Friday, October 31, 2008

Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009 Episode 35, October 31st, 2008

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Eliminated Contestant: Tarun Sagar

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Video's Of Indian Idol 4: Episode - 12

Part - 01: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 02: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 03: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 04: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 05: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 06: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)

Part - 07: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 08: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 09: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 10: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 11: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)
Part - 12: (Superuploader) or (Zshare)


Rishi said...
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Neelakshi said...

@all,antar,hemant da esp

Sorry i was out of town for my Diwali break. Am bak now and will continue writing freqently.
Am a bit upset with saregama's standards esp as I am also watching indian idol 4,and the singing and presenation is really much better there. This is surprising as last year challnege 2007 was far better than indian idol 3. this year is reversal of trend, and esp the girls of ii4 are extremely talented and confident. Torsha, bhavya, shini, sourabhee, aakanksha, tullika are allvery good indeed. even some guys like rajdeep and mohit are excellent.

and in saregama the only thing worth hearing is pratibha's singing. Yashita is no mathc for pratibha. pratibha is classically tarined and hope to see her winning. I think debojit/zaheed, yahsita and pratibha will be final 3.

am sad that naina,kaushik,mitika got eliminated so early. all 3 were worthy of being top 5.

Siddhartha said...

Yashita is much better than Pratibha. Pratibha is not able to sing per our expectation. Yashita, in the other hand, improving day by day...

shambo said...

IMHO both Yashita and pratibha are excellent but Yashita's a tad better!!


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