Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 26, September 27th, 2008

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Antar said...


After over hyped Debo's perfo (Epi: 25), Pritam said to him, "No one can't stop you to win this contest. Definitely you are going to win". Then Himesh said, "I took it as a challenge & assure you, this time a girl/female contestant will win".

Antar said...

An Exclusive News:

Naina Saxena of SRGMP also gave an audition at Lucknow for Indian Idol 4. At 4th episode (Saturday,27th September,2008) of II4 you can watch her performing Halla Re Halla of film "Neal N' Nikki". Now a question may easily raised, how a contestant can participate two shows at a time. The best solution also narrated by a person named "trishanku3" of

"II4 auditions were conducted during mid May and they are telecasting those episodes now, so except public voting rounds all episodes- auditions and subsequent judge selection rounds have been completed already and we are now being shown those parts now.

So we can confer that Naina who took part in II4 auditions and got selected to the next stage, but was eliminated before the public voting rounds. Then she took part in SRGMP and has made it so far on the basis of her amazing talent.

So should i say Sony's loss is Zee's gain? Here is a lesson for all those who get eliminated early in such competitions. Don't get disheartened, there is always light at the end of the tunnel".

Neelakshi said...


Even I saw that in ii4. But what i think is since the auditions for indian idol 4 and saregama were pretty close, naina probably auditioned for both. She may have got selected in 114, but after getting slected in saregama I think she herself chose saregama over ii4.
So Indian idol is pretty dumb to show that clip. aren't they aware that naian is in saregama and in finalists? they cud have easily edited that

Anyway thanks for the information. That confirms my suspicion that finals will be bwteen debojit and pratibha, and prob debo will win.

Neelakshi said...

This show is so silly. aasma getting histroy beats everything! God, I have neevr seem a worse singer in top 12 of any shopw(she beats prashnat and ankita hands down)

And after mitika getting eliminated, this show has lost more charm . so now all the nice ones ae gone- shahsi, mansiha,arshad, mitika,sayon,sunvinder. the rest of the good singers might as well pack up and go home. also yashita is overhyped, just like debo.

pritam should be ashmed of himself

Naga Jolokia Addict said...


We are crying over Mitika's elimination but bigger tragedy unfolded in Junoon. Of all the worst singers I have encountered on Raiality show's turf, Harshdeep takes the cake as worst among worst with a voice quality that is no better than a howling wolf.

I am a sad man today that Punjab has voted in a Khota sikka.
Ismeet was miles ahead of this Harshdeep in voice quality.
But Harshdeep, cannot qualify as even the worst specimen in singing . have specialized as a real TALENT KILLER.The best ones like Anweshaa, Ali Abbas, Abhaas etc are eliminated to make way for userpers like aishwarya and Harshdeep kaur.



jatin said...

Hemant Bhai,

I thought i would never write again in a blog but your & other's comments on Harshdeep's victory have forced me to write again.

First of all Harshdeep is not from Punjab, she is from Delhi. She has won a reality show earlier also with MTV. She has done playback singing too, her popular song is from Halla Bol "Is pal ki soch".

I agree only on one point that Ishmeet was miles ahead in matter of voice quality. But to ridicule her totally is not good either. She is quite talented.

To be honest, I thought Abhas will win, but everybody keeps crying that "Girls dont win", now that a girl has finally won, instead of cheering why r u pulling her down.

Some people in both the blogs hv developed a permanent habit of pulling down a particular community's singers come what may.

Now what happened in saregamapa, i said that Aadesh will never let Sunvinder come back, and see the same thing happened. Further aadesh dint want to take any chances so he even got Mitika eliminated. Such narrow-minded person is the judge of the show, so what good results u can expect.

I can predict the winner of saragamapa very easily. The winner would be Debojeet Dutta.The way is being cleared for him.

Antar said...


It's really nice to see you back. Bro, I personally believe not a single member of our blog are not after any community. What Hemant Da tried to mention, instead of a right & better one again a weaker one won. You are talking about community, then let me tell you my fav contestants of SRGMP were Yashita, Shujat, Sinvinder, Pratibha, Arshad, Shashi & Zaheer. All of them belongs to 3 different communities. But I choose them for their talents not community/religion. Same things goes for Hemant Da, Neel, Siddhartha & others. I can only say, we developed ourselves to hear better music and to see proper judgment, nothing else.
By the way, on one thing you are absolutely right. This time they are going to crown the world's most over hyped contestant Debo for sure.


You said Yashita is over hyped. Cmon, she is the best among the females. At the last episode where she sang the song from the movie "Jane Tu Janey Mein" was better than the original one. IMHO, along with Anwesha she is the best female contestant so far we witnessed. Pratibha is just after her.

