Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 28, October 4th, 2008

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Abhishek Bacchan Special

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Antar said...

Postmortem Of Today's Episode:

Special Guest: Abhishek Bacchan

1. Saumen Nandi
Song: Tera Jadu Chal Gaya
Judges Marks: Himesh - Super Hit
Shankar - Super Hit
Pritam - History
Abhishek: It's a very hard song and you did well.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

A very brave attempt & very good performance.


2. Naina Saxena
Song: Chori Chori Chupke Chupke....Dupatta mera
Judges Marks: All Super Hit
Abhishek: You have an infectious smile and so much energy was in your performance. I enjoyed that.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

An excellent performance.


3. Tarun Sagar
Song: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Barabar
Judges Marks: Pritam - Hit
Aadesh - Hit
Shankar - Super Hit
Abhishek: Apne bahut acha gaya hein aur yeh vi dikha diya ke Delhi Dilwalo ki sheher hein.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

The energy was completely loss. Some mistakes. An average performance. I was missing Raja's rendition all the time.


4. Kaushik Deshpandey
Song: Das Bahane Karkey
Judges Marks: Himesh - Hit
Aadesh - Super Hit
Pritam - Superhit
Abhishek: It's very hard to perform this song in live and you did it very well.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

A good performance but not very good which we always deserve from him.


5.Pratibha Singh
Song: Rock N' Roll Soniye
Judges Marks: All Superhit
Abhishek: You sang it correctly will lots of energy.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

A fantastic performance.


6. Zaheer Abbas
Song: Dam Dara Dam Dara Mast Mast
Judges Marks: All History
Abhishek: You proved that there is God & we can communicate him through pure & divine music which you did perfectly.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

Super, Fantastic, Outstanding, Mindblowing, History & Universal. The best performance of the episode.


7. Asma Mohammad Rafi
Song: Chaley Jaisey Hawa Sanan Sanan
Judges Marks: Shankar - Hit
Pritam - Super Hit
Aadesh - Super Hit
Abhishek: Your Performance was so beautiful.

Comments & Deserving Marks:

A good try with so many mistakes. The only thing is she is learning.


jatin said...

Aadesh Shrivastav was behaving as if he is the personal servant of the Bacchan Household. I think whenever Bacchan family's servant is on holiday, they must be calling Aadesh Shrivastav to do jharoo-katka , bartan etc. LOL

jatin said...


Zaheer Abbas was truly universal, he sang better than the original.

As far as Asma is concerned she is there just for the glamour quotient. She looks cute & sweet but she is a non-singer.

Kris said...

Its time to rejoice...:) Golmaal Returns, for which Anwesha has sung for the first time as a playback singer is out in stores now. The song is called "Tha Kar Ke". The music for this particular song has been composed by Ashish Pandit and if reviews are anything to go by, it seems like a chartbuster number that just can't go wrong!!!

As true music lovers, "Don’t download the music. Buy the CD!!!"

This message to all Anwesha fans, and in general, to all music lovers(including KVN and shambo:)). Such talent is hard to find, the least we can do is support it.

Antar said...


Fantastic. Keep it up. lol


Thanks for this wonderful info. I am already on my way.

Antar said...

@Hemant Da & Neel,

Where are you guys?

Hemant Trivedi said...

Antar da,

Sorry, I have had to do a lot of pending consultancy work and was also immersed in writing my blog.

I would be free tomorrow.


Antar said...

@Hemant Da,

Waiting for that.

Neelakshi said...

@antar and others

was/am busy with Durga Puja celebrations. Will post again regulalry from thursday.

Antar said...

Why Yashita Is One Of The Best female Contestant Of Such Shows

Undoubtedly Yashita of SRGMP 2009 is one of the best female contestant of such shows (Equally with Anwesha of SVOICU). Lets prove it step by step.

01. She is a versatile singer. Already sang every type of song.
02. She has a very sharp & powerful voice.
03. A true performer. During every performances, her body language & facial expressions were outstanding.

The songs which she immortalized through her performances:

01. Pari Hoo Main
02. Aika Tajiba
03. Chal Chaiya Chaiya
04. Dil Kabhi..Nazare Churana from the film Janey Tu Janey Mein

I am really lucky to see such a contestant like her.

Viveik said...


spoiler 10th oct 08


i am shocked.she is one of the most deserving contestant.i am loosing interest from this show now..first mittika and now naina.its a great loss indeed.

