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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 24, September 20th, 2008

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An episode with some very good performances.


Click here to watch online - Pt1


Neelakshi said...

I am so disapointed with zee i could not make myself watch it. But i did- just for Mitika,pratibha nd Kaushik. none of the 3 let me down. Mitika was one of my faves from day 1 and pratibha and Kuashika re fantastic singers.

antar, if there is another wildcard when will it be? and how do you know? But maybe I should just give up hoping, because they will bring back anupama and deepali instaed of sayon and arshad. Trsut zee to pick the worst!

antar, you said there is no diff. between gajji and rohit shetty. But I think there is. gajji whatever he does know stalent. he would not have let anwesha get eliminated before voting even started! But rohit shetty did that. he eliminated shahsi before public voting even started.

gajji would never bring a contestant like aasma. Prakrit, the little girl who was considered 'not chote ustaad material' by kunal ganjewala ws 100times better than asma. So gaji wouldn't compromise with music to the entent that zee's team did this season.

in VPI2 the selection team picked 12 of the best, except maybe voices of bihar and rajasthan should have been picked. Poor contestnats from Bihar suffer everywhere. Its a shame.
However Indian idol 4 made the girl from Bihar today a houseold name- deepali kishore. It seems to have its heart in right place.

India as a country will never progress until we stop this corruption. Such a thing would have been unaccepatble in American Idol i.e. eliminating the best and bringing back the worst. Poeple wouldn't have let it happen. we do and that really is extremely disgusting.

Antar said...


Like you, I am also disappointed with Zee. The only diff between you & me is, I am watching this show for Yashita, Shujat & Pratibha. I am simply missing Sunvinder, Arshad & Shashi a lot here. I still believe, atleast one among them will definitely back through another Wild Card Entry.

Now lets directly come to the point of Gajj's & Rohit's similarities.

1. You said Gajj allowed Anwesha to reach in the grand finale. But one thing you forgot, he didn't make her win that contest. Do you still believe Aishwarya won through peoples votes. Cmon. I can still challenge, if the votes were counted properly Anwesha could be far far ahead than Aish. Gajj played his dirty games at the Finale and Rohit did the same a little bit earlier. So they almost same.

2. You said, "Gajji would never bring a contestant like Aasma". Cmon, can't you just see, almost 90% of SVOI 2 contestants are just like Asma, even I have to say below her standard!! Yap, in this case you can differentiate only this way, Rohit brought only one Asma and Gajj brought almost all of like her. So in this case they are also quiet same.

Now I really believe, WWE is less dramatic than such musical shows. I better inform Mr. Vince Mcmahon (Chairman of WWE) about this to create more dramas than such musical shows in future. Who knows he may give me a million dollar for this. lol

Neelakshi said...


Gajji has his faults and I always criticized him, but 1 thing is for certain he wouldn't have eliminated Shahsi. He has his pulse on the masses and on music. He knows which contestant is capable and which is useless. I doubt shetty knows even that!

You said the diff. between grand finale and not coming to top 12 is only a little? I think, its a lot. these contestants come year after year jus to be therein final 12. Because its only the fianlist(who reach till public voting stage) who get work. The rest come back year after year just to make it as a finalist. Like ravi shukla,vipul etc . they made it to top 24 last time on VOI but not top 12. So its not te same.

Anwesha has enough exposure to get her playback ofers, stage shows. she is called eevrywehere. Shashi won't even get a single offer for a stage show because he got eliminated before public voting stage!

BTW, i wih another wildcard happens. You said its confirmed, but I think its too good to be true...

Antar said...

@Hemant Da, Siddhartha, Jatin, Goofy,

Where are you guys ????????

Naga Jolokia Addict said...
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Naga Jolokia Addict said...
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Naga Jolokia Addict said...

antar da,

Sorry, I was busy for the last two days. May be today afternoon onwards, I would be free.


Antar said...



Sonu Nigam


Shaan But after SVOI2 !!!!!


Mandira Bedi (JJWS & Ek Se Badkar Ek)


Sukhwinder, Ismail Darbar & Monty Sharma of SVOI 2.