Dear All,

I think this year all the musical shows are determined to crown a girl except SRGMP 2009 (As they already found their Voodoo king "Debo"). So far the symptoms of II4 seems also same per the comments , selections & reaction of the judges. same for SVOI2. I am not against it. I just want to see a perfect & true talent to win (Whether a boy or girl doesn't fact). If Yashita wins SRGMP 2009, that will be one of the nicest gift/moment of my life. But I also know my heart is going to break.


Naga Jolokia Addict said...

Antar da,

I am always surprised by maturity in your posts. Sorry that I can't match your patience.

But I am learning. Never too late for it no?


Neelakshi said...

@antar da and hemant

I never watched Junoon so cannot comment. I just watched a few epsiodes here and there. Also i agree wid jatin I wanted a female winner. I liked kalpana and Abhas and kabr ali,but my opinions don't count for much as I didn't wathc show from beginning.
Also saregama has lost all the good ones. I liked shahsi and mansiha and mitka and arshad, tehya re all out. i agree debo seems pre-decided winner

antar, do write to zee a their e-mail address. tell them we have seen through their silly games. we are not fools. Hemant da, gajji is betetr tahn zee.
At least ritisha is retained on zee saregama in top 4. Here the best (or one of the best) sahhsi was eliminted beforre top 12 itself.
My favouites in both shows are ritisha and pratibha. lets see who wins- I think in both hsows it might be saptaprna/debo. saptaparna is good, not better than ritisha. and debo- he's TOO MUCH. i can't tolerate his singing and his hype. theya re shoving him down our throats likeno-one's business

Yes i am sure gajji at least let the true talent come till top 3

jatin said...


Guys you will be surprised to know that I watch only a few minutes of saregamapa every time and still came to the conclusion that Debojit is going to win.
See all the good singers Shashi, Arshad, Mitika, Sunvinder hv been eliminated. Now its practically a cakewalk for Debo. Only one person can give him competition and that is cute and sweet asma, that also because of her looks not singing.

jatin said...

The blunder that Zee has done by eliminating all the good singers will SVOI2 an upper hand. In SVOI2 we atleast have Ritisha and Vipul.
I hope to see these 2 in the finals. I think Ritisha will win this time as Gajji will try to woo south indian viewers.
Plus this will break the jinx that south indians dont win Hindi reality shows.
So i am sincerely hoping for another girl's win.
I like Vipul but the tactics he is using (Singh ka Squad) and all that is irritating.

jatin said...

Harshdeep Kaur from Sufi Ke Sultan was crowned the winner of NDTV Imagine's Lux Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka at its grand finale last weekend.

The episode featured a spectacular battle between the three finalists: Abhas Joshi (Bollywood Ke Badshaah), Malini Awasthi (Maati Ke Lal) and Harshdeep. Harshdeep left everyone spellbound with her matchless performance that got the maximum number of viewer votes.

A graduate in Mass Communication, this 21-year-old playback singer had also won the MTV video GAGA contest 2001, at the young age of 14. She is also the voice behind the beautiful Sikh prayer Ikon kai Onkaar in the blockbuster, Rang De Basanti [Images].

Harshdeep talks to Rajul Hegde about her win.

How was the experience?

It has been a fantastic journey. In the beginning, we were just enjoying the activities. But it got tough towards the end, and we got more serious. The judges were critical of my singing but the public always supported me.

So you think you won only because of public voting?

Yes. I have nothing against the judges. I have learnt a lot from them. I am thankful to them because their comments helped me improve. The public must have voted for me because I always experimented. We hear Hindi songs everyday and they become repetitive.

When I was offered this show, the first thing that came to my mind was I should sing Sufi because I am a big fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. My voice suits Sufi music and I had never tried this before.

Did you think you would win when you entered this show?

I was confident about winning the show and today, I am very happy that my hard work has work paid off.

Who has been your inspiration?

A R Rahman! He is my idol and has inspired me.

How has Junoon helped your career?

Junoon was an important platform for me, as it gave me recognition. I have sung many songs as a playback singer, but this show has made me a face. Today, people not only know me for my voice, but also recognise me by face. That is good.

Your most memorable moment on the show?

When my mentor Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was asked to save one singer, and he chose me. I thank him for supporting and believing in me. The second time was when we had to perform in front of Amitabh [Images] and Abhishek Bachahan at the grand finale.

Junoon has not fared as well as the other musical reality shows.

I agree. But it did well with a certain set of audience. We got good feedback from the viewers.

What next?

I will cut a Sufi album very soon.

Also, I am getting acting offers in films, and I am considering that. I have sung the title song for Himesh Reshammiya's [Images] Karzzzz and two songs for Kajraare. I am getting offers for musicals.

Hemant Trivedi said...


I posted my reply on SVOIC blog.


Neelakshi said...


