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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 19, September 5th, 2008

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Among the 12 contestants only 6 participated today & rest will tomorrow. Also a duet round in this episode.

Sangeet Chakra - Pratibha

Spice Mobile - Yashita

Eliminated Contestant - Anupama Malhotra


Click here to watch online - Pt1


Antar said...



#Yashita Yashpal
Song: Aika Taji Ba
Singer: Vaishali Samant

A fantastic & rocking performance.

# Shujat Ali Khan
Song: Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
Singer: Adnan Sami

What a come back. The real Shujat back. Superb. Rocking.

Comments From The Judges:

Shankar - You just come back.

Himesh - Outstanding, Fantastic, Mindblowing, Superb, History.

Aadesh - Atiuttam. Extremely well.

Pritam - Whenever I ask something from Siddhi Vinayak, he always blesses me with it. So happy today.

Sureshji - You sang very well.

#Debojeet Dutta
Song: Aaj Kaal Kiu
Singer: Sonu Nigam

A simply average performance. The real caliber,strengths of Debo revealed through this performance.


#Faraz Butt
Song: Kiya Kiya Re
Film: Welcome

A good performance.

#Anupama Malhotra
Song: Kahi Aag Lagey
Film: Taal
Singer: Asha Bhosle

An average performance.


#Pratibha Singh
Song: Namak Ishq Ka
Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj

An excellent performance.


#Faraz & Anupama
Song: duniya Mein Logon Ko Dhoka
Singer: Asha Bhosle

A very good performance.

# Yashita & Shujat
Song: Chaiya Chaiya
Singers: Sukhwinder & Sapna Awasti

A superb & rocking performance.Wonderful, mindblowing.

# Debojeet & Pratibha
Song: Jai Jai Shiv Shankar
Singers: Lata & Kishore

Sangeet Chakra Award:


Spice Mobile: Yashita


Eliminated Contestant: Anupama

Antar said...

All Are Scripted

By: Anshu Seth - Tribune News Service

On my recent visit to Mumbai for the shoot of a reality show on Zee Television I was a witness to the off-screen reality of the musical and dance shows being aired on television channels.

Not many television viewers are aware of the fact that each and every line of these shows is scripted. Right from the reaction of the judges and counter reaction of the participants is rehearsed.

Interestingly, not even the anchor of a reality show can take the liberty to change a word from his scripted lines. It’s no more the spontaneity of the stage anchor that decides the popularity of the shows, but the scriptwriter who writes the ‘saga of success’. So much so, that even the dresses and dialogues of the star guests at these shows are programmed to suit the script of the show.

What is most interesting is the ‘hired audience’ in the show. There is a coordinator who is specifically assigned the job to arrange for the audience. “We pay Rs 500 to the schoolchildren, teenagers and homemakers who come as an audience at our shows while the payments for amateur models varies between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,000 per show,” informed Zyed one of the show coordinators in Mumbai.

Neelakshi said...


thanks for the update. I only enjoyed pratubha's performance. crystal clear voice, amamzing control and an Anwesha-like tendency to hold on to the song in all its layered emotions. She iss uperb. Sangeet chakra deservingly went to her.

rest all the performances were bad to worse. Chri chori- I can neevr imagine myself saying this, but aishwarya majmudar sang it FAR better. aishwarya a mere 14 yr old beat shujat hwo must be twice her age in this . She retained the playfulness of the song and did subtle variations which worked in her favour. This song just didn't suit shujat's perosnality...sunvinder could have sang it well. such a song requires a silky voice and sweetness in every word.

Fraaz and anupama...both were actually bad. first elimination in weeks that made sense. anupama massacred the song 'kahin ag lage'. her voice was shaky, lower notes a mess. Faraaz ate up the essenc of the song, though his voice works well in higher notes. He does have good control, but his problem si the same as Vyom of chote ustaad- he eats up the words and clarity is lost.

Debojit and yahsita- will reserve my commenst. Though yashita was good yesterday but again her choice of song disturbed me for some reason.

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Antar said...


Cmon. How could you say that Shujat was not good at Chori Chori and Aishwarya was far better than him. You shouldn't never compare between a male & female contestant's performances. Shujat was mindblowing, excellent. I think you didn't like him at all. The variations he brought to this song was amazing. Later his Chaiya Chiaya with Yashita was simply rocking. We should always accept the truth easily, isn't it.
Pratibha was superb and no doubt about that but you also said Yashita's yesterday's performance was just good. But the truth is she was excellent. She is such a singer who can sing any kinds of songs and through her yesterday's performance she proved it again. Please, judge properly.


