? i don't know. please elaborate

Antar said...


After over hyped Debo's perfo, Pritam said to him, "No one can't stop you to win this contest. Definitely you are going to win". Then Himesh said, "I took it as a challenge & assure you, this time a girl/female contestant will win".

Siddhartha said...


I agree that Debo is over hyped earlier. But his yesterday's performance was not over hyped. You should agree that.


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