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Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 31, October 17th, 2008

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Eliminated Contestant: Kaushik Deshpandey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Special Guest: Priyanka Chopra


Antar said...

Written Update

Sufi Special

01. Zaheer Abbas (Topper & Sangeet Chakra) - Rock Gharana

Song: Khwaja Meri Khwaja

Singer & MD: A.R. Rahman

Judges Comments:

Pritam - you sang very well. History

Shankar - This is one of my favorite song.You sang well - History.

Aadesh - You got connected with god. History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

An excellent and soulful performance. But I am still missing Irfan Ali of SVOI 1's rendition. He was best.


02. Pratibha (2nd Topper) - Lakshya Gharana

Song: Ali Morey Anghna

Singer: Shubha Mughal

Judges Comments:

Aadesh - You have created a good environment here and it synchronized with the environment of sufi that exists in the set - History

Himesh - You always are good when it comes to this genre. You suddenly sound like number 1 when you sing songs of this genre - History

Pritam - You sang a Shubha Mudgal song few days ago and you were good in that as well. You sang really well. There is nothing less than history. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

Another superb performance by Pratibha specially after last weeks performance.


03. Soumen Nandi (3rd Topper) - Jai Ho Gharana

Song: Saiyaan

MD & Singer: Kailash Kher

Judges Comments:

Himesh - Superb, fantastic, outstanding, mindblowing - History

Shankar - your mother will be proud of you when she watch this episode. - History

Pritam - History.
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

An excellent and soulful performance. But still missing Toshi of SVOI 1's rendition. He was best & I still believe no other contestant can ever perform this song like him.

04. Shujat (Bottom 3) - Dhoom Gharana

Song: Sajan De Maat

Singer: Meekal Hasan Band

Judges Comments:

Shankar - Very good attempt and I felt the emotions were little less - Superhit

Himesh - In this genre, the voice that we are looking for is Shujat. - History

Aadesh - I also felt that you did not connect with the song.. But will give history for your effort. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

To me it was a great performance by Shujat. An excellent & unforgettable performance.

Universal Performance.

05. Kaushik Deshpandey (Bottom 3) - Lakshya Gharana

Song: toota Toota Ek Parinda....Allah Ke Bande Haas De

MD: Vishal-Shekhar

Singer: Kailash Kher

Judges Comments:

Himesh - All singers are doing really well and there is no question of flop or average. Hit when they fall a little short, superhit like you - History

Pritam - It was perfect, but the life was less. - Superhit.

Aadesh - Your emotions were less but technically you were perfect. - Superhit
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

A very good effort & performance but not an excellent one.


06. Vaishali (Safe) - Rock Gharana
Song: Tujhey Dekh Dekh Sona

MD: Annu Malik

Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Judges Comments:

Pritam - Asks Today was your attention on husband. She says no. - Superhit

Aadesh - Superhit

Shankar - When you were singing, you dedicated your song to your husband. - History

My Comments & Deserving Marks:
The performance was very good .

History to me.

07. Debojeet (Safe) - Dhoom Gharana

Song: Tu Meri Jaan Hein

Judges Comments:

Aadesh - There is no one who can sing like you with such emotion. - History

Shankar - Your voice has emotion and you sang well. - History

Himesh - Superb, fantastic, mindblowing, outstanding, History. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

The performance was very good but that much the way all the judges appreciated & reacted. He is simply just over, over & over hyped. I never saw such an over hyped contestants like him before.

Super Hit

08. Tarun Sagar (Safe) - Rock Gharana

Song: Allahu Allahu

MD & Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Judges Comments:

Shankar - You sang very well and it was one among the best performances. - History

Aadesh - You sang very well. - History

Pritam - Your beginning was superb. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

A great performance. Superb.


09. Yashita (Bottom 3 !!!!!!!!) - Dhoom Gharana

Song: Teri Deewani

MD & Singer: Kailash Kher

Judges Comments:

Shankar - You are an amazing singer. - History

Aadesh - You are She understands the expression. You are going to become a huge playback singer. - History

Himesh - You are very good. Take blessings and keep the good job. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

Wow. What a contestant she is!!!!!! She is simply the best of the bests.


10. Sara Raja Khan (Safe) - Lakshya Gharana

Song: Mera Piya Ghar Aya

MD & Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Judges Comments:

Pritam - You enjoyed the song. - History

Aadesh - You sang very well today. - History

Himesh - From today onwards, whenever you will be called, you will be addressed as Pakistani Mallika. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

An excellent performance. This girl is getting well day by day. She is really impressive.


11. Asma Mohammad Rafi (Safe) Rock Gharana

Song: Yeah Ali

MD - Pritam

Singer: Zubeen Garg

Judges Comments:

Aadesh - You sang well today. - History

Shankar - When you sing Ya Ali, there is a divine connection. You are doing good. - Superhit

Pritam - You are showing good improvement these days. - History
My Comments & Deserving Marks:

A superb performance by her. Her improvements are really appreciable.

Asma says, my mother didn't want me to come here and sing. But now that I have done, she has left me and my dad has given her divorce.

Shankar says, You are a very important character and the life of this show will be gone if you go away.
Bottom 3 Contestants:

Shujat, Yashita & Kaushik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eliminated Contestant: Kaushik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another shocking elimination.


Hemant Trivedi said...

As I wrote before,

The world will be inherited by cockroaches.

jatin said...

In tonite's episode Asma has misbehaved with Preity Zinta. She says " Tum meri maa ka role karna".

Now this is "Badtamizi". Preeti was sporting enough to ignore Asma's bad behaviour. But this girl needs to be disciplined now.
In the name of comedy this girl Asma is losing her manners.
Bad mannered girls are not considered beautiful even if they are good-looking.

Hemant Trivedi said...


I want to join your coaching school for etiquette man!! LOL

I have not seen the episode so I can't say much now but will come back to you after seeing.


jatin said...

Hemant Bhai,

I am not questioning Anwesha's talent. She is the best, we all know that.
But what i was trying to say was Anwesha tried to tease and pull down Aishwarya in front of judges and Rani Mukherjee , which i think was not fair.
I hope i have made myself clear.


Hemant Trivedi said...


You said "I have made myself clear"
I say "No Dear"


jatin said...

Hemant Bhai,

Which song has been sung by Anwesha in the movie "Golmaal Returns".


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