Friday, October 10, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 29, October 10th, 2008

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Antar said...

Review Of Episode 29, 10th Oct, 2008

Special Guest: Kapil Dev

Sangeet Chakra & Topper of this week: Vaishali

Today judges will give the contestants runs as marks.

1. Vaishali (Topper & Yashita will perform tomorrow)

Song: Mann Sath Samundar Dol Gaya Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Judges Marks: Aadesh - 4 (Boundary)
Pritam - 4
Shankar - 4

My Comment : The performance was not extraordinary but very good.

Deserving Marks: 4 Superhit

2. Zaheer (2nd Topper & Sara will perform tomorrow)

Song: Ji Karta Bhai Ji Karta MD: Pritam Singers: Labh Janjua & Suzi Q

Judges Marks: All 6

Kapil: Aapko Chan Chan Lagey

Pritam - Apka jo voice texture hein na is ganey ke liye perfect hein, agar aap pehley mil jatey to apsehi yeh gaan gawate.

My Comment: A fantastic & outstanding performance. He rocked every one including all the judges and Kapil with ICL members.

Deserving Marks: 6 Universal

3. Pratibha (3rd Topper & Asma is in between the line !!!! & will perform tomorrow)

Song: Yaar Mera MD: Laxmikant Piyarelal Singers: Lata Mangeshkar & Minoo Purushuttam

Judges Marks: Pritam - 3
Himesh - 4
Aadesh - 4

My Comments: An undeserving average performance by her. She simply misjudged the song. A fever excused.

Deserving Marks: 3 Hit

4. Tarun Sagar (Bottom Line & Kaushik is in between the line & will perform tomorrow)

Lots of dramas before his performance. A video showed, where Tarun used so many bad words against Kaushik. Other contestants also complained against Tarun's behavior and attitude. Zaheer said, "you attitude is not good". Yashita said, "Tarun Bhaiya jab kisi se jhagra karte hein to das galiyan dete hein aur phir ek bar Mata Rani kehte hein. Isse kiya faida". Asma, "Aap mujhey bettomis kehte ho, lekin sab aapko bettomis kehte hein". Shankar, "Jai Mataji kehkar aap kuch vi nehi kehsak te na". Aadesh, "Tumaher khilap bahut sarey complains hein". Later, I think the director requested him to sing but he denied, " Mein aise mahal par ga nehi sakta. Mein bottom 3 par hu, public mujhey out karey yeah na karey mein khudkohi out karta hu" and he left the stage. One thing I really failed to understand, why the SRGMP team requested him to continue perform on the stage. There is only one answer on that, the whole thing was prescripted.

Song: Yeh Duniya Khel Tamasha MD: Bapi-Tutul Singer: Kailash Kher

Judges Marks: All 6

My Comments: An excellent & rocking performance. I really enjoyed that. One thing, if this episode is not prescripted than He should kicked out from this show. Best compliment made by Kapil, " You know how you are, what you are, just control your temperaments".

Deserving Marks: 6 History

At the end, Tarun apologized & requested all the contestants to be in the stage to forgive him.

5. Naina Saxena (Bottom Line & Saumen will perform tomorrow)

Song: Mahi Ve....Tauba Tauba MD: Salim-Suleiman Singers: Richa, Kunal, Sonu & Sunidhi

Judges Marks: All 6

My Comments: An excellent & soulful performance. A proper justice with the song.

Deserving Marks: 6 Universal

6. Debojeet Dutta (Bottom Line & Shujat will perform tomorrow)

Song: Moja Hi Moja MD: Pritam Singer: Mika

Judges Marks: All 6

My Comments: An excellent performance. But still he has to correct his pronunciations.

Deserving Marks: 6 History

Contestants In Bottom Line: Naina, Tarun & Debojeet

Eliminated Contestant: Naina

It's a shocking elimination for such a wonderful contestant. The best compliment made by Shankar, Tum kisi ki tara jokes nehi create kar sakti ho (definitely pointed to Asma) aur tum bahut accha gati ho, ek sikhi huyi singer ho yehi tumahara saab se bara problem hein, but don't worry you are in my good book and very soon we will meet". One thing is for sure, we all will miss her lovely & innocent smile .



Siddhartha said...

Excellent review Antar.

This time I liked Tarun's performance. After all the drama he sang it very nice (it may be scripted though). Naina was superb. I have seen some singers singing this song and they all failed miserably. Naina was really fantastic today. Its unfortunate that she won't be singing again in the program.

This time, Antar, I don't agree to you about Debojit's performance. I did not like it at all. The song did not suit him. It is well known that his pronunciation is not correct. But, his performance was also not good today. I differ from what the judges gave today. I would not give him more than a 3 today. He should choose soft romantic numbers.

Antar said...


Believe me, I really liked his this performance. There was a force on it. The only sad thing is, judges continuing their over hyping on him.

Hemant Trivedi said...


I was disappointed with Vaishali's performance. It came as a damp squid. Tarun's was super.

Deboji.....O Deboo...when are you going to learn Ra, Da, Dha difference beta?

You should stop living on Judge's Rehamo karam and public's Daya and Sahanubhuti. A day will come when you will have to sing,

"Lo hum apane paron pe Khade aur Lagali hai Taal"

Naina's rendition was La Jawab but it proved to be her swan song.

Shankar correctly quipped that "You only know how to sing correctly and don't know how to crack jokes"
What a shot!!
Zahir as usuall was very good.

And what happened to Pratibha Singh Baghel?
I was very unhappy with forceless performance.

Let us see what khichadi today's contestants are pakaofying.


Hemant Trivedi said...

please read Vaishali's performance as "Damp Squib" and not as written.

jatin said...

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