Friday, October 24, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 33, October 24th, 2008

Eliminated Contestants: Shujat Ali Khan

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Click here to watch online - Pt1

Video's Of Indian Idol 4: Episode - 10


Anonymous said...

This is the first worst thing what all the participants have said about Aasma, would anybody realli like me to tell wat the the other contestants do, talk about shujad he always talks about Katrina Kiaf n his love n all that, talk about Debojit, who does shayari n his love, i don't mind this but he has no right to say that, that seriously hurts, Aasma is going through so much stuff and instead supporting her what did they all do, discouraged her, they all are not perfect singers, n Aasma doesn't ever know the language n is doing so well, no i don't hate anyone but they should know this cuz they all are not kids anymore

Siddhartha said...

It could be all scripted stuff but cooments by most of the participants are very very unfortunate and inhuman. Particularly Debojit, Tarun and Shujat were too harsh. Debojit himself cannot speak in Hindi properly. How come he comments on other's hindi? Shujat's regional comment was useless. There was no need. It is true that Asma is not a good singer but no one has right to hurt others feelings. It is unethical.

Antar said...


I think Siddhartha is right. All things are prescripted. But what ever, they shouldn't say such things to any one. The question is, why the channel is telecasting such things. First, on Debo & now on Asma. And the answer is only to increase TRP's. God bless these shows.

Anonymous said...

I think Tarun needs to go, not Shujat with such a good voice. What does Tarun have besides a bad attitude?

jatin said...


Please tell me what did Shujat say about Asma that made her cry. I missed that part.

Hemant Trivedi said...

The stage is being set for one of the girls to be crowned.
Yashita has a small edge over Pratibha singh Baghel and Sara.

Asma, sara, Trun will follow Shujat now.Debojeet Zaheer and Yashita will be in top three.
Last to go will be Pakistani super singer.

The finals may be in between Debojeet and Yashita.

Naturally Debojeet will lose as calcutta is not known to vote properly .Yashita is a Punjabi kudi and will be voted in by Punjab, Bombay and Delhi.

Long Live Reality shows.


Siddhartha said...

Zaheer Abbas is must in final. 100% sure!!! Either Yashita or Pratibha will one of the contestants in final. Either Debojit or Soumen will be the third contestants...

Hemant Trivedi said...

Debojit will lose against soumen if it is fairly voted.

jatin said...


I agree with u that Debojeet is an odd personality himself, but he is a singer whereas Asma is a non-singer and is there only to add some fun and glamour to this show.

Hemant Bhai,

Coming to Big Boss, do u think Debojeet's elimination was fair this week. I dont think the votes hv been counted fairly this time. Debojeet has such a solid support from Assam & Bengal, I just cannot believe that Diana and Monica hv got more votes than him.
Debojeet was eliminated because he was not adding any masala to this programme. The show producers wanted to retain Diana and Monica at any cost for keeping alive masala and glamour in this show.
People voting for Big Boss are wasting their votes as elimination is pre-decided in this show.


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