Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 30, October 11th, 2008

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Video's Of Indian Idol 4: Episode - 7

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jatin said...

Asma impressed for the first time yesterday with her singing. She sang the "Jhalak Dikhlaja" song so well, I could not believe my ears.
Now Debojeet has some serious competition.
Asma is doing her comedy bit quite well. She is a great entertainer.
But IMHO her Hindi is not that weak as she poses. In fact her poor knowledge of Hindi also seems to be scripted. There are so many Indians,Pakistanis & Bangladeshis in Oman. They can very well guide her with Hindi/Urdu.

Hemant Trivedi said...


There are many people who never learn.......LOL


jatin said...

Hemant Dada,

But i am sure Asma is not one of them. She is a smart girl.

Hemant Trivedi said...


I never meant that my comment was for Asma. LoL, LOL, LOL


Siddhartha said...

I guess Asma should be there till the end as entertainer. She should not be in the competition though. Let her be there as a comedy relief for all the episodes.

Antar said...


"I guess Asma should be there till the end as entertainer", like a Cheer girl or chair girl!

Siddhartha said...

@Antar - you are correct. But, no offense to Asma fans...she is super duper in that department...

Antar said...

@Siddhartha, Hemant Da & Jatin,

The two contestants whom we always like to see eliminated did mind blowing performances at last episode. Sarah's Mashallah & Asma's Jhalak Dikhlaza renditions were superb. I really enjoyed. What about you guys?
(Completely agree with Jatin).

Viveik said...

kaushik deshpandey eliminated..

this show turns out to be a real disaster now.

Neelakshi said...

Om god, another UNDESERVED elimination. Is this show for real? I just don't get it...


Please switch to Indian idol 4 they ahve better singers ND ITS MORE ENTERTAINING.antar, we can easily make this a blog to discuss indian idol 4. that wud be far better i guess.

Neelakshi said...

On what basis were eliminations made by mentors--

Arshad was eliminated after THIS performance

He sang beautifully such control such precision and he had the unique voice quality. yet they eliminated him. Obviously it was pre-decided

Shashi and mnaisha were also eliminated unafirly. saregama is suhc a farce

Antar said...


Thanks for the Spoiler update.

@Viveik, Neel & All,

Everything points on two things either they are eliminating all the good ones to clear the path for Debo or to fulfill Himesh's challenge.


I think this year II4 really gonna rock. So far I really liked so many contestants who can easily make me stand from my bed to clap. I really won't mind if we really discuss on that beside SRGMP.

Antar said...

This Week's Top 3:

Zaheer - Sangeet Chakra

Pratibha - 2nd Topper

Shoumen - 3rd Topper

Bottom 3:

Kaushik, Shujat & Yashita (??????)

Eliminated Contestant: Kaushik !!!!

Friday Theme: Sufi Songs

Weakest performers according to the judges: Sara & Asma

Saturday's Special Guest: Preety Zinta

Vaishali Sings: Janey Kiu Log Pyar Karte Hein

Marks: 3 Histories


Hemant Trivedi said...


Listen to Hemachandra (remember him?) singing Bum Bum Bhole in Tamil re make .


He is such a good singer.!!

jatin said...


Lets see if Asma can stop Debojeet from winning this contest.

By the way, are UAE and Oman people allowed to vote in this contest. Are they allowed to vote.

Neelakshi said...


I think they are allowed to vote, taht's why she has moved so much ahead...! I doubt how many people in India would vote for her. Still this is my diea- Zee would never spoil its image by making her win. she will be brought to top 7 or top 6 like Mauli last yeatr and then shown the door.
The winner will be one from these debojit/zaheer/pratibha. mark my words. I feel zaheer will be last pakistani ocntestnats standing.


which indian idol 4 contestants have you liked so far? I think Bhavya pandit, anaya mishra, rajdeep,kapil thappa all were pretty good.

Antar said...


They are allowed to vote. BTW, Asma Vs Debo not bad.


Completely agree with you. But what I think Yashita should definitely be in the top 3.
Neel, in II4 Bhavya Pandit is my fav. She is superb & I personally believe she is really going to rock II4.

Siddhartha said...

Why would ZEE give their blood and flesh for Debo? I don't understand this. Would anyone please explain me ZEE's interest of making Debojit as winner?

Its sad that Kaushik is eliminated. I earlier predicted him as one of the top 3 contestants. He has a powerful voice. I wish Bombay/Maharashtra votes will not be divided now and Yashita will be in top 3. With the same equation, I believe that either Soumen or Debojit will be in top 5. But I agree that Zaheer would be in top 3 and will be the only contestants among the Pakistani singers and he truly deserves it.

jatin said...

