Friday, September 19, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 23, September 19th, 2008

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Special Guests: GOLMAL Team (A sequel of this great comedy movie is going to release)

ADITYA: Aditya announces that, "We will be getting 4 wild card entrants this week to get fabulous 14 !!!!!!!! Today seven will sing their favorite songs".

Marking System:

Every opposite gharana will get a chance to give marks for the contestants. It will be marked as - Flop, Average, Hit, Super Hit and History.

Dramas, Dramas, Dramas, Dramas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Click here to watch online - Pt1


Antar said...

Dramas, Dramas, Dramas, Dramas. Whats happening to these shows? Today's episode can only be described as "Raping of music". Sorry folks, to use such word, but I didn't get any better words to express.Extreme drama on Sara's performance. And the main thing which itching me from the beginning of this show till now is judges over hyping on Debo's performances. All the judges marked him as History after an ordinary/average/simple performance. I always believed everything of this world has some limitations. But now I changed my mind because this sort of shows has no limitations in creating dramas.

By the way guys, today (20th September) is my birthday. Pray for me.


Hemant said...

Dear Antar da,

First of all. I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

May God grant you all the happiness.

Be blessed


Siddhartha said...

Dear Antar - wish you a very happy birthday.

No Sunwinder??? I am surprised. I guess Zee wanted to prove a point that the show is not scripted/rigged. Anyway, I am happy that Tarun Sagar made it but Asma's entry is unfortunate. I am sure that for her a few good singers will be eliminated. Its sad and unfortunate.

Antar said...

@Hemant Da & Siddhartha,

Thanks for your wonderful wishes.


Without Sunvinder, Arshad & Shashi this prog lacks atleast 40% charming. As I always said that, these are all pre-scripted. Right now there TRP's are: 1.24. After all of these dramas I really would like to see the score only .24 before end of this show. And also mark my words, they are going to crown Debo for a sure which I already mentioned so many times.

Neelakshi said...


Mnay happy returns of the day and have a long and peaceful life.

I seriously have no interst in this flop programme after elimination of Shahsi and manisha, especially shahsi. How can we tolerate singers like aasma and tarun. Thye make one cirnge. Not only that, debojit was again hyped and even shankar said " You will be wthe winner."

whatever competion was there has been erased. shahsi,manisha, arshad, sunvinder and even sayon,fareed,janice. these all had better singing skills than half the remianing ones. I wonder how zee which calls itself the best musical show can do such a thing and get away with it.

antar, I don't thionk there's another wildcard. This show has been ruined for good. the top 14 bareky has 4 good singers- pratibha,naina,kaushik,mitika and zaheed. rest don't have the charm or singing skills. How broing this show is.

Neelakshi said...

I would rfather wath re-runs of chote ustaad and JJWS. I would even prefer indian idol 4 than this utter nonsense

Antar said...


Thanks for your wonderful wish.

Now per the prog what u said is 100% right. Asma is here only for making comedies and Tarun is for raising sympathies. Basically I didn't find any diff between Gajj & Rohit Shetty. Without Sunvinder, Arshad & Shashi this prog just lacks it's charms.

By the way, u didn't mention 2 great & superb contestants names. Yashita & Shujat. Don't u think they are superb !!!!!

Another thing Neel, mark my word, definitely there will be an another wild card entry & it's confirmed.


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