Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 22, September 13th, 2008

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Special Guest: Aasrani

Surprising Guests:

Aneek Dhar - Winner Of SRGMP 2007

Shoumen Nandi - Winner Of Zee Bangla SRGMP
Vaishali - Winner Of Zee Marathi SRGMP


Click here to watch online - Pt1
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Raja-Jaswir Win By A Total Of 91,981 Votes

Kusha & Sanchita Are Declared As Runner-Ups

Best Dance Performance Awards Goes To Abhishek.

Video's: Grand Finale 13th September

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Video's: Grand Finale 14th September

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Antar said...

Dear All,

This is an episode at least better than the last one. Among all the performances only Tarun Sagar's and Diviya's performances were very good and others were just average. Despite their very good efforts they failed to reach at Toshi's level as Toshi's rendition for both of these songs were superb.

Hemant said...

Antar da,

Saw the episode on local TV last night.
I will post my comments later today.

Neel, where are you?


Neelakshi said...

@hemant da
I was a bit depressed what with the blasts in Delhi and all. Last 2 days have been a mess actually and there is chaos here. So I was not in the mood for writing.

However as per saturday's episode, I have to praise Shashi suman whole-heartedly. i wonder how a singer of his calobre can be eliminated TWICE by the so called steemed mahagurus. He sang a very difficult song based on raag khamaj which had 9 beats and yet he manged to sing in taal beautifully. What's with these guyz why are they refusing to acknowledge real talent?
Rest,only manisha and tarun were bearable. Prachi made a sincere effort but whereas jusges spent 10 minutes on aasma, they hardly made any commenst on her. What rubbish! I wonder if there were 'charachters' like aasma in challenge 2005 and 2007 also? is this comedy circus or what? what was the need to call her back?!

I won't b surprised if she and sunvinder come back. zee is stooping to unmentionable levels and poor aditya is a scapegoat in all their ridiculous themes. I am pretty sure neither shahsi nor manisha will be back. Instead any 2 out of these 3- tragedy king(Tarun), comedy queen(aasma) or singh is king(wahtever) willbe back. what a shame!

Antar said...


Completely agree with you. I don't think Shashi will back. I also think Asma will never make to the final 12. IMHO, the 2 will be Sunvinder (1000% sure) & Tarun Sagar.

Neelakshi said...

Maybe you are right. sunvinder and tarun- well I like tarun but not more than shashi and manisha.
Earlier I thought shashi and sunvinder. then I thought manisha and sunvinder. Then for a wild moment of bliss i imagined how perfect if shahsi and manisha come back. Then I thought tarun and mansiha. last I imagined(Horror of horrors!) that it will be sunvinder and aasma. This suspense is too muvh

If they bring tarun back, they will be playing the sympathy card. Yeah- he has a good chnace of coming back. Maybe you are right, sunvinder and tarun do seem to have high chances as of now. What a shame eevrywhere people want shahsi to be back, but zee has no respect of public opinion.

Antar said...

Dear Friends,

After a long time deserving contestants (Raja-Jaswir) won a contest (Ek Se Badkar Ek). What do you think about it?

Anonymous said...

# Antar

Raja had also won "Ustaado ke Ustaad" in not-so-distant past. This is just to refresh your memory because you wrote "after a long time, a deserving contestant has won".

Hemant said...


I will be off blog for another three days due to personal reasons.

Back with you on Friday.


Neelakshi said...


TARUN and AASMA re back through bramastra. source: zahida di, she knows tarun
Well this should be interesting...tragedy king nad comedy queen are back

Neelakshi said...

I didn't watch afew episoes of challenge 2009...can you tellme waht exzctly is tarun's sob story?

Antar said...


I just missed that part. Thanks to correct me.


Once Tarun did a very average performance and when the judges asked for the reason behind this, he said he is in so much tension as he has to do lots of things for his family and a sad story narrated by him.
The story is some like, Tarun is from a very poor family. He has two sisters and the total responsibility of their marriages goes on him. He has to do that all alone. Then Mr. Aadesh said, "I promise this infront all of you, from now one of your sister's marriage is completely my concern/responsibility. (Just God knows this will ever fulfill by him or not). After that, at the "Raksha Bandhan" episode Tarun brought his sisters in the show to tie Rakhi to Aadesh and just after that they all became Aadesh's Mu Boli Bhai - Behens. lol.

This is the story as far as I can remember.

Antar said...

@Hemant Da,

Don't make us count for long. So Friday means Friday. We'll miss your exclusive comments during this.

Take care yourself.

Antar said...

@Neel & Others,

It's confirmed news. Aasma & Tarun are back. I just really can't believe this. I also heard there is a chance for more Wild Card entries. But not sure yet. Lets see, how much dramas this show will bring to us.

Neelakshi said...


MORE wild card entries? I can't blieve this. Now tell me what on earth is going on? Where did you hear this?

Now will they bring back jefefry and darshana- to increase MORE market value?
I really don't beleive this. and what about 3 of my faves- shahsi, manisha, arshad?

Antar said...


What I heard (From a site-can't remember right now) there will be an another wild card entry where Arshad, Sayan, Anupama, Deepali, Jeffry, Darshana along with others will perform. But it's not 100% sure yet. But I also believe thats going to happen. To increase their TRP's they will do everything. Currently this show is in 46th position and TRP is 1.24 (What a shame).

Neelakshi said...

They have gone mad. anyway e-mail zee at and tell them that they are making a mess of the situation. I have also done so, an do mention shahsi, mansiha, arhad specially as they were 3 of the best singers. I really don't crae about syaon/janice/prachi/fareed they were always avergae and sunvinder's voice quality was good, but he has a long way to go.
It is huge injustice to sashi, manisha,arshad as they are all better than aasma and even tarun/sara/debojit dutta etc

Hemant said...


I am back.
I will post my reactions tomorrow.



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