Neelakshi said...

@antar and hemant da

Am back,finally. Though festivities are by no means over, and will continue till 14'th, but at least we have breathing space. last few days were very hectic indeed.Monali Thakur came to perform in our Puja, and she was fantastic. Superb. She should hav won in Indian idol 2, her sur and taal and perfomance were outsanding. I ahve also heard Amit paul, Emon and an old saregama contestants performing in past, but Monali outdid them all. Hope to see Anwesha also performing some day! it would be great.

Anyways its a shocker that Niana is out this week. how will saregama choose among the worst contsetants who isbest? Frankly, thsi season has turned out to be damp squib.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Antar da,

I understand that Naina Saxena has been eliminated.!!And so is Mallar.

This definately means that the finals are proceeding towards a showdown between Debojeet Datta and either Yashita/Vaishali.

God save us.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Mallar was not such a great contestant but on SVOIC, he represented Bengal . Gajji could not divide votes from east between Roshni , Rohit sonar and Mallar.
So the weakest link got eliminated.

But Naina had to make way for joker for Oman or Pakistan ki beti Sara. What a sad thing !!

Siddhartha said...

I agree with Hemant. Sara and Asma should be eliminated before anyone else. Naina's elimination is not deserved at this time.

But, sorry to say, this blog is turning to be Debojit hate club. I wish I am wrong. I understand he is over hyped but he is not a very bad singer too. But anyway...

Hemant Trivedi said...


No one is against Debojeet. He is a great singer. Our only grouse is that he is projected as winner at the cost of equally good singers.
Debojeet has inherant defect of thick tongue which results in his pronounciations getting affected.

He gets so much carried away by his emotions while singing that his piching goes in hyper drive some times and throw of voice assumes a torrent.

A perfect controlled delivery is most important.
I hope you get what I mean to convey.

Let us see what next.!!


Siddhartha said...

Absolutely correct Hemant. I totally agree what you said about Debojit's pronunciation and overwhelming emotions. Also, I agree about the fact that he is intentionally being over appreciated when the other singers are of same talent. This is the first time I saw some positive comment about Debojit from anyone. Hemant, I liked the comment "He is a great singer". So far no one has said that in this blog.

Antar said...

Hei Guys,

Happy Navaraatri to all of you. A great news is for me which is right now my minimum net speed is 256 KPBS and Max 3 MB. It's a special pack. lol

@ Viveik,

Thanks for the Spoiler news. We will be very glad if you post the Spoiler from now.

@Neel, Hemant Da, Viveik & Sid,

Naina's elimination basically not shocked me at all. Zee is definitely looking for a nasty final. Where contestant like Mitika, Arshad, Shashi, Sunvinder, Faraz eliminated before Voodoo king Debo, nautanki Asma and an average contestant like Sara, anything is possible and nothing gonna shocked me anymore. But I will continue watching this pre-scripted show only for 4 contestants & they are, Yashita, Shujat, Pratibha & Zaheer.

Antar said...

@Hemant Da & Siddhartha,

I better say, Debo is a very talented one despite a great singer.

Siddhartha said...

To me, I would be happy if I see the following people in top 5 (in no specific order):

Yashita, Kaushik, Debojit, Pratibha, Zaheer

Personally, I feel Shujat is very inconsistent singer. One day he blasts but the next day is so average. Even I wanted him to be in top 5 but he is unable to give better performances.

Soumen, is no where near to Aneek Dhar, the last ZEE Bangla champ. Bechara Aadesh, he lost all hope :-(

Neelakshi said...

hmeant da is right. he pretty much expressed what i felt about Debo. Its not his fault that channel is hyping him up and trying to make him out to be a sob story, but he's not fake. He is a good singer(I won't say great)and his tonal quality is strong, but his pitching and range are not exceptional. Now there were some contestants like Mitkka and Shahsi who had very good range, but were osuted for no apparent reason

Naina was a girl who only sang well - that was her crime. and since this season is so mediocre it is just as well that she leaves and does not comepte with avergae people. there are better things in store for her.

Hemant Trivedi said...

Neel and Sid,

Neel , you said it right .

This session belongs to the mediocre. Actually it has always belonged to mediocre.

Prashant Tamang, Kazi Toqueer (Who Kazi? LOL), aishwarya (compared to Anweshaa ie.)

So we are again in for a shocker this time.

Janta always sides with rookies.
They don't like cakes.
They like cookies.!!



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