You are right. I saw SVOI 2 yesterday. Not a single contestant impressed me at all. After Ritisha's performance the way Sukhwinder went to the stage and kneel down infront of her beside Shaan (To prove some energy or bull shits) was very funny and disturbing. These three judges only reminds me about a great show named "THREE STOOGES". We can easily make a sequel of it by them. What you say?

Hemant said...


For a change, I would write about SVOIC2 first.

There is bullshit and bullshit and there cannot be a difference between the two Bullshits..

But yes, IMHO there can be. What I heard yesterday was pure three days old more stinking bull shit.
Gajji , you have lost your touch.
You have selected effiminate sounding and acting people like Voice of Andhra Pradesh to mediocre sounding Nautanki females(exception may be Voice of Karnataka and another girl whose name escapes me now.Vinti was not bad either).

And what cheap tricks to garner Punjab and Delhi votes!!
Sending Voice of Punjab to Late Ishmeet's birthday sabha and making a very painful and teary father of Ishmeet to appeal for votes was the worst thing that has come out of your Pandor's box tricks kitty.

Give the world and poor Shrotta Jan a Biiiiiiig break and stop making any reality show for a period of three years .

Lesser I write about the poor cripples pseudo voice of Md. Rafi sixth page carbon copy, the better.

At lower notes, he was nowhere near any identifiable sur....My God he lives purely on people's pity.
Gajji, you are worse than a third rate circus ring master.

I hope and pray that good sense will prevail and people will stop voting for any more Gajji Ki Bhajjis.


Antar said...

@Hemant Da,

Super, fantastic, outstanding, mind blowing,history.

Josh hoyechey. Carry on.


GoofyAL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hemant said...

Antarda ,

Thanx for your phataphati comment about my feelings about SVOIC2. I was reall honest about what I wrote.

Even my wife, who has listened to singers on SAREGAMAPA so far, was treated by me to witness SVOIC2 yesterday and last week's performances.

She is a non musical person as good or bad as you get them. She remarked after seeing yesterday's performance that "This programme has singers who are very bad and common."

Mind you, she has been witnessing SAREGAMA right from its inception almost two decades back.

So this much for Gajji's touch.

Yashita came on last night like a smooth cutting double edged sword. My God.....what an attitude she showed in her voice in Aika Dajiba.!!
Even her duet with Shujat was excellent.

I was not so happy with Debijeet's solo but in duet, he was just out of this world. Another thing I was upset about was his being projected as a child with behavoioural/social problem. I think that he is just a kid who refuses to growup as fast as other kids. They should pay more attention to diction and spoken clarity than other things .

Pratibha Baghel is a lovely girl with a fine voice texture . I think she would better herself as time goes and would be under lime light for a long period to come and so would be my favourite Mitika.
She was a spell binder in Namak Ishq Ka .

Coming to Mitika, this girl has a strange type of mischief in her eyes and in her voice. She is capable of giving wonderful twists and turns in a song which keeps coming back to you. I would dare to put my life's savings to back this wonderful child.(For me, she is a child)

I hope and pray that this year's winner is Mitika.

A word about all pakistani singers .... I know that they are simply good at the art of singing. But something at the back of my mind refuses to really fall for a voice in male section (Like I love both AA's of Junoon)

Let us see how they fare as the time progresses and contest hots up.

Anupama's pitfall was her voice texture. She had everything in her voice except the girlish virgin mischief and sweetness.
No wonder she had to go. I was not sad.

I think Faraz Butt's days are numbered on the programme.He should pack his bags and be prepared to leave the house of Bigg Boss....LOL


goofy bhai,

I am seconding your sentiments in toto.

Siddhartha said...

SVOI2 is the most horrible and worst show in any standard. I have decided to block Star TV from now on during that show. I feel very sad for Shaan, my favorite singer.

@Neelakshi - you seem to be negatively obsessed with all singers except Pratibha. Trust me, Shujat was very good yesterday. It was one of his better performances. Faraz was bad for sure. He was completely out of sur from the beginning to end. Debojit in his solo was very unimpressive but was excellent in the duet with Partibha. Yashita, as usual did a very good job. I liked her liveliness. Neelakshi, I have been reading your blogs and normally love to read it. I felt you should come out of your mindset. Don't mind but I just want to say one thing...please don't behave like Mamta Banerjee. Accept the good things of other singers too. Pratibha is no doubt good, no one is against her. But try to listen others too with open mind. I hope you will understand.

Hemant said...


Neither I like to see SVOIC2 but I see it to appreciate how good the singers of present SAREGAMAPA are.
Watching SVOIC acts as a foil to highlight saregamapa contestants.

About our Behna Neel's stand concerning some singers. she has her own views and convictions as most of us have. So I am not complaining like Antar da who also lets her have and express her views.

But one thing all of us have in common that
SVOICU sucks
Gajji sucks BIG Time.


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