Vishal-Shekhar & Farah Khan of JJWS


Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar


Prashant Tamam & Rahul Baidya (Tie)


Debojeet Dutta of SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009


10. Pooja Chatterjee - II3
09. Ankita - II3
08. Mirande - SVOI
07. Abhilasha - SVOI
06. Priyani - SVOI
05. Sumitra - SVOI
04. Arshpreet - SVOI
03. Poonam - SRGMP 2007
02. Pratibha - SRGMP 2009
01. Anwesha (SVOICU) & Yashita (SRGMP 2009) [Tie]


10. Maya Chang - II3
09. Kaushik - SRGMP 2009
08. Aneek Dhar - SRGMP 2007
07. Abhijeet Sawant - II1
06. Abhaas - SVOI
05. Irfan - SVOI
04. Toshi - SVOI
03. Shujat Ali Khan - SRGMP 2009
02. Amanat Ali Khan - SRGMP
01. Raja Hasan - SRGMP 2007


# Pooja - II3 - "Ghata Sawan Ki"

# Chang - II3 - "Mahi Ve"

# Emon - II3 - "Dilbar Merey"

# Amit Paul - II3 - "Pehla Nesha"

# Junaid - SRGMP 2007 - "Terey Bina Jiya Nehi Jaye"

# Aneek Dhar - SRGMP 2007 - "Bulla Ki Jaana"

# Faraz Butt - SRGMP 2009 - "Bulla Ki Jaana"

# Irfan - SVOI - "Alvida, Luka Chupi, Piya Hajji Ali"

# Abhaas - SVOI - "Sattyam Shibam Sundaram, Dekha To Tujhey Yaara,

# Sumitra - SVOI - "Morini"

# Arshpreet - SVOI - "Mein Kuri Anjani Hu"

# Ishmeet - SVOI - "Sawariyan"

# Harsheet - SVOI - "Rut Ageyi Re, Harey Ram Harey Ram"

# Toshi - SVOI - "Piya Re, Lagan Lagi Tumse Maan Ki Lagan, Mast Mast Mast Kalander, Mera Piya Ghar Aya, O' Re Piya"

# Poonam - SRGMP 2007 - "Mujhey Rang De"

# Amanat - SRGMP 2007 - "Tujse Naraj, Yeh Hosla"

# Raja - SRGMP 2007 - "Bande Ma Tarang, Dhol Bazale, Jhoom Barabar, Chal Chaiya"

# Shujat - SRGMP 2009 - "Mora Saiyaan Mu Se Boley Na, Chal Chaiya Chaiya"

# Pratibha - SRGMP 2009 - "Dama Dam Mast Kalandar, Namak Iska"

# Yashita - SRGMP 2009 - "Pari Hu Mein, Aika Tajiba"

# Anwesha - SVOICU - "Mere Dholna/Ami Je Tomar"

Thats all for now.


kvniranjan8 said...

On Friday, I'd gone to a music store in my city to check out any new album from Aishwarya. I was told "We get a lot of folks coming in to enquire abt this. Leave ur phone no. we'll let u know when we receive stocks"

To me, this was the SPARK OF THE WEEK.

Naga Jolokia Addict said...

What album?

Antar said...


There is nothing new on that. Because such things happened with the fans of many contestants. For example, Toshi, Irfan, Abhaas, Raja, Amanat and specially with Anwesha fans. Atleast to reach at their level including Yashita & Pratibha of SRGMP 2009, Aishwarya has to wait atleast 10 years max, IMHO. But though I am very much happy because you are happy.

@Hemant Da,

What happened to your original ID.? Shob thik thak achey to!! Hope to see you regular from now.

Neelakshi said...


Are all the male contestnats so ba this year, you have not inlcuded any of them. I think Shashi Suman is very good and deserves his name in this list. Overall, he's a better singer than Toshi, Emon, amit paul and some others from last year.
I know we have not yet coe out of the batches of 2007, this year the contestanta re no less its just that the quality of shows have come down. last year the same Ritissha would have been far better than Abhilasha/sumitra, Pratibha is much better than Puja chatterjee, sumedha, priyani etc.

Yes, some of them are irreplaceable like Anwesha,Raja, aneek,Abhas,Arshpreet and poonam, amant etc. But nostaglis hould not prevent us from seeing new talents. However yashita is oberhyped just like debo(my opinion) and I don't think she deserved HSITORY. Esp if pratibha got only superhit

Neelakshi said...

Aishwarya majmudar is FAR BETTER THAN YASHITA, what are you saying antar? I am no fan of aishwarya but there is no comparison between aishwarya's beautiful voice quality and yashita's stauid voice. sory, again that's my opinion.

Aishwarya majmudar and pratibha, Ritisha are on same level. Aishwarya scores above them in voice quality.

BTWS, monali thakur is far better than all of them - she and Nihira nd RAJA are the ONLY reality show contestanst who have sung SOLO playabck songs. hats off to them! Monali from indian idol 2- she has again sung a solo song in 'golmaal returns'(same movie where anu and ash have ung). Nihira was only female singer to sing in 'salaam-eishq'. and Raja has sung 'maari teetri' in De taali. i think I am not wrong that not a single other reality show singer has been able to do this so far.

shambo said...

@ Neel,
Sorry to disagree with you Neel..Just because Monali sang in a movie,she doesn't qualify as a better singer than Aish.....Aish and Anu are way way above her and in a few years time,they'll be singing in many films.....Monali doesn't have a unique voice...she can only sing numbers like "Touch me touch me" and nothing better.....Sorry that's IMHO!!!!!

