Friday, October 3, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 27, October 3rd, 2008

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Highest Votes: Yashita Yashpal Sharma

Eliminated Contestant - Faraz Butt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Antar said...

It's really sad to see Faraz's elimination at least before Asma, Tarun & Debojeet. This time all the Pakistani contestants were in bottom 3. I can still remember the same thing happened in SRGMP 2007 when Amanat, Mussarrat & Junaid were bottom 3. Which means SRGMP is following almost the same format for eliminations like last year. By the way, SRGMP is thinking for another Wild Card Entry and it's almost confirmed (But who knows when they will gonna change their mind).

Hemant Trivedi said...

antar da,

I had written that Faraz Butt would be next.


Antar said...

@Hemant Da,

What a premonition. Chaliye agley elimination ke barey mein vi kuch batayein. lol

Antar said...

Postmortem of today's episode:

(I would like to add a new rank named as Universal, which is completely mine)

1. Yashita
Song: Hamma Hamma (Film: Bombay)
Judges Marks: All History

Comments & Deserving Marks (Mine Obviously):

A superb, universal performance. She just rocked everyone. Please don't take it otherwise, but I am really in love with her (Per her talents & performances).


2. Vaishali
Song: Char Dino Ka Lambi Judai
Judges Marks: All History

Comments & Deserving Marks (Mine Obviously):

Wonderful rendition. Remarkable.


3. Debojeet Dutta
Song: Mast
Judges Marks: Shankar-Hit
Aadesh - Super Hit
Himesh - Super Hit

Comments & Deserving Marks (Mine Obviously):

These judges are really biased. It was a very shaky performance. I should better say a worst one. He just screwed the whole song despite he received 2 Super Hits & a Hit! One thing which really satisfied me that the contestants raised the question about judges over hyping on Debo, especially Pritam's. I don't know the story of Pritam is a true one or not but somehow the whole team cleverly crossed it & successfully turned the topic to a different one. Clever monkeys.


4. Sara Raza Khan
Song: It's Rocking
Judges Marks: All Super Hit

Comments & Deserving Marks (Mine Obviously):

It was a great performance. Specially her facial expressions during the performance. I really enjoyed that part a lot.


5. Shujat
Song: Dil Chahta Hein
Judges Marks: Himesh - Hit
Shankar - Hit
Aadesh - Superhit

Comments & Deserving Marks (Mine Obviously):

To me it was a wonderful performance. The performance was not that bad the way the judges reacted.

Super Hit

6. Faraz Butt
Song: Ek Nesha Hein
Singer: Ali Zafar

Judges Marks: All Super Hit

Comments & Deserving Marks (Mine Obviously):

A very good performance.

Super Hit

Bottom 3: Sara, Shujat & Faraz

Eliminated: Faraz (Really sad to see his elimination before Asma, Tarun & Debojeet

Antar said...

Atif Aslam Again Insulted

In Indian Idol 4 Episode 5, Atif Aslam again insulted by Kailash & Sonali. Just don't know why this singer is being insulted all the time by other singers & music directors!! He sang some of the greatest songs, big musical hits in the industry. Whats the point to pull him all the time just can't get it.

Neelakshi said...


the reasons are slef- evident. If so many people criticize 1 singer, there has to be amethod to the madness no? I mean, you shouldn't be biased and see taht these people have their point(which i had also mentioned)

BTWS, how did you get to know abt the wildcard? I think this was not so shocking an elimination as Mitika's she was much better than farazz poor girl

Antar said...


The confirmation of another Wild Card Entry news is also available at Zee TV received huge mails for another wild card entry to bring back such great talents like Shashi, Arshad & Sunvinder.

I never said that, Faraz is better than Mitika. But to saw his elimination before Asma, Tarun & Debo really sad to me.

Just tell me why I am biased & this time you have to prove it. To tell you frankly this is a very bad word to use against any one without any prove. I even don't like Atif but I liked all the songs he sang. If he is a very bad singer than how come he got chances from the industry to sang for them. Some of the biggest hit songs sang by him. If he is a very bad singer then how those songs became hits. Please prove me logically.


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