So guys who do u think will get eliminated in tonite's episode of Big Boss.

Debojeet, Ashutosh or Ehsaan Qureshi. IMHO Debojeet has a very strong vote bank, so he is safe. In the other 2 I think Ashutosh too has some support, so i think Ehsaan is the weakest among them and might get eliminated today.

jatin said...

I am going off-topic, but i hope the moderators wont mind a little discussion of Big Boss eliminations.

By the way Raja was very rude in yesterday's episode. That guy is a uncivilized brute and deserves to be disqualified from this show. I wonder how Rahul managed to be friendly with this guy for such a long time. I will never like to even talk to a guy like Raja.

Antar said...


I also predicted Kaushik as one of the top 3 contestants. But it's really sad that he is eliminated. I also believe all these eliminations not executed through public votes (Publics are not stupid) but ..... you all know what I am meaning.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Antar da,

Calcutta and Bombay are two mega cities which have never helped their contestants. There is a natural apathy in the minds of people from these two cities.
People think that some one will vote. Why should I vote?
Further, their struggle to make ends meet takes precedence over voting costs. Hence the votes take a back seat in priority.
Whereas small cities and villages identify themselves with the contestants. They do not hesitate to spen money to make their favorit win by voting.

I think Delhi votes but not so much as one would like to see them vote.

It is sad that Kaushik had to go. We will see some more powerful contestants going away.



jatin said...

Guys, No reply to my question.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Raja is a psycho in need of psychiatric treatment.
No wonder his wife Ms. Tiwari left him with her daughter.

It is reported that he used to abuse her and beat her up.!!

I also dislike Rahul in the sense he follows Monica like a dog in heat and he seems to act too much beneth his dignity (if there is any dignity left).
No wonder his wife also left him.

I like Zulfi, Diana Hyden, Debojeet and Ehsanjeeeeeeee.
These guys have their heads in proper place and conditions.

Ehsanjeeeee might be eliminated today.


jatin said...

Hemant Dada,

Thanks for the reply, I also think Ehsaab jee might get eliminated today.
But i wanna say one thing, that by falling for a guy like Ashutosh do u think Diana's head is in proper place. I hv my doubts.

As far as Rahul is concerned he can never marry Monica as Abu Salem has raised a storm that Monica is still married to her and that they hv not divorced as yet.

jatin said...

Minor corrections:-

Its Ehsaan jeeee not Ehsaab

Abu Salem has raised a storm that Monica is married to him.

jatin said...

Hemant ji,

According to me Zulfi has not shown his true colours as yet.
There is much more to this guy what he is showing.
Recently Sambhavna told the media that Zulfi practices black magic. She says every night at about 2:00 AM he sits with candles and agarbatti and chants some strange mantras. She went to the extent of calling him "Zehreela".
Ehsan and Debojeet are the only two "shareef" guys in the Big Boss House. Ketakiji was also a decent lady. All the rest are shady characters having a troubled past and some anticipating even a more troubled future.

Naga Jolokia Addict said...


Diana Hyden has not fallen for Lathmaar. She is young lady and if I may use the word, in "Heat".
The Lathmaar is unmarried and responsice to female pheromones.

The pheromones work and in such confined circumstances, proximity leads to basic instinct coming to the fore.

Once out of this place, she would forget about Lathmaar even before she crosses the doorstep of Big Boss's Ghar.


Hemant Trivedi said...

Ehsaan Qureshi evicted
17 Oct, 2008 03:30 pm ISTlReena Thapar Kapoor/INDIATIMES MOVIES

He believed in keeping to himself. Never indulged in petty politics. Yet, stand up comedian Ehsaan Qureshi's strategy failed. This week it was Qureshi who was shown the door by Bigg Boss. "I was quite prepared for it," he said when quizzed about his ouster. The man says that by Thursday, the contestants who are nominated have a fair idea about whether they will stay back or leave the house. "I even said that to my fellow contestants that this time I'm getting out," he says nonchalantly.

Ehsaan's stint at the Bigg boss's house was quite smooth. "I never had too many problems with the people. Yes, I admit that I did indulge in a bit of gossip but that I think is forgivable." The man adds that he hasn't thought about the future yet.

"Right now I'm very excited and looking forward to meeting my family." Ehsaan feels that amongst the people inside, it's Rahul Mahajan who is playing the game to the hilt. "But Raja is being himself, he screams when he has to, he fights when the issue goes beyond his control." Looking back Ehsaan says, "I will always cherish my stay at the Bigg Boss house for the rest of my life."


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