Naga Jolokia Addict said...

Yashita is way ahead of aishwarya in sur and voice throw strength. She also does not cheat on bringing down the scale of the song to fit in her comfort zone.

Monali is good but Anweshaa really rocks. One year from today the 23rd September 2008, she would have created History .Just mark my words.

Siddhartha said...

@Antar, stepped out for a while...saw your nominations. I can agree with you for some of them...but no way about one...Ankita...She cannot be anywhere in first 100000000 contestants in any shows. Most pathetic and over hyped singer so far. Sorry, but I just cannot think her as a musical she contestant. She can be a stage show personality...

Neelakshi said...


I never said Monali is better than Ash...I cannot comapre a 23 yr old and a 15 yr old! I don't know but the songs Monali sang was sung in a pretty good range...she never goes into falsetto as well. Nihira and Raja nd Hemachandra have also sung hit playback numbers...I believe Hemu is NO. 1 down south...

all said and done, give Anu and Ash time to make a name for themslves. Both will come out tops. But among the senior singers, I do expect a lot from Abhas, Aneek,Irfan,Sumedha and Peiyani if they work on their weaknesses, Poonam and Arshpreet if they become more commercial,bhilasha if she becomes more consistent. Too many 'ifs and buts' here! BTWS, I do find Ritisha and Pratibha on level andthough I don't think either of them will win in their respectiv shows( though they are the best) I think they both have a bright future.

Neelakshi said...

@hemant da

I will be the first one to hope Anwesha creates HISTORY..because she embodies perfection! I am really mad at pitam that he made Monali sing one entire song in Golmaal returns and ANu just a few lines! Still, I guess with time Anwesha will rise far bigger and brighter than Monali in playback industry.

Naga Jolokia Addict said...


Pritam might have recorded the song with Monali much earlier than Annu's entry.

I give him a benefit of doubt.

But Sun can never be hidden by clouds for long.

I am certain that we won't have to wait for long.
Anweshaa will rule the roost.


Antar said...

@Neel & Shambo,

I always said Aish is a very good & a talented one (Without a doubt). But whenever question raises comparing her with Anwesha, Yashita & Pratibha, I will strict in my position on betterments. To me:

Aishwarya - Hit
Anwesha - History
Yashita - History
Pratibha - History

But I also believe Aish will definitely be a very good & popular one in future along with few others as a play back singer. The only differences are Anwesha, Yashita & Pratibha are by born talented whether Aish was to built that level of talent at her own.

Neel, by the way, I also think Shashi & Sunvinder both should be in the list. But one thing I didn't understand, how could you say that, they are better than Toshi!!! Just give me an example regarding that.

You also said, Yashita is over hyped. Which way? Please tell me. She only received 2 History out of 3 whether she deserved 3 out of 3. The only over hyped contestant is Debojeet. His last performance even not deserved 3 Hits but he got 3 histories. How biased judges they are.


Glad to see U back & always want to see U regularly. Yap, I agree that more than a very good singer she is a very good stage performer. But bro, my only request to you, please watch some of her performances again and I think you will also change your early stated opinion a little bit.

Ankita - SVOI3 - "Dekhley-Munna Bhai MBBS", "Aap Jaisa Koi Merey-Nazia Hasan","Dewane, Dewane To Dewane Hein-Ila Arun"


Completely agree with you. That day is not so far when Anwesha & Aish will rule the industry along with Yashita & Pratibha.

@Hemant Da,

You are just trillion % right as you are always. Aap Ki Muh Mein Ghi-Shakkar.

Naga Jolokia Addict said...


I feel a bit sorry that I have not been posting here since last week. Please believe me that this has something to do with personal reasons and a dear friend of mine is in deep trouble.

Yesterday, I was watching new reality show by ZEE ....CHHOTA PACKET ..BADA DHAMAAKA"

Well , it is nothing but old wine in new bottle.

I found best of the lot of SAREGAMAPA (2007)children's squad which included the winner Anamika, runner up ,Sardar Rohanpreet singh,my favourite Smita Nandi. Others include Vibhor Sahnai,Aamir Hafiz (remember he was pulled away by the family in last contest? well they swallowed what they had vommited).Vasundhara the visually challenged girl is also thereand so is Tanmay Chaturvedi.
Suresh Wadkar's Chimni Vaishali is there with her usual nautanki.
Addition is famous TV and Film actor children are there as dancers and the notable among them is chhoti Nagin.

Among singers, I was grossly disappointed by Anamika and pleasently stunned by Smita's rendering. Folks, watch out!!
Smita is gonna rock the world in her own way. What a transformation in this girl within just one year.!!

About dancing, I will not comment now.
Just look at the last two episodes foks.



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