I 100% agree with you. the singers you mentioned were the ones who were REALLY good. all music lovers will agree shashi and mitika were ready for top 3 slot. But they were both eliminated before even top 12! shame on zee

the ratio of good singers to bad singers is better in SVOI. ritisha, vipul and saptaparna are good for top 3.But though saregama had BETTERS isngers overall, the fact is ratio of good singers to bad sinbgers is worse in saregama(esp top 13) Just naina and partibha are genuinely good singers. But i know neither of them will win

Zee has beaten gajji in sorruption.gajji would have allowed shahsi to reach top 3 at least.

Antar said...


Just relax. I personally believe that Jo Jo person can't be Classical. To me, Classical is a descent fellow as like as us. So we shouldn't point to anyone without a clue. And thats their blog, if they allow some posts like that, thats completely their own matters. What Hemant Da & me can do regarding that? We even don't need to peek on such comments. Please my request to you, avoid all these and keep discuss on music in our blog. we are just like a family here so forget about quitting. And also we shouldn't keep any such comments in our blog which can create massacres , so with an advance apology I just deleted your last post (Only to mentioned someones name directly nothing else). I hope you will not gonna take it negatively and will forgive me for this.

jatin said...

Guys just read this

Tell them who is the worst judge on a reality show.

jatin said...


I agree with Antar Bhai. Classical is certainly not Jo-Jo. Whatever little interaction I had with Classical I found him/her to be quite mature and grounded person.
I have no love lost for Classical, but he is certainly not Jo-Jo.


I would request you to give brief update about SVOI also in this blog as we might not get to see updates in SVOI blog till Rishi bhai is the incharge.
What about the Big Boss blog.
Common yaar open a blog on that programme. This is the hottest programme on TV at the moment.

jatin said...

Hemant Bhai,

Whats the reason behind adopting such a strange display name.
Hemant is quite a nice name.
Nagajolokia Addict seems like a drug addict's name.LOL

Hemant Trivedi said...


I have already made correction in my login name. You won't see nagajolokiaaddict any more.

It is a login name for my blog on food.
You may visit it if you so desire.


Hemant Trivedi said...

Antar da,

Eid Mubaarak to you and all Muslim Brotheren.


Antar said...


I personally believe Rishi Bhaiya is a wonderful person and he is running that blog quiet nicely. But as per your request what I can do is to run my SVOI blog again with all updates & videos. Chalega kiya !!!!! For your another request to open a blog on "Big Boss" I am really not interested now. But what I can do, I can create a blog for you on Big Boss & you have to run that as a moderator. If you agree then just provide me your mail ID.

@Hemant Da,

Here Eid will be held on 2nd Oct, 08. Though an advance Eid Mubarak to you & all here.


Where are you?

Rishi said...

@ Antar

First of all "Eid Mubarak" in advance, to you and your family members.

@ Antar and Jatin
I am NOT in-charge of SVOI blog or running the blog. I only offered to write reviews in Kalyani's absence (in case, I get to see the episode). I am NOT a moderator of that blog. Just contributing reviews like any other blogger. To me, Kalyani was and will be doing a nice job of writing reviews, therefore, I am eagerly waiting for her return from holidays.

Neelakshi said...


after unfortunate elimination of Miitka the show seems to have lost all its charm. this week farz Butt is eliminated I got to know. Finally after weeeks and weeks we get a deserving elimination. I mean, he probably didn't ene deserve to be in top 14.

Also there are some rumours there may be another wildcard. I hope they bring back shahsi, Arshad, mitika and Manisha. These 4 can provide some competition to Partibha, Naina and Zaheed. Shujat is also good,but inconsistent

As I was saying, Zee lacks startegy(apart from basic honesty to music of course)

Maybe they should learn from Gajji.

Gajji always has 3 clear spaces alloted. I for HIS favourite- eg. Harshit, aishwarya, Malini. Then 1 for the hugely TALENTED or the BEST of the lot- Abhas, Anwesha, Ali abbas etc. Then 1 for the ones who bring the moolah in- be ir the late Ishmeet, little prakriti, or Harshdeep. He keeps clear spaces allotted for these 3 categories and wud not eliminate any one prematurely except an Arshpreet, a Vinti or a Geetashri who fall in talented but not the best, and would divide votes, esp. arhspreet with the late ishmeet, geetu with Anwesha etc.

On the other hand Zee spoils all the surprises by having only 1 category- THEIR FAVOURITES. s be it debojit, yahsita or pratibha, they make it lcer these are the favoured ones. and the TALNETD ones are swiped out- be it Mitika, Shahsi, Arshad, Mnaisha etc. Learn some strategy Zee

Hemant Trivedi said...


Nice to read your comments.
To a great extent, I corroborate what you say.
But I beg to differ on couple of participants you have mentioned.

Faraz Butt was not bad but Sunvinder should have been in the run. He was eliminated too early. That boy has real stuff in him . All he needs is some encouragement and proper coaching.

If there is another wild card entry, Shashi and Sunvinder should walk in.

Manisha, IMHO did not impress me as Mitika or Yashita did.

You are 1000 pecent correct in saying that Gajii is a better plotter than Zee guys.

After all there are some traits of Gajji, I honestly admire.

First one is he consistantly favours lame ducks and second rate singers.

Second one is He plots better than most.

And the last one is he gets away with murder every time.


jatin said...

Antar Bhai,

Eid Mubarak to you.

Antar said...

Dear All,

A Holy Eid Mubarak To All Of You.


You said, "After weeks & weeks Faraz Butts elimination is a deserving one". But I am really sorry not to agree with it. To agree with Hemant Da, Faraz was not that bad. Atleast Faraz is better than the Voodoo king Debojeet. If anyone among the contestants not supposed to be within the 14 than that is only Debo. By the way, another Wild Card Entry is for sure and it will be execute very soon.

@Hemant Da,

Completely agree with you. At next wild card entry, among Sunvinder, Shashi & Arshad any two should get back. And please is Voodoo king ko nikalo.

Antar said...

The Himesh Reshammiya - Sonu Nigam war

Himesh Reshammiya's aggression to make it big appears to be pushing new parameters. And so is his rivalry with Sonu Nigam.

Recently after seeing Sonu featured on the cover of a prestigious International magazine OK, Himesh has been heard sending feelers to the same magazine and some others for a cover page feature.

Also the recent telecast of Sonu's concert with 'The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra', has made the singer with a nasal twang so restless that he has contacted the Symphony orchestra of London for a simillar concert based on his own songs!

Inside sources also reveal Himesh has threatened Bhushan Kumar, the head honcho of T Series, not to allow Sonu's songs to be included in their movies and even if they are, they would not be promoted to ensure there is no competition for him in his own grounds.

Why else would one not hear Sonu at all in any T Series promo, a company whom he worked for since his early days? And apparently Bhushan has bowed down to the diktats set by Himesh.


Neelakshi said...

@antar bhai and hemant da and others

Happy navratri and eid mubarak. enjoy the festivities till thye last.
I will be the happiest person if there is another wildcard. let any 2 who got eliminated prematurely come back. If you are sure about this wildcard, then I'm happy.

Hemant da,
Maybe gajji does make second rate singers win. But he also lets the first rate ones stay for a long time and they gte conrtas for playbacks etc. Eg Abhas has got oppurtunity to cut an album with Monty Sharma and Anwesha is doing playabck after playback with pritam, Jatin lait etc. Now lets not forget Abhas and Anwesha were not the winners, but are doing very well for themselves. So some credit must go to gajji for his 'discoveries'!

Another thing with gajii is he knows who is the best. he has repsect for classical music. So he does let traine dpeople like Ritisha, Toshi, Priyani even if they deliever mediocre performances stay on. He knows their potential is imp. Anwesha and Aishwarya are both trained, rPriyani was doing her M.A. in music and Toshi,Ritisha,Vinti, Abhas are all highly traine disngers.

Now in saregama we have untrained singers like aasma and last year Mauli marching ahead. gajji wudn't give such singers a chance.

Hemant Trivedi said...


Aishwarya to challenge VOI finalists

The contestants received a big shocker as Aishwarya Majmudar (Voice of India Chhote Ustaad's winner) made an unceremonious entry on the show. And most importantly she announced that she will be challenging this batch of finalists on the show.

Shocked, confused and the rather startled contestants continued with their performance looking a bit worried about the competition they will face in Aishwarya. Rithisha sang Pari hoon main, Yaayi Re and Sajnaji wari wari. Her nervousness was caught in her unusually week performance. Though, Vipul pepped up everyone with M Bole To, Dekha Na and Kala Kauva. He impressed Sunidhi Chauhan and the other judges with his energetic performance.

Telechakkar news 2nd october

Hemant Trivedi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hemant Trivedi said...


This is another Gajji master stroke.
When he found level of contestants and TRP going down, he has flogged the almost dead horse called SVOIC2 using a whip called aishwarya.

Now the plot thickens. Is he really intent on using her?
If the answer is yes, then he cannot see her defeated. This is a sure ploy to launch aishwarya and set her up firmly in music world.

Those of us who keep discussing SVOIC, need to rethink.
Do we continue seeing the show docilely or just switch off the TV?

Honestly I am tired of listening to fearful sounding participants who would give second rate performances and challenging them will be a voice which is still childish.(two years down the line, it would be a beautiful and mature voice to hear)

